World’s Highest Bridge

French drivers put their cars into real “high drive”

This high drive Millau bridge is located in southern France,
over the River Tarn in the Massif Central mountains
and is the highest bridge in the world. Its highest point is at 343m (1,125 ft),
with a vehicle height of 270m (885 ft) - taller than the Eiffel Tower!
It is a truly amazing piece of engineering, especially considering
the method used to span the distance between the piers.
The red towers you see in the photo were removed following completion of the bridge.

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World's Highest Bridge
Captions from our readers...

Hurricane Katrina money allows us to now live in Southern France and
have our own nice jungle jim for the our kids to play on! Thank you USA taxpayers!

Art Abshire

Engineers rebuild Lake Ponchatrain Bridge in Louisiana, this time
planning in advance for the next hurricane....

Okay, honey, the flat is changed. Now, I put the car keys...
on the railing... over there... crap.

Kirk Lowry

Signs at Bridge Entry:
Speed limit has been increased to 250 kms. Juuuust in case.
Please note, in case of breakdown on bridge, parachutes are available at every pylon.
Due to past problems, sight seeing is no longer allowed. Drivers must wear blinders.
Absolutely NO bungee jumping allowed.
Ric Mossip

View of world's second highest bridge from world's highest bridge.
Mark Prairie

The French have just completed their new escape route, just in case the Germans
decide to get frisky again and invade. It will also give easy access for the
United States to enter and once again run them out.

Darwin McKee

I'm sure France greatly benefits economically by building this bridge.
Their panty selling stores must of had a tremendous boost in sales! I sure
hope they built a panty store at either end for the people that are just
finishing their 'panty filling' experience of crossing that bridge!

Hendrika Rodriguez

Turn left when you see the little bridge.
Gabby Pierce

This Bridge Work helped to create the largest smile.
Ron Wells

No U-Turns!
Irvin Kauffman

They removed the red towers???
Gaye Ingram

crack... crack... snap...
What's that sound?" ... "ohhhhhh cccrrrraaaaappppp...
Braden Evans

Mommy are we there yet? Mommy are we there yet? Mommy are we there yet? Mommy are we there yet?
Hey dude, pull over - I feel an urge to pee off the side!
Donna Faye

Is that duct tape or am I just seeing things?
Tony Holt

Pilot's license required.
Ledon Orbiso

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