Face Protector

Soup kitchen wannabe. Spoon fed? This guy’s fork Fred!

Learning first hand how to dish it out at work

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Fork safety glasses

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Michael Jackson's new eye wear line makes a big hit on the Home Shopping network.
Rich Olszewski

Later, at the 'Low-Budget Trekkie Convention'....
Special-effects man, Harlan Morelli, is fired after his assistant comes up with a better-looking 'Jordi LaForge' outfit.
Mom.... Dad's been at the welder again!
Pssst... wait'll he finds out the JB Weld wasn't quite dry before he put em on...!
Kirk Lowry

'This was not what I meant when I ordered those bar-glasses', the bartender said.
This guy must be very wealthy: He was born with a silver spoon... on his nose and two silver forks on his eyes?
Idske Mulder

'Sadly, another innocent bystander of the great Campbell's Soup 'Fork/Spoon' fight succumbs to the pressure.
Dave Hurst

The hungry man's fashionable face-wear!
Jessica Hadley

Oka booka! (take me to your leader or I will fork you to death!)
Tom Napoli

And the forks ran away with the spoon.
Fork your eyes only...
Which fork do I use first again?
Cheryl Painter

Sunglasses for Eating Out (and you'll Fork Out for this pair)
Irvin Kauffman

Finally, just what we needed - a pair of glasses we can wash in the dishwasher.
The first type of steel armor worn in 1818.
A new meaning to playing with your fork could poke your eye out.
All fun and games till you poke your eye out.
Della Norton

Daryll loved his eye-protecting dinglehoppers, they're the security he needed for his fragile sea-eyes
to ditch his mermaid fins and come ashore.

Cory Prior

The new look for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs!
Joseph Mills

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