Beach Foreclosure

When you stay away from the beach too long

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Beach foreclosure of sunken sailboat buried in sandy beach

Captions from our readers...

Gone with the waves.
Permanently taking the wind out of his sails!
Idske Mulder

Oops, I knew we forgot something!
Emily Spivey

Ship Wrecked - coming to a theater near you...
Karen Moore

Another Katrina casualty...
'The Sands of Iwo Jima Strike Back', starring Joe Blaine.
No, no, no problems at all. It's a... uh... it's a new... er... playground!
Yeah. A playground. I'm really not an idiot.

Kirk Lowry

Yeah, you can use it! Now what's the name of that BAY?
Glynis Geen

Land Ho!
Bethany Hinkley

New Carissa wantabe.
Matt St. Mari

Boat for Sale (as is).
John Weisenhorn

Gone to Hull and not coming back! The Hull you say?
Irvin Kauffman

No, it's an ocean front art museum. We call it sand art.
It's high tide. We give up on this ship captain.
Della Norton

My new schooner/submarine can only be seen at low tide.
Oops - misjudged the dock.
It floats like a clam.
The bunks are totally secure.
The insurance company couldn't find any damage.
Tom Napoli

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