Jim Serritella Submissions
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One way to close off the road when driving is hazardous
Snow Barrier
Safety in numbers
Protective Wings
Do you suffer from Cirrhosis Of The River? Take Vitamin Sea
Nautical Sense of Humour
Bubba makes it a family affair in the restroom
Redneck Turkey Shoot
How to enjoy the traditional celebration
I Love Thanksgiving
Stacking your bets for high returns
Coin Stacking
Who doesn't win in clear cut logging
I Miss Being A Tree
Election integrity and Dominion voting machine fraud
Biden His Time
Family members that stick out for each other
Look Alike Family
Who can you trust when you've got car problems?
Roadside Assistance
Becoming a famous balerina starts with one imagined step at a time
Lining up for dog obedience training
Lunch Lineup
Hawg'n the road in the ghetto
Harley, David and Son
according to the Crystal Meth Church
How to take the float out of a float plane
Underwater Plane
Sage advice from Indian Chief 'Two Eagles'
Where White Man Went Wrong
How musicians get their nicknames
One Eyed Bob
How would you like to be the last crotch in this cyclist's lineup?
Police Cycle-Crotch Rider
Dedicated to the son I love
Hummer Memorial
Remembering those who gave everything
Veteran Thanks
Brought to you by a Soldier
Life of Freedom and Peace
The seed of Freedom's tree
Patriot Blood
Remembering those who made Freedom and Peace possible
Fallen Heroes
In remembrance of aging combat Veterans
Memorial Shadow
Free Speech, where the pen is mighty grateful to the sword
Memorial Day Heroes
Honoring all who served
Veterans Day Holiday
A soldier's Memorial Shadow
RIP Remembrance
Where the surf is always a short drive away
Surfing Car
How to cut out the box spring mattress middleman
Sunken Bed
Helping out with kitchen chores
A Caring Husband
1800s Traveling Circus Entertainers
Knife Throwing Act
Only in Louisiana - a new twist on how to serve burgers
Louisiana Turtle Dogs
How people survived on $10 a week in the Dirty Thirties
Montgomery Ward 1934 Christmas Catalog
Non-suit Country Builders
Men in Denim
Parenting secrets - teach your kids to get along
Get Along Shirt
You're only helpless when your nail polish is wet
Texas Womanhood
Safety at pet pedestrian sidewalks
Duck Crossing
Slaving away for years
Pyramid Knockoffs
Making sense of who's on first
It Finally Happened
Grow a thick NASCAR-approved hedgerow
Hedge Race Car
We now paws for a move by the check mate
Cat Chess
Learn to drive, but not here...
DMV Office
What goes around comes around
Vatican Wall
Jethro nose what's best for the baby
Big Sister vs Big Brother
Women carted out into the ocean
Victorian Bathing Machine
Different because everyone can't be on the dole
Welfare State
What shows up at a South Texas stock water tank in dry weather
Motion Detector Camera Night Activity
Dallas Cowboys season aligns with weather report
Texas Tornado Warning
Recipes for success in the kitchen
Food Tips
No need for a security system when the customers can do it themselves
Texas Bank Security
Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful, All-dried up
7 Dwarfs of Menopause
Scooting around with the neighbourhood dog
Scooter Friends
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