Collara Dog

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Collara Dog
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Inspirational poster: 'Dedication'
Inspirational poster: 'Determination'
... I was framed.
Kirk Lowry

You don't need to shout!
Descended from the pointer, or needle tail breed, Victor, the Victrola dog, waits
patiently for his masters voice.
These dogs once provided entertainment for the family and are excellent with
children, however, they do not get along well with furniture.

Mark Prairie

Don't know why they took this pic so soon. I'm not even half way through the furniture yet!
Idske Mulder

Gee, my master is using me as a Mobile Satellite Dish, and he takes me to all the parties.
Gee, I wish my master would buy a proper Satellite Dish, this is getting ridiculous.
Mark Worth

Barf Control
Vincent Edwards

Looks Like He Got the Message!
Letha Fenwick

I will tar and feather him! Tar and feather... Wait, where is the tar?
I knew I was forgetting something.

Wait till he sees his prized stuffed pheasant now...
Della Norton

As a puppy, he had enjoyed listening to his master’s collection of vintage RCA Victor records, and taken pleasure seeing the dog in the logo “His Master’s Voice.” Sadly, his owner passed away, and his new master never played music - just listened to talk radio. It drove the dog crazy! One evening alone he had to show his frustration, and to express his wish to hear the RCA Victor repetoire. Assuming his pose, he awaited the return of his master...
Tom Clyne

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