Ali Tabrizi Submissions
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Cast of volunteers for the Special du jour: Frog Thighs (In Season)
Frog Leg Special
Taking an upside down nap in your parking spot
Downer Parking
One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind - or movie hype?
First Man on the Moon - a Hoax?
The Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai
Dubai-ous Hotel
Tram-atic experience!
'Beat The Tram' - Double Loser
Why you'd better stop horsing around on the streets
Horse Hearse
Coded message reveals new technology
News from the Iraq Front
Does coffee restoreth your buzz?
Caffeine Prayer
Hard landing of a Navy CH46
How NOT To Land A Helicopter
One who would rather be flying high
Redneck's Flight Refund