Junk House - One Man’s Treasure

Don’t have a garage? Then park your junk on the porch...

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Junk antiques hanging outside apartment balcony

Captions from our readers...

Dangit, Ethel, Herb and Thelma put out that tacky plastic Santa again this year!
Harold Erglemyer... the world's greatest (undiscovered) home decorator.
Kirk Lowry

All this is just a camouflage so they won't notice the Marijuana growing in the middle!
Alice Ashworth

You can take the Cajun out of Louisiana, but you can't take the Louisiana out of the Cajun.
Darwin McKee

I'm doin' sumptin wrong. I only made .43 cents from muh porch sale this week.
Mike Foland

What's an E Bay?
Gene Davidson

Honey bring me another beer, I feel inspired to add to my art work.
Ron Wells

Lean on me, when you're not strong...  (from the song)
Krista Carney

The new Fred Sanford... moving on up.
L.B. Scott

Martha Stewart's new kitchen.
Linda Newman

One man's trash is INDEED another man's treasure! Mama was right!
D. K. Browne

Are you sure this is how Sam Walton started out?
Tom Napoli

Outside the box safe house
Ralph Hammerl

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