Memorial Service for Ed Schellenberg

In memory of Ed Schellenberg (the joe-kster’s brother-in-law) who, along with 5 others,
tragically lost his life in Surrey, B.C., Canada on October 19, 2007
Psalm 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted

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The “Bromley Splendour” at full bloom in July 2012

Memorial Service for Ed Schellenberg
A memorial service for Ed Schellenberg entitled The Celebration of Ed’s Life
was held @ 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 27th at the Immanuel Fellowship Baptist Church,
2950 Blue Jay Street, Abbotsford, B.C.  V2T 5P5

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Faith is a little night light that burns in a sick-room; as long as it is there, the obscurity is not complete,
we turn towards it and await the daylight. [Abbe Henri Huvelin]

I know for certain that we never lose the people we love to death. They continue to participate in every
act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find
comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their lives. [Leo Buscaglia]

Celebration of Ed’s Life

Ed was born to Jacob & Mary Schellenberg of Coaldale, Alberta on March 30, 1952. He was the older of their two sons, and a brother to four sisters. The Schellenberg family moved to Abbotsford, B.C. when Ed was about 3 years old.

Ed went to Simpson Elementary School, and graduated from Abbotsford Senior Secondary School. Throughout all those years, he and his family attended West Abbotsford Mennonite Church.

After graduating from high school Ed embarked on his journey to become the man of God he was, particularly in service to others, and in this he excelled. He joined the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in 1972 and his first assignment was in Ohio. But when he was presented with the opportunity to venture to Poland with MCC he jumped at it. Characteristically, he put his whole heart into it and enjoyed every minute of his life there. Those experiences were a highlight for him in every way. He returned to Abbotsford in 1975 (specifically for his sister Trudy & Joe’s wedding!).

He developed a keen interest in all things outdoors - it was his mother who first opened his eyes to bird watching and observing nature. Ed owned and enjoyed the full range of fun available with 4 x 4’s! Through the various jobs he held and on the heels of his sojourn in Poland, he realized his potential for fixing things.

So, with those assorted skills, one of the jobs he held and loved was working at Camp Squeah as camp maintenance man. It was during this summer, he noticed the tanned and lovely lifeguard on duty. Lois & Ed married on a beautiful summer day, August 11, 1979. Following a camping honeymoon, they lived in Abbotsford for 8 months, before the lure of the far north beckoned them!

Ed & Lois lived in Hay River, Northwest Territories, where a whole new world of lifelong friends, memorable experiences and amazing possibilities opened up before them. Their daughter, Rachel was born, followed by their son, Kevin. During these years, the church community and community at large was being introduced to Ed Schellenberg and his brand of Christianity, his type of friendship, his style of integrity and his sense of humour!

The number of interests, passions, hobbies and loves Ed had makes a long and impressive list. His number one love has always been his family, but following closely behind and in no particular order are: music, anything outdoors, including fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, stargazing; as well as coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, farmer sausage and Lois’ pies, cinnamon buns and baking, making him a perfectly balanced man!

How does one man manage to fit expressions of all these things into one life? Well, Ed did. There are hundreds of people who can attest to the impact Ed had in their life. And that’s because he lived out what he believed.

- He was the neighbour you could count on to give a hand;
- He played a vital role in the building of this Immanuel Fellowhsip Baptist Church;
- He led Kid’s Clubs;
- He helped build and maintain trails at Camp Squeah;
- He was the man who would casually saunter over to an obviously novice camper struggling to setup their campsite, and quietly solve whatever problem had presented itself;
- He always had time for anyone who wanted to talk to him - always willing to make new friends;
He didn’t discriminate against age - you could be 2 or 92 - and he’d be interested in you, and you knew he was sincere about it;
- He was competitive in games and sports, whether it be fast pitch, floor hockey or a game of Rook - he played every game with the intention of winning... quietly... with a smirk;
- He coached Mighty Mite Softball for two seasons;
- In his hundreds of service calls, he made every effort to not only give full value to his customers but to also make them smile or feel just that little bit better after he had gone. The lettering on his van - Service Only - couldn’t have been a better expression for who he really was.

The impact of Ed’s life is enormous - bigger than we can fathom at this time. He would be amazed and unbelieving at the outpouring of love and compassion that has been heaped upon his family because of his story. We as his family are truly humbled. Our lives have been made richer for the time we had him with us. There is no insignificant life and if by being a good neighbour, a man of integrity, patience and goodness has made this kind of difference to so many of us, let us all honour our friend Ed, by doing for each other that for which he has set an example.

Ed will be missed by his:
- loving wife of 28 years, Lois
- two children:  Rachel and Kevin
- sisters: Trudy (& Joe) Defries, Judy (& Ed) Lakey, Rita (& Rod) Ewert, Wanda (&Mark) Hildebrandt
- brother: Alfred (& Leah) Schellenberg
- in-laws: Bob (& Susan) Dyck, Rosemary (& Richard) Brucks, Norma Dyck, Linda (& Neil) Wieler, Joanne (& Steve) Brown
- many nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews and numerous friends.

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