Clinton Greeting

Bill finds another replacement for Monica

Bill Clinton Greeting to Bruce Jenner

ex-Presidential election coverage reveals strange bedfellows

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Bill & Hillary in 2009:  Clinton Combo Kitchen Tool Set

Bipartisan Bumper Sticker
Donald Trump White House
First Dog
Hillarius Trump
Hillary Hairstyle
Now Nut-Free
Redneck Politician
Vote For Me


Back Pain

No Extras Massage

Gooooooooooogle Air

Hot Tub Hangups

Scenery Cut and Paste

Origin of the Whoopee Cushion

Better With A Beard

Canadian Winter Smile

Monkey Morning

Snow Geese

Walk The Line

Darth Vader Cool

2020 Hooters Owl and Birds of Prey Calendars (3)

Cutting Edge Table

Wine Signs

Ring Seating

Snow Aerobics

25 Toes

Wedding Cake Dress

Bacon Soda Sales
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