Cathy Young Submissions
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Giving Mom a break from baby chores
Bottle Support
Sanitized tape worms to the rescue
Fat - The Enemy
Finding a cheaper way to fly around Transylvania
Batman Wannabes
How to identify a meteorite
Rock-In Chair
Stunt Dog comes complete with pooper scooper
The Perfect Dog
Outdoorsmen tip - how to watch for fresh bear activity
Bear Warning
Artistic optical illusions du jour
Double Vision
I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years!
How To Weigh Yourself Correctly
Finding a cheap muffler can be exhausting
Redneck Muffler Extender
Bubba found a way to get a clearer TV signal
Dry Satellite
Can You See The Horse In These Frog Pictures?
Frog To Horse Illusion
Bubba takes target practice to a higher level
Redneck Stealth Bomber
Omar was ahead of his glass in traffic safety
Seatbelt Extender
Stepping down to an inviting kitchen pantry
Floor Refrigerator
Finger sprint to the finish line - Beijing or Bust!
Finger Olympics
Prompt control for grumpy old men
Senile Agitation
How to promote your business by sitting down on the job
Johnny On The Pot's Plumber Truck
Cat in the act while playing Beethoven's 'Fur  e-Lease'
Pawano Lessons
Time to say goodbye to winter!
Spring Is Just Around The Corner
Back to old-time basics
Original SUV
Why your computer might not work properly
Dog Download
Such an easy choice for the ladies!
The Perfect Male
Would you choose to be a Poore-Sapp or a Beaver-Wetter?
Hyphenated Names
Where would you stick a tattoo?
Stick Humour
What happens when it rains in California
Desert Flowers
Regrettable invitation to whatsherface's wedding
Wedding Invitation
Where the grass is always greener
Reaching Out Too Far
New world record whitetail deer
Passing The Buck
WHO could possibly WALK in these?
Shoe Show - Latest Fashion from Italy and Japan
When a wide screen TV needs wide screen coverage
Redneck Cabinet Extension
Invite your friends to 'drop in' for a glass of wine
Kitchen Medicine Cabinet
Who said we evolved from monkeys?
Don't Try This At Home
How to detect cat-astrophic hard disk failure
Cat Stroke
Visiting Preacher's rapturous sermon
Butt Dust
Oral alternative to needles
Uplifting Tooth Extraction
What is it?
Redneck Politician
Sound like your lifestyle?
Every Man's Philosophy
Bubba's Post-It Notes come handy for map coordinates
Redneck Driving Instructions
The scent of freshness
Grocery Store Appeal
What some flag-waving football fans do to support their team
Catch The Wave
Amazing Guitar Player!
Toe Jam Guitar
Extensive research reveals difference between female and male brains
Female And Male Brains
Fire-ing on all cylinders
Pregnant Fireman
'Cash & Carry' for your next steel steal
Portable Auto Body Shop
Ever tried to outsmart your feet?
How Smart Is Your Right Foot?
New fulfilling lifestyle on less than a dime
Divorce Is Grand
Machinations for music lovers and engineers!
Farm Machine Music
Have you topped up your turn signal fluid?
As You Slide Down The Banister Of Life
How to choose your most important possession to take with you to heaven
Can You Take It With You When You Die?
The world's only scuba diving cat?
Scuba Diving Cat