New Events for Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
Athletes prepare for new events

[After the success of the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics,
the Olympic Committee has decided to add 6 new events to the next
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. Here, in an exclusive interview with, athletes are getting prepared for the new events...]

Ball and Chain Shot Put

Ski-T Shooting

Long Jump / Last Jump

Chainsaw Fencing

Dynamite Relay

New Olympic Games events bring the last in athletes

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Razor Wire High Jumping


Roll Me Over

Hockey PlayHers

Concealed Weapon

Lettuce Face

Devoted Husband

Dental Car

Donut Seeds

Pill Man

Bus Wait Weight

It Should Start

Hi, My Name's Cliff - Drop Over Some Time!

Sparks Recycling

Last Gasp Request

Flower Shop For Men

Canadian Archaeology

Tank Top Security

One Beer A Day

Tennis Hammock

Fare Dodger

Husband of the Year
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