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Computer geeks bring in the New Year
New Years Resolutions for Nerds
How to find an unemployed computer programmer
Programmer Logic
(if you can read the message)
Smart Fortune Cookie
Newfies like presents that run backwards
Newfie DVD Rewinder
Inspiration for the System Administrator
Psalm 404
Who not to contact if you're looking for a big windfall
Robbing A Computer Programmer
Remembering the secret password
What A Dome Password!
When you need a Jazz Chord, get a yen to travel to Japan
Stevie Wonder's Jazz Chord
It's rare to find a bartender with typesetting skills
Font Drinks @ The Bar
How to express your concern about poor customer service
British Letter of Complaint to ISP
Nice to have intermet you!
Anti-Tech Words
Why walk a mile in my shoes when you can ride 'em!
A Bicycle Boot For Two
Internet surfing monitored by the FBI
Homeland Security Bill