Massive Buns

When you know it’ll take a lot of dough to fix your car

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Massive Buns on top of car roof

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Congratulations, sir, you're caller number 17! You win the year's supply of Mrs. Urgleshaft's BigBuns!
... when health-nut atheists have an encounter with God...
*singing* "I -like-big-buns and I cannot lie AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!s!
... recent study shows that having a large breakfast can actually be detrimental to your health...
Kirk Lowry

That was a close one - we're lucky the Jolly Green Giant didn't drop his Watermelon.
Darwin McKee

Do you know the Muffin Man?
Krista Sweet

There I was stuck in the middle of traffic, and that Bran Muffin that I had for breakfast hit me.
Ron Wells

I know where my muffin is, but what did I do with my sandwiches?
Barry Gilfoyle

I prayed for Manna from Heaven, but this is ridiculous!
Brian Smedley

Too much bran!
Irvin Kauffman

It's not good to anger The Mighty Muffin Man.
Michele Guttenberger

(Man on cell phone)  Yes, honey I know I'm late for dinner, but you're never going to believe this!!!
L.B. Scott

Giant ticked off wife just out of shot.
Chris Le Mottée

Instant muffins, just add water. But not too much.
Ron McCoy

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