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Train derailment in Pennsylvania
Sitting Just Off Center
A pirate's notice when the rent is due
Which musician is actually watching the conductor?
El Maestro and the Talented Animalicians
On way to confluence with the Allegheny River to form the Ohio River
Monongahela River
What Bubba did when he won the lottery
Redneck Lottery Tour
New Year's greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Greatest Good Fortune
The nightmare before Christmas - HOHOHO!!!
Merry Christmas from the Marzipan Singers
Frohe Weihnachten
Social distancing in 1974
Spooky Halloween House
Great American Landmarks
Gateway To Obesity
Railroad ties in Smithton, Pennsylvania
Smithton Stoneys
Stair clear of this walkway!
Stair Warning
Photoshopped photographs reveals idyllic rural life
Scenic Western Pennsylvania
Hiring a copywriter not sufficiently fluent in English
Fireman Mouth
A bundle of joy delivered to your home
Rural Free Delivery
'Cello, Everybody!' from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Very Crispness!
She sounds quite lovely
Mannequin Cello
Binky's impression for Ms. Welch
Owlley Cat
The good news is - it won't last long
Big Deluge Ahead
Who says money can't buy happiness?
Hudson Class
Moose-taken coverage from North America
Albino Moose
Moving soulful blues ballad
Elephant Blues
Explaining American health care plans
Do You Have An HMO?
'Bloody Nuisance' warning first in 400 years
Brits Raise Security Levels
My psychiatrist told me this is where my problem started
First Babysitter
Solutions for a poor economy
2009 U.S. Economy
Who are you supporting, Mr. Politician?
Apolitical Suggestion
Why trampolines are so dangerous
Trampoline Safety
Distraction therapy can work wonders for your golf game
Golfer's Helping Hand-icap