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No use in it anyways...
Pessimistic People
Look no further for expert advice
Free Therapy
An itch in time
Fashion Decisions
For those interested in past accomplishments
Time Travel
Don't stand up too fast!
Hello Darkness
Stop trying to make everyone happy
Not Tequila
Rising in the Yeast, Setting on the Waist
Breaded Sunrise
Is it time to return to our normal routine?
Patience Rating
Don't even mention it, men
Extra Weight
Something to upset the apple cart
Really Good Day
Stretching the truth of holiday goodwill
True Season Heroes
Trying hard to not offend anyone this holiday season
Happy Whatever
'Tis the Season
Nuts And Fruitcakes
Ready for today?
Ready For Christmas
What seniors can expect this Christmas
FB Santa
Parting is such sweet sorrow
Proper English
Are You 3 of the Seven Dwarfs?
Time Of Day
Making planet-based decisions
Difference Maker
Exhausted Seniors prepare for time travel
Next Week Plans
No matter how far you push it
Pushing The Envelope
Grandma on Speed Dial
You're kidding me, right?
Google Age
Is it time to take down the lights yet?
Too Hot
Swimming hazards in the Gene Pool
Gene Lifeguard
What inspires you to get out of bed?
Tiny Little Bladder