Seismic Support for Polish Buildings

When you need “siding support” for your sagging building

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Seismic Support for Polish Buildings

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Yeah Ted, I knew it was a mistake to get Junior that new electric guitar...
Oh, Absolutely Mr. McFinkerstein... It's up to code!
And might I add, it's a steal of a deal at twice the price!

Err, the plumber WAS an older fellow... insisted on using wooden pipes. Why do you ask?
Ric Mossip

Looks like another fine job of this old house with Bob Villa.
Darwin McKee

Yup, my mom made chili for dinner last night, too... why do you ask?
Kirk Lowry

British Tourist: Oh look at that house, Dear - it must be low budget round here.
Passer-By: No, it's called OBESITY.
Jamil Keating

FEMA: “What is the problem here? This home looks perfectly fine.
Ron Wells

From HG TV: Let's see ya flip this house!
L.B. Scott

What do you mean, you're keeping my damage deposit? I repaired it!
Terry Mossip

FOR RENT. No pets allowed. Termites welcome.
Linda Newman

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