Jacqui Graham Submissions
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One person's take on winter this year
Sick Of Snow
Polar Bear Christmas Song: Penguins roasting on an open fire
Polar Bear Party
Alaskan Clydesdale - Only in Alaska
Logging Moose
Don't mess with the fire department
Firemen's Revenge
Kids and pets sometimes shouldn't go together
Look Daddy - Baby Kittens!
Discover the secret for stronger, straighter & healthier hair
Hair Strengthener
On the lookout for stranded fish and floating tidbits
Fish Bowl Cleaner
Not exactly the perfect mouser
For Sale - One Useless Cat
Ever crossed a snowman with a vampire?
Vampire Snowman
This guy is prepared for ANY special
Shopping Cart Car
God bless them thar Cowboys!
Cowboy Poetry - Buying A Bra
Best view in the house doesn't need a computer screen
Windows For Cats
Rising to the occasion with his son's help
Grandpa's Viagra
Motorcycle for ladies with high heel suspension
High Heel Motorcycle
Planning on going to prom in a stretch Corvette?
Grad Prom in a Stretch 'Vette
Exceptionally Dubm nominees who have assisted the gene pool the most
2005 Darwin Awards