Ghetto Boom Box

Sound Advice from the noisiest kid on the block

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Boom Box on a Ghetto Bicycle

Captions from our readers...

Yo dawg... I just throw a Slim Shady CD in, and with the
bass reflex drive goin' on... I'll pass a Masarati!

Pimpin' my RIDE!
Yeah, I bought this sick sound system, now just savin' up for a car to put it into...
Don't be laughin' at me Foo... Chick's dig this!
Ric Mossip

What won't be herd in New Orleans this week.
Gary "1artworkz" Molitor

LaBron loved to do water gun drive-by's.
Cory Prior

Nah' man... Ise nevah in Lancaster, Pa.
Gabby Pierce

Every white kid in the suburbs will want one now.
Ron Wells

Solar Ghetto Power
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