Redneck TP Holder

Bubba’s on a roll with his hang of a good bathroom idea

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TP Protector

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Clothes Hanger used for a TP hanger in bathroom

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Bubba's Half-Moon Teahouse Butler!
Irvin Kauffman

When ya gotta go...
Lost in the shadow of his older brother, Thomas, young Jethro Edison had
an original idea or two of his own...

Today on 'Kribs', we get an exclusive look into the Joe-kster's Office...
Kirk Lowry

Bubba's got a 'wired set' in the bathroom.
Just wait till you see where he puts his coat...
Idske Mulder

The Redneck portable TP Holder - good for the shower and when outdoors.
When things get dicey in the woods, just hang this on your belt and you're good to go!
Marlene K. Goodman

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