Water Music

Steinway’s Sea Suite

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Water Music - Steinway Sea Suite
Captions from our readers...

Recent British floods force pianists to 'Handel' with care...
How to tune your piano to the key of Sea.
Karen Moore

Not enough oars!
Irvin Kauffman

The music is OK, but from here, it seems a bit watered down.
Robert Johnston

Rippling music
Idske Mulder

The rendition of Titanic was so moving, it bought tears to the whole audience!
Joe, you know that leaky pipe I told you about? Well, it's like this...
Phil Forde

Lost at C
Patrick D. Jozefowicz

Tidal Flats and Sharks... Tonight 8 pm cst... 14 O'clock Canada time, the Discovery Channel
Mark Prairie

I told you not to use the dampening pedal!
Kevin Card

I asked to you to PLAY the Blue Danube, not play IN the Blue Danube!
Bill Mielniczuk

Let me tell you dear, Carol's recital went swimmingly!
Sue Gosselin

Though discomforted by a light rain prior to the garden recital, and perhaps concerned by the for-boating sky, the audience soon found themselves buoyed by the artist’s fluid mastery of her instrument as she swimingly displayed how well-anchored was her understanding of the composer, ultimately releasing a flood of cascading chords, and causing a raft of listeners to become submerged in the depths of a rising tide of music. Overcome by waves of emotion, there was not a dry handkerchief remaining.
Tom Clyne

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