Bull Terrier vs. Porcupine:
Quill He Make It?

And now for the winner of the porcupine javelin contest

Dog named Spike!

Favourite Dog Drink:  TaQuilla

Post Note: With the help of antibiotics, she made it through OK!

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Pit Bull vs. Porcupine - Quill he survive?

Captions from our readers...

Oh, here's Roscoe! Hey, buddy! Looks like you made a new pin-pal!
And this is my dog Roscoe... careful, he's got a really prickly temperament.
Kirk Lowry

Honey, why is there a dog coming out of that porcupine?
Cory Prior

I got the point.
Ron Wells

... and Pit Bulls get all of the bad press.
L.B. Scott

Why you should never try acupuncture on your dog without a veterinarian present.
New! Improved! Self agitating scouring pad!
Melissa Miller

After a night out on the tequilla, Spike couldn't pinpoint when this happened...
Leon Beatham Moore

Making a statement: Next time eat a shoe.
Linda Newman

The cat told me curiosity never hurt anyone.
Now ask me how many lives he will have left after I find him!

Ron McCoy

Now that I've taught that spikey guy a lesson, I am going to fix the
black critter with the white stripe that lives under the porch.

Chris Schenck

Picture time? Are you kidding me?!
Yeah, you should have seen the porcupine!
D. K. Browne

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