Post World War II History by College Students
The Iran Hostess Crisis & The Berlin Mall

[World history as told by college students - mangled moments of civilization from Term Papers and Exams...]

Arms limitation talks were made more difficult by the new ear-to-surface missiles.

Corruption grew especially ripe in Zaire, where Mobutu was known to indulge in more than an occasional little armadillo.

Dim El Sum ruled as “Head Coucho” of North Korea. China had so many Chinese that forced birth patrol became required. This is where people are allowed to reproduce no more than one half of themselves.

East and West made mends with each other. The Berlin Mall was removed. Many Eastern Europeans experienced a new form of arousal at this time.

Gorbachev became top Russian after the death of Leoned Bolshevik. Gradually the USSR shifted to a new planet of existance.

History grundled onward. International relationships moved to the broodle stage.

Manifest Destiny is China yarning to embrace Thai Won as a kind of imperialist forplay.

North Africa is the region which lies in the northern part of Africa. It is therefore not in Africa. Without a doubt this was the Middle East, where all bets were misplaced. Arab leaders ran head in tail with the Soviets.

One major source of conflict since World War II has been Israel’s relations with the Parisians. The Carter administration found itself face to face with the problem during the so-called Iran Hostess Crisis.

Sub-Sonora Africa still counts many people treated like second hand citizens.

The Balkans returned as a powdered keg. Rumania’s Chou Tse Cu was deplaced from his pedisal. Yugoslavia moved toward the edge of its end, trebled and plunged into the bowels of deconstruction.

The plurious of wealth was therefore uneven. The rural populus was reduced to tenement farming. It is also little help that former colonialists continue to watch events with sharp ears.

“Third World” is a eulogism for undeveloped nations. One index of this situation is a poor infant morality rate. Another problem is lack of practice with self-rain.

Thus the pedestrians of the rich countries should listen to their conscious more often. This would make the possibility of better times less of a pipe steam.

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