“Say Cheese” One Last Time

Using the perfect backdrop for your fallback picture

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Photographer taking his last camera picture before falling off porch railing

Captions from our readers...

Okay, everyone... on three, say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!
Colors not right? Let Adobe Photoshop adjust your balance!
Kirk Lowry

Now, if only my parachute opens when I jump backwards to get this action shot of
where I need to paint the steelwork.

Phil Forde

Top Down Photography
Claire Lee

Now if you would all SMILE please? What's the matter with you guys today?
You're all looking so tense!

Idske Mulder

OK - one of us needs to back up.
Jack Porcenaluk

And again the Loch Ness Monster evades being photographed while leaving her cove.
(in the background above that Moroff's head)

Phil McGinley

Turn around to see what a vista you've been missing.
S. Zafiroff

Should we push Dad off and see if he can fly?
Jessica Hadley

Hey, what if I get up there with my bag of heavy weights and take a picture of the floor?
Cory Prior

I feel a really big sneeze coming on, but let me get this cool shot first...
Tom Clyne

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