Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1459

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How reptiles climb the ladder of life
Stealth Snake
Hairstyle inspired by Nikola Tesla
Beard Fashion
Helping out foreign motorists in Europe
Traffic Sign Art
A fire that speaks for itself
Kellogg's Fire
Newest Olympic watersport
Bobslide Event
Why Australia is called the 'Land Down Under'
Cautious Australia
Bubba and Jethro took 2nd and 3rd trophies at the fish derby
Catch of the Day
Mind if I have a look at what you're doing?
What Are You Doing?
Now union members have a reason to stand around all day
Cooling off your laptop during a hot class
Laptop Cooler
When time seems to move at a snail's pace
I've Got Time
A bartender's flower garden
Instead Of Flowers
Budget Rental Car opens new office in Jamaica
Take Away Van
Air Lift Suspension for a wheel-e GR8 custom car
Full Wheel Deal
World Moustache Photographer
Photographic Moustache
Some people wait too long before eating their eggs
Fresh Chicken
Allusion to Illusion
Stealth Woman
Best of the slow-motion house designs
Turtle Home
Drinking straw for drinking Canada 'Dry'
Dunking Straw
Bubba's cruise ship comes with a deluxe bathroom
Redneck Holiday
New vacation plan announced for underground swingers
Subway Swing
Give your computer cosmetic appeal
Computer For Women
Washing the dirt off your hands with many hands' help
Hand Soap
Cycling tours Down Under
Australian Biker
Beer for tea drinkers
Beer Bags
Jethro-fit models plug right into your engine block!
Ukrainian Air Conditioning
Short protection for short European people
Socket Shelter
Lighting a-head of its time
Brain Lamp
Taking the easy way down life's pathway
Horseback Dog
Edible handles also available upon request
Take Away Food
What's your last request before plugging into this shower?
Shave In Shower
Motorcycle designed for a candy striper
Sweet Chopper
Where safety belts are for wimps
Long Ride Down
The top drawers in the family
Shape Drawers
NCAA March Madness is a piece of cake!
Basketball Cake
Bubba talks finance when he goes biking - it's all about inflation
Redneck Swamp Bike
Thrown Up Throne - Upscale Portable Washrooms
Johnny On The Pot
Weight a minute!
Bus Wait Weight
'This is a poor substitute for a bone.'
Dog Birthday
Manicure tips for hungry pirates
Biting Nails
Not even Bubba's this Dubm - he'd put it inside the car!
Bike Carrier
Old fashioned entertainment for the nerd in the crowd
Nothing Can Compete With A Good Book
Some yards just aren't big enough for all your friends
Crowded Birthday Party
Turning wrinkles and creases into a face of beauty
Paper Face
Getting pumped for your first date
His and Her Pumps
Pain free medicine for your next relationship
Breast Enlargement Without Surgery
SmartPhone sales flying high in Philadelphia
Smart Phone Statue
Life's a hatchback beach in the fast lane
Jet Ski Transport
Best of friends braid hair together
Braid Hair Pair
Jethro doesn't like those fancy digital hearing aids
Antique Earplug
A faster way to get to your next office coffee break
Multi-Pour Coffee Pot
There's no place like gnome to watch World Cup football
Garden Gnome Soccer
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