Send Your Son Home For The Holidays

Cheapest form of transportation for your booty-full son

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Sending your son home by postal service post office box

Captions from our readers...

SunflowerJunk Male!
SunflowerReturn to sender!

Hair male - not so small package!
Chris Johnson 
 (aka Dr. Laugh)

You've Got Male.
Robby Robinson

Today we shall test the innovative new approach to long-distance dating...
Shoes: $100
Haircut: nonexistent
Getting your son to go to summer camp: $1.85
There are some things money can't (or won't) buy, for everything else...
just keep adding stamps.

Kirk Lowry

It's never a good idea to inform your recently retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant
dad , that you don't need to cut your hair, follow orders,
and you will live here as long as you want.

Next stop San Diego.
Darwin McKee

Send your overseas Christmas male early.
Joy Morgan

Jack and Lucile figured out how to get their 26 year old son to move out of the basement.
Ron Wells

Return To Sender
Irvin Kauffman

If she says, 'Yes!', expect another delivery...
Marvin Purser

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