World’s 1st Mobile Camper

Camping in the good old days... roughing it with your T-Bird

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World's 1st Mobile Camper - Model T Ford

Captions from our readers...

Well, Stella, there goes the neighborhood... looks like the Clampett's are moving in next door.
Winnebago... the early years.
Kirk Lowry

Hey Jethro, Go and fetch Granny and Ellie Mae.
We're a gonna show our kin folk our fancy new camper.

Darwin McKee

I know you're shy, and want to preserve your modesty Mary Ellen,
but all this, just to step out of the car, is really going too far!

Nik Keun

This was NOT one of Henry Ford's good innovations.
Nick Cihlar

Dagnab it Jethro, I told you to set the camper up by the cement pond.
L.B. Scott

World's first KKK Kamper
Joe La Rosa

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