Redneck Water Trailer

When gas gets too high, rent a Redneck water trailer

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Redneck Water Trailer House Boat

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Livin' high on the hog in our new FEMA provided livin' quarters!
Now, if they'd only send us some dang grits.
Bless their little FEMA hearts!

Cherei McCarter

Dunno what ever'one's complainin' 'bout... MY house didn' flood...
Awright, Bertha Mae, its yer turn ta peddle!

We had to trade the satellite receiver in for a set of bunny-ears.
The bunny doesn't sink the house.

Kirk Lowry

I didn't have enough money to buy a new Airstream trailer.
So I found a new trailer company in Arkansas.
I'm now the proud owner of a brand new Waterstream trailer.

Darwin McKee

How Real South Gawga Rednecks deal with High Water.
Ahhhhhh... All the comforts of home, just on water... No flat tires to deal with...
Fishin ain't bad, either... Cold Beer... Perfect...

Jack Byrd

When gas gets too high, rent a Redneck water trailer...
Dan Moratelli

Honey, when you suggested a houseboat cruise, this wasn't quite what I was expecting.
FOR SALE: Vacation home. Right on the water. Ideal spot for fishing and swimming.
There goes the neighbourhood.
Jacqui Graham

No phone, no pool, no pets.
Donna Faye

Retired... without a spare!
Irvin Kauffman

Redneck yacht.
Redneck honeymoon ship.
Redneck love nest.
Linda Newman

In a freak twist of fate this man was arrested today for property tax evasion
and fleeing the scene of a crime... Full story at 11.

Ron McCoy

It was the most expensive one that I could find - I'm still in debt
after 10 years and it cost me a whole $1!

Richard Parker

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