Jockey Dementia

Are you misplacing the horse in your horsepower?

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Jockey Dementia

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The secret lives of race jockeys... Part Three.
Yeah, but she gets GREAT gas mileage!
Get yer motor runnin... head out on the highway!
Kirk Lowry

Why I never win at the horse races...
Karen Moore

Giving the expression 'A Powerful Woman' a complete new dimension.
Idske Mulder

Oh, those wacky British, and their inflatable toys.
Don Sartori

Old English limo.
Jessica Hadley

The Marquis de Sade Mobile, version 007 - English Gentry Peddler, illus.
Irvin Kauffman

Is this what they mean by riding the lightning - waiting for old sparky to hit her?
Yes, she was the first woman to be electrocuted by her own power.
Della Norton

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