Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1500

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Britney Spears launches Physio Program for blondes
Finger Physio
Wide-angle lens for extremely wide, hemisfishical images
Fish Eye Lens
Some primates don't get along well with other pry-mates
Keeping An Eye On Each Other
GR8 teambuilding idea - hanging out with your buddies
Cliff Side Camping
Proof of life on the Moon
Moon Theft
A-peal-ing apple makes GR8 de-core-ation
Apple Art
Silly Billy Goat?
Laundry Goat
That's using your head!
Head Path
An inside peek of Pablo Picasso's house
Tetris Couch
Some dog beds are not to be shared
That's My Bed
One way to feel totally embarrassed in public
Outside Urinal
Making room for tweets in your hidden house plans
Stealth Birdhouse
A place where something almost happened
On This Site in 1897
When there are no seats available, make your own
Subway Solutions
Bubba spends buckets of time at his new hobby
Redneck Pool Table
How to adjust to changing time-lines
Pole Clock
Some bicycles need a lot of security
Bike Locked Down Securely?
Always trying to claw your way out of debt?
Spider Car with Escape Claws & Bucket Seats
How cyclists maintain air pressure on long road trips
Inner Tube Head Rest
Ultimate golf course for golf newbies
Beginner's Golf
Nature's graffiti
Circle Of Life
Why you might want to check the toilet seat before you sit down
Ring Around The Toilet
Alarming car invitation on a hot African day
Africa Car Security
Home away from home
Portable Office
Where bus tourists in Iraq meet to discuss parting of ways
Iraq Bus Stop
Suborbital space flights - now with stops in Alabama
Star Trek Trike
The best way to keep a public toilet clean
Korean Public Toilet
Down-playing the time of day
Best Clock Ever
Don't build your car-stle on sinking ground!
He was a good clown
Clown Down
How some Muslims respectfully travel to Mecca
Elephant Bus
Employees provide proof load testing
Firm Car Inspection
Turning road barriers into road warriors
Shark Graffiti
Fir-get those old rubber tires - it's time to spruce'n up your drive!
Winter Tires
Breakfast of choice for computer nerds
Waffle Board
Complete with a prod to let you know when you're done!
Metered Toilet
Rising cost of gas in Middle East results in slower transportation
Donkey Refill
Finland's substitute for cattle
Car Moochanic
Moving's easy when you don't have to worry about overpasses
Redneck House Move
Even Bubba can ride this bicycle!
Safe Bike
Cat nibbling in the early hours
Breakfast In Bed
Bubba makes light of his kitchen
Redneck Stove Burner
English bathrooms for everyone's viewing
Inside Loo View
Sidecar show in the country
Just Like Grandpa
A foam mattress without the foam
Made His Bed
Revolutionary tire allows drivers to stop on less than a dime
Five Firm Brakes Tire
When a duck takes a ferry crossing
Sailing Duck
Some people (like Peg) can't understand computers
Computer Challenged
The world's first watch didn't need batteries
1st Rolex
Virtual reality on the road
Game Car
Dealing with email overload
Overloaded Mailbox
Bubba's cell phone on a shoe string budget
Redneck Phone
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