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Private ferries get most passengers across safely
Thailand Ferry
Good news from the Missing Children search
Kid Search
Cheap, no-frills airline carriers
Economy Flight
Got a Down Under question, mate?
Australia 101 For Tourists
Souvenirs wrapped a little differently
Elephant Dung Decorative Paper
Don't you wish you had telepathic timing?
James Bond's Telepathic Watch
Where elderly Canadian tourists go
What To Do With Old Goats
Helping your friends have a good time at the bar
Designated Driver
Sven is it my turn?
Cure For A Snoring Fisherman
Thoughtful mechanic gives advice on what to do with low headlight fluid
Your Headlight Fluid's A Little Low
Beware of defective birthday gag gifts!
Vibrator Recall
Management going postal on the jobsite
Don't Upset Your Employees!
Saskatchewan - first choice for aging Canadians
Benefits of Aging in Saskatchewan
When a little pepper tequila goes a long way
Raising The Bar
Why wait for a green light when you might make it through?
'Thread The Needle' Traffic
Why people aren't attracted to New Orleans Churches
Lost Churches of Louisiana
French drivers put their cars into real 'high drive'
World's Highest Bridge
Looking for an open-minded, equal-opportunity lender?
Cell Phones Can Cause Accidents
Flex Dancing - fluid motion guy
Dance Off Competition
Playing soccer with an elephant?
Elephant Soccer
Dogs really do talk!
Dog Speak - Language for Dogs
A horse that loves hamburgers and TV
Patches, the Hamburger and TV-Loving, Bring-Me-The-Beer Horse
Cleveland's Kleptomaniac discovered by Clara Clipper
Claude Cooper's Clean Copper Clappers
Taking more than just the Senior's Special
Seniors Eggsellent Special