Toy Recall

Are your child’s toys safe?

Another Chinese toy recall

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Chinese Toy Recall
Captions from our readers... Another ungrate-ful kid...
Karen Moore

Grate Cheeses, Lettuce Spray!
Irvin Kauffman

After the incident, park district officials banned children from the slide and it
became a popular hangout for gourmet chefs and vegetarians.

Hey! There's a shredded boy scout under the end of this slide!
Mark Prairie

Having grate fun!
Take your grategrandchildren to this grate playground: No escrape possible!
Idske Mulder

Uncle!!! UNCLE!!!
Yeah? Well, you should see it make Julianne Fries!
Kirk Lowry

Urgent toy recall. We regret our new toy may cause rashes on some people.
We are still doing tests to eradicate this problem. We would be very grateful
for any feedback. Or as the case may be food back!

Phil Forde

'A slice of life' for the younger generation.
Lorraine Jeziorski

Say Cheese!!!
Kelly 'Dumpster Diva' Rae

I thought my dad was going to chew my ass!
Matt Couture

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce!
Sue Gosselin

Jimmy was having a 'grate' time until someone cut the cheese.
Terry Petko

Oh Grate!
D. K. Browne

Grate Cheesy Slide
Ray Roberts

Unfortunate slide reported in usage of park facilities.
Tom Clyne

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