Picked Up Pickup

When not to ask your wife to park your new Pickup in the garage

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Accidentally hitting the gas peddle instead of the brake

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Honey, I think I'll go for a ride on my motorcycle. Is it still in the garage?
Karen Moore

Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?
Don Sartori

Why, yes, we do... how did you know I've got a teenager?
Water damage from Katrina: $4500
Wind damage from Katrina: $7500
Looter loss/damage after Katrina: $15,000
Still being able to find your brand new corvette and F150 in all the damage:
For some things there's Mastercard, for everything else... Therapy.

Kirk Lowry

Say honey, when you suggested the garage would be big enough to squeeze in the pickup truck
with the sports car and the motorbike, did you mean high enough or wide enough?

Idske Mulder

Darling, you know you said we needed a bigger garage? Well, I've fixed the problem
and found we can fit at least two more cars in there. Next time just ask.
That's what a good wife's for.

Phil Forde

You got your F150 on my Fearri... no, YOU got your Ferrari under my F150...
HEY!!! That's how they came up with the name for the new Ferrari F50.

Jack Porcenaluk

After watching the wild mating session in the neighbor's garage,
Joe finally understood how those lil SUV's are made.

Phil McGinley

Once again, Ford comes out on top.

Rochelle Nelson
If in a divorce your wife asks for the Ferrari... GIVE IT TO HER!!!
Ron McCoy

I SAID Delivery!
Shawna Peterson

'ring... ring' Hello? Hey honey, remember when I parked your car in the garage?
Well, I kind of forgot it was in there.

Jessica Hadley

Honey, do you think we are double parked?
Della Norton

I’d take a Ford over a Ferrari any day.
Tim Paul

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