Bob McLaren Submissions
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Official Car of the Athens Olympic Games
Trojan Car
Learning to play bagpipes - a breath of fresh air
Young Piper
Pain-full ways to make an impression
Hazards of Nose Picking
Catching the Wave!
Wakeboarding on the Prairies
Father of Many
Backwards Collar
How to rid yourself of problem parkers
Thou Shalt Not Park Here
Son born without torso
Bartender Head Games
Religious brain child
Atheist Professor
Swerving to avoid a road rabbit
Rabbit Spray
Drowning after kayak catches fire
Eskimo Kayakers
Time for a Creative break
Day of Light and Darkness
Ever wish you could give twice as much to your lawyer?
Lawyer's Genie-ous Catch
The advantage of having a second engine
Propeller Merits
Go forth and multiply for snakes
Snake Math
Little Johnny finds Psalmthing unusual
Psalm 23
Looking for a day off
Why Go To Church?
The importance of owning a Baptist dog
Baptist Dog Tricks
Genie in a bottle - one wish 4U
Understanding Women
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do
God's Little Instructions
Where has your money traveled to?
Parable of the Retired Dollar Bill
Should you be institutionalized?
Asylum Test
Church intimidated by dog walking on water
Hunting Dog Walks On Water
Medication for short life expectancy
Lifetime Prescription
How to add a finishing touch to a fairy tale
Three Pigs Ad-Lib
Exercise for overweight patients
Weight Control Pills
How to deal with pesky squirrels
Church Squirrels
Ask the bartender just one more time
Got Any Gwapes?
The scent of freshness
Exact Age of Dinosaur Bones
Message on temperance
Sermon On Alcohol
Do you know how much it costs to get married?
All Divorces Start With Marriage
Reclaiming lost weight wait time
Heaven Can Weight
Unpleasant notes to a Mennonite ear
Mennonites Don't Like Symphony Music

School Excuses
Children's views on Angels
Sometimes it doesn't pay to be too helpful in Church
Church Wedgie
Which sermon would you rather hear from the pulpit?
Ten Dollar Sermon
How to recognize a good sermon
A Good Sermon - On Average
Always room for improve-meant
Pessimist's Dog
Stunning blank painting
Asylum Masterpiece - Exodus From Egypt
Rare-book dealer's conversation
Book Collector's Search for the Gutenberg Bible
Finding the best instrument for your child
Clarinet Solution for Lena's Singing
Keeping score on the golf course
Golfer's Best Friend
A change in sermon for the wife
Horseback Riding Preacher
Surviving in Canada's far frozen north
Solitaire Survival
Wishes for a long marriage!
40th Wedding Anniversary
How to thoughtfully break the bad news
Cat On The Roof
Captive pew audience on the rodeo trail
Cowboy and Preacher
The good and bad news about growing old
Aging News
Resolution found for the Arab - Israel conflict
Negotiations in Israel
Controlling the Ebola outbreak
Ebola Diet
Hearing the best and worst from both worlds
Good News and Bad News
Can a whale swallow a human?
Whale Tale
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