Justice Is Blind - Part 2
More rambling comments from “Counsel for the Victims”

26 October 2013
Background Reading: Justice Is Blind  &  Memorial Service for Ed Schellenberg

As I read media coverage of the ongoing Surrey Six trial, it looks like the Defense Lawyers are doing a wonderful job of distracting attention from the true victims. As I stated in my first article (Justice Is Blind) it appears that perhaps we need another “voice” to speak up for justice to be served for those who are unfortunately not present to speak for themselves.

In an effort to speed up the Surrey Six trial (expected to go on for another year, followed by appeals ad nausea), I propose the following:

(A) Have each of the Defense Lawyers (that’s nine of them) swear under oath (*) to the following statement:

Do you, or are you aware of, any of the three accused as being guilty or partially guilty in the murder of any one of the six murdered victims?

(B) Al Capone couldn’t be indicted for his criminal activity, yet he was sent to Alcatraz for tax evasion/fraud. As a working citizen of Canada, I pay my disproportionate share of taxes, which is related to the type of work I do. And Revenue Canada has been quick to point out any minute discrepancies in my annual tax returns. Seems to me that anyone in the drug trade might not declare all of their “earnings” for work that they do ... hmmmm ... wasn’t there $100,000 taken from the crime scene by the three accused? Surely Revenue Canada can check the accused’s tax returns to audit their declared revenue for the 2007 tax year... Which makes me wonder whether their Defense Lawyers are aware of same? If they are (I refer to the Defense Lawyers and the accused), doesn’t this lead one to suspect: (i) tax evasion/fraud charges for the accused; (ii) perjury charges for “all of the above”; and/or (iii) something that might be pertinent for ALL drug-related/murder trials?
Ah, but another moot point - this trial has taken SIX years to get started... I suspect there’s probably some sort of Statute of Limitations for the accused that won’t allow this to be pursued after SEVEN years delay...

(*) Clarification of “swear under oath”: I could be wrong, but I suspect that few of the accused, or the Defense Lawyers, have much use for the Bible (i.e. Exodus 20:13). So, if one does not believe in the Bible, what good does it do to hold them to their honour w.r.t. “swearing in” purposes? Ah, but that would just give them another loophole, so I withdraw my statement, your honour...

Due Diligence Notice/Disclaimer: Again, I state that these are ramblings only, intended solely for the purpose of speaking for those executed innocent bystanders not now present at the trial proceedings, and not to be construed as anything that can, or will be held against me, in any future ongoing legal proceedings (see, I’m starting to talk like one of the attorneys now...)

by Joe Defries, on behalf of my brother-in-law (Ed Schellenberg)

Vancouver Sun Update on 2 December 2017: “Bombshell Jamie Bacon ruling breaks hearts of murder victims’ families. The families of the two bystanders killed in the Surrey Six drug murders a decade ago have been left disgusted and broken-hearted after the B.C. Supreme Court threw out charges against Jamie Bacon, the man accused of being the mastermind behind the slaughter.
Steve Brown, who lost his brother-in-law Ed Schellenberg, said Saturday that he felt numb when he heard news of the court’s ruling. He said that he is too ‘worn out’ to be angry.
‘There is no trust left. People are just disgusted. They are just disgusted with the whole thing,’ Brown said.”

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