Water Bowling

A new type of watered down sport

And now for the next DUBM Guinness World Record holder

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Water Bowling

Captions from our readers...

Do you really think this sport holds water?
Better not get into deep water with this!
Idske Mulder

Dang. Flipper crossed the line on that one.
Okay, Bob, Dave is set up for a wicked split on this shot. It looks like
what he's going to attempt is to utilize the currents, and a slight thermal
layer, to bounce the ball off a spot of pee left by some kid, therefore
rebounding into the second pin. That third one, well, here's the beauty...
he's going to have to...

Kirk Lowry

Damp-Pins for Duck Pinners (you can't win, the spotters don't retract!)
Irvin Kauffman

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