Jim Serritella Submissions
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Bubba's Bro Bra turns people's eyes, even his own
Redneck Bra
Redneck first aid medical treatment
Transparent picture that radiates own approval
Radiologist Selfie
Inheriting a garage windfall - when your ship finally comes in
Resignation Letter
Topical antiseptic with alcohol and a dash of mercury
She may be strong but smell isn't everything
1920 Strongwoman
Maiden flight for the President
Invisible Air Force One
Model-T safety ladder for electricians
1910 Street Light Replacement
So that's why we keep running out of toilet paper!
TP Dog
Updated series reflects latest Texas trends
Survivor - Texas Style (2013)
If you can't make America great again...
Cheap Plywood
If I had two faces would I be wearing this one?
Great Quotes (A)
How hard can you laugh?
Running Tears
Petting zoo where the pets do the petting
Child Mouth Full
Bill often has bad hair days
Horn Guy
How I ground my kids
You Are Grounded
When choosing paint colors may be a problem
Husband Colors
There's a man in the waiting room
Invisible Patient
Is this a fake mirror?
Mirror Lake
Amy had in-cider information
Lancaster, Pennsylvania streets after a garage sale
Amish Sailboat
Follow your dreams, motorcycle riders!
Redneck Date
Putting your best face forward
Restored Beauty
The Force is strong with this little one
Darth VadeHer
Whale size perspective
Sail Kite Whale
Evolution of Revolution: from unicycle to motorcycle
Vintage Circular Motorcycles
New Muslim shrine proposed for downtown Paris
Eiffel Tower Modifications
Poster boy for lawyers with no conscience
Legal Assistance For All
Bootiful baby sleeps beside memories of Dad
Dad In Mind
New weight loss program hits the streets
Free Chicken Strips
Mommy - this app doesn't tell me when to let go!
New Generation Priorities
Canine clothing for rainy days
Boot Dog
So you think you can sing?
Wine Karaoke
Safety in numbers
Protective Wings
Shocking European electrical plugs
Italian Electronic Humour
If you can read this, you're guilty
Do Not Read Law
Is Your Diaper Full?
Quadruple the load on this hawg roadster
Motorcycle Limo
When friendship is the best medicine
Bed Friends
Office promotions for companies on a tight budget
Free Paper Strips
Only in Louisiana - a new twist on how to serve burgers
Louisiana Turtle Dogs
Bartenders need your help
Professional Courtesy
Ask for sour cream on the side
Added Ingredients
Wis-dubm from the Commander in Chief
Brazilian Covid
Learn to drive, but not here...
DMV Office
Veterinary nurse training for beginHers
Look no further if you need a sign from above
If You're Looking For A Sign
Why you should beware of the cat
Cat Doormat
according to the Crystal Meth Church
Helping Grandma with the TV controller
Grandma's Controller
Building the world's highest unsafe construction scaffolds
Plank Road
Stopping the spread of taxing issues
Temperature Tax
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