Redneck Tractor

How to win a Tractor Pull contest with few strings attached

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Redneck Tractor Pull

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Bubba's gal won the 'Redneck Tract-Her' race hands down!
Clara Wilkins

Lager Loader Lady of St Louis Laden with a Light load in Her Early Years
as several Clydes and Dales look on bemusedly.

Irvin Kauffman

Today's caveman prepares to branch out and try other commercials besides Geico.
Urg. Grunt grunt! Arrg. Grunt? Snort. Beer. GRUNT!
Alcohol: bringing out the Neanderthol in you, since 12000BC!
Kirk Lowry

Michaelob - An easy ride.
Joanne Campbell

Struggling stringent strenuous striding causing stretched strong string stress
Idske Mulder

Proof that the thong is mightier than the hoard.
Dang! She fergot the rest of mah LUNCH!
Marlene K. Goodman

Bubba's G-force delivery service - moments before hitting the sound barrier... wait for the snap!
Mrs Brown

Practice sessions for the next rugby match.
Girish Gangadharan

I have heard of 'Beer Pong', but I have never heard of 'Beer Thong'.
David Watts

Lemme tell ya, after they repo-ed the pick-up, I got no way to keep the fridge stocked
for the family ’cept to drag everything back from the store by my lonesome. Y’d think
maybe the old man and his buddies ’d help, but no way. They just stand ’round drinkin’
and watchin’ me out on the street in my thong and bikini doin’ what a lady’s gotta do!

Tom Clyne

The Beer Pull Diet does not seem to work so well. She lost 10 pounds pulling the
sled but gained it back at the end quenching her thirst. Next time, diet beer.

Mike Morrow

Big deal, woman. It says right there on the cartons... Light beer.
Fred Piceno

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