Henry Archibald Submissions
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Make way for the bazaar train
Only In Indonesia - 'Trainees'
Olympic events expanded to include cat swimming
Cat Swimming at the Olympics
Little Johnny misses the Palm Sunday service
Missed Palm Sunday
Finding a practical use for a tuba
Blow Dryer For The Shower
Learning to deal with stress
Secret For A Long, Happy Life
A belated reminder about hunting season
Too Late Now
A day in the life of a Redneck hunter
Hunter's Diary
An un-frog-etable story
Fishing Trip With Jack
Catching the thief in action
To Catch A Coin Thief
Martial Arts for pets
Kat Fu - Cats with Black Belts
Debut hunting trip for father and son
Not-So-Quiet Hunter's Son
Tribal wisdom passed on from one generation to the next
Native Wisdom vs. Modern Business Practice
Ask Johnny where the experiment went wrong
Little Johnny's Worm Experiment
Keeping a diary to chart your progress
New Year's Resolution - No More Regular Workouts
He didn't know Mrs. Right
Marriage Wisdom
Is your focus on problems or solutions?
Zero Gravity Pen
Fishing without a license
Pet Lobsters
Getting a second opinion in the animal world
Snake Bite
A degree won't help you at this school
Merit-Based Salary for Teachers
Preparing for the once-a-year speech
Monk's Christmas Vow
Surviving stress on the passage from England to France
Chunnel Stress
Looking through a happy mirror
Seven Years Of Bad Luck
Having a phone number similar to a pizza joint
Domino's Order
Best divorce settle-meant
Returning the Stinky House to the Ex-Wife
Her first home-cooked meal
Bachelor Embarrassment
Keep the meter running!
Slow Vancouverites
Are your cigars insurable?
Lawyer Commits Insurance Fraud With Box of Cigars
Y'all know how things are settled in Texas?
Texas Three-Kick Rule
Worse than grabbing yourself in the wrestling ring
Wrestler's Pretzel Hold
Survival kit for bears
Bear Praise
For those who plan to be sick on Sunday
No Excuse Sunday
Why he gets paid 'big bucks' from above
Simultaneous Hunters
You can even crawl through this horse's legs!
Horse Crawler
Be careful what you mix Holy Water with
Prunes and Holy Water
What happens when you get in the way of mama moose
Don't Annoy A Moose!
What Bubba does when he's too attractive for moose
Stuck Redneck Moose Hunters
Sea captains don't like crew cuts
Humourous Puns
Supporting your favourite team
Diehard Canuck Fan
Skill testing questions to eliminate Bubba for hire
Bubba's First Job
Legal tip for high flyers
Skydiving Lawyers
Par for the course at their age
Golf Grumblers
Finally finding a wife-worthy example
Final Product
Knit wits at airline security find new safety violation
Afghan Delays
On average, statisticians are good hunters
Hunting Statistics
Picking lemons most of your life?
Lemon Picker
Unforgetful memories in life
Embarrassing Moments
High, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!
Cloned Westerner
Getting away from incessant bird squawking
Stupid Bird
Watching an interesting tennis match
Stringing Along
Waiting a long time for the double bass to play
Symphony Bass
Always thinking of the customer first
Airline Safety
Turning up the heat in Prince George
Canadian Champions