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How to train employees for hot emergency situations
Fire Distinguisher
Ever had a day where you're dying for a burger?
Triple Bypass Burger
Placing the goal in front of the peddle
Dog Obedience Training
Experience wildlife at home
Raise Twins
German and Danish tradition of candles on the Christmas Tree
Candle-lit Christmas Tree
Madness on 2 Wheels: Powered by 24 Dolmar Chainsaw engines
Chainsaw-Powered 'Dolmette' Super-Motorcycle
When best not to trust GPS instructions
GPS Directions
How Yoga is practiced in India and Saskatchewan
Yoga's Balanced Lifestyle
Relationships were thawed at the end of the race
Snowmobile Races - Get There Early
How a weather forecast is made
Weather Rock - For Accurate Forecasts
Arborist get to the root of the problem
Runaway Tree
Kids know how to talk God's lingo
Letters to God - From Children
Russian technology comes up with a better cowculator
Russian Milk-Can Cowputer
Longing for the days of the scroll?
1st IT Professional
Looking for a jeep thrill?
Jeep Thrills - Avoided Catastrophe
Ziss iss a gut one!
German Coast Guard
No better way to 'Go' with your friends & loved ones!
Cozy Washroom
Sound Advice from the noisiest kid on the block
Ghetto Boom Box
'I think I've changed my mind about fat chicks!'
Suntan For Weight Loss
Can you Grin and Bear It?
Bear-ly Surviving A Pole-top Electrocution (PG)
Bier Making Oudfit - Balancin Schtatement