Throne Entertainment On The Farm

Might as well entertain yourself @ Pa & Ma’s outhouse

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Farm Outhouse with satellite dish for TV reception

Captions from our readers...

Yeah, I've got Dish too, but the reception is just crap.
Further proof that today's television morals are going down the crapper.
Kirk Lowry

The most appropriate place to watch TV.
Roy Gathercoal

What do you get when the 18th century meets the 21st century? Crap-o-vision
Darwin McKee

Wife to Hubby:  Honey, I dropped the remote down the hole... Be a dear and fetch it for me?
Ok Mate, I got the cheetos, the beer and nose plugs... the women will never suspect
we're watching the football game out here!

Nagging wife to hubby: Did you remember to pay the mortgage I asked...
and you said you did... but you didn't!
If we could afford a dog house... you'd STILL be living in here!

In the old days we'd wipe with pages from the Sears catalogue -
Now all I have is this bloody remote!

Some guys read magazines while 'doing their business'...
and well, others have different methods.

Ric Mossip

The only place where TV relates to your surrounding area, just don't look down...
something better will be on view and spoil the TV program.

Ben Younger

Sat-A-Lot Dish
Irvin Kauffman

The Tim Taylor Redneck Bathroom.
Steven Wilson

Highly advanced Amish toilet.
Tony Holt

I don't like the TV in the basement.
Rickie Messer

Time share with cable - it didn't look like this in the brochure.
Tom Napoli

Does it get the food channel?
Ralph Hammerl

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