Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1511

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Where not to drink on a cold winter day
Ice Fountain
Feeling owl alone in the world
Winter Blues
Advertising 101 from a Ballet marketer
Classic Ballet Ad
When there's no other alternative
Tight FM Bandwidth
Longshoremen in India know how to tow the line
Ship Tow
Now Bubba can keep track of how many days 'til Christmas
Redneck Advent Calendar
Lettuce pray for what we are about to receive
Lettuce Face
Fish fresh caught but frozen?
Frozen Fish
Cut and paste yourself
Real Life Photoshop
Just add water to your next good deed!
Search and Rescue - Dry Run
When going the high-way is quicker than taking the stairs
Hazardous Delivery
Rail-e good one-way transportation
A-track-tive Bike
Animating the animation
Cursor Fun
Flash USB for greedy computers
Piglet Hubs
How to repair broken Easter eggs
Broken Egg
Apple's new Spam Garburator - giving the boot to unsolicited mail
Mac Mailbox
Garbage In Equals Garbage Out - Literally!
Trash Can Computer
Ever get annoyed when your concentration is interrupted?
Do Not Disturb
Did Daddy say, 'Floppy Into Slot' or 'Sloppy Into Pot'?
Toddler Joe
Move heavy loads with ease
Cement Mixer Boats
Take time to learn more about the world around you
Science World
An Apple a day keeps the servers at play
Lunch Apple
Root-bound computer programming - online branch office
Gathering around a circle of friends
Foot Circle
Electricity + Water = Electrocu-sons
Flood Games
Bubba's Redneck digital watch is way ahead of its time
Digital Analog Clock
A helping hand between good friends
Water Break
Bubba's under cover car escapes all radar traps
Blind CarGo
Days when Jethro is easier to handle than the poodle
Walking The Dog
Been slug'n through winter weather?
Winter House
Emma Lou's beard needed a little of Jethro's trimming
Cat Beard
Start your week off with an emoticon facelift
Put On A Happy Face
Why you might want to give your work equipment a rest
Tired Backhoe
Once you're finished horsing around, it’s my turn!'
Reach For The High-Hanging Fruit
Camouflage Mayan vehicle seen leaving Mexico City
Alarm system for extended vehicles
Thinking Outside The Garage
Getaway that didn't get away
Sore Escape
Sinus protection for the gorilla your dreams
Nose Thrills
What would you do with a used cow?
Used Cows For Sale
Food habits of high-range mountain goats
Goat Dining
For the man in your house who can't stop drinking
Sink Drinker
Little Johnny looked forward to eating his vegetables
Eat Your Vegetables
How Dogma became a fervently loyal rookie clone trooper
Star Wars Dog Walk
Finding peace and quiet in the library
Stealth Readers
The Open Window - living off the edge
Open Air Reader
Cycling tours Down Under
Australian Biker
Edible cushion for hungry mornings at home
Pancake Cushion
Fighting for the choice prize
Me First!
That's using your noodle!
Noodle Art
Friends forever stick together
Almost Done
Why kids shouldn't horse around in a playground
Hiding Horse
Who needs rail when you can moo-ve 'em yourself
Ukrainian Cattle Car
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