Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1240

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High above the birds that fly
Hawk View
Nuclear submarine warms up water for Europe swimmers
Russian Beach
Dromedary Drive - my life between camels
Camel Hatchback
Princess Tiara covers up for Prom ceremony
Graduation Swag
President Donald Trump rejuventates the U.S. space program
How To Save NASA
Bubba bakes cookies on the road
Texas Bakery
Even poor Russians can now afford a Dacha near the Kremlin
Moscow Beach
Might as well have a good sleep if you're gonna catch Covid anyway
Make America Sick Again
Bartender terminology - booze jargon drinkers need to know
If Alcohol Talked
USAF guide to spotting insurgent aircraft
Aircraft Identification
Percs of being a fire department volunteer in Germany
Sweet Helmet
Tips for Dad on his next trip to the Far East
Vacation Sub-Plans
This driver wasn't having a very vantastic day...
Van Height Restriction
Friends forever stick together
Every Cat Should Own A Dog
Please don't feed the animals!
Giraffe Feeding Time
Looking for a morning perk-me-up?
Morning Memory
Does she have a grip on him or vice versa?
Bent Over
Lighting the way in a home Down South
Texas Lampshades
Prohibition in an East Indian airport
Carpet Diet
Anything to get back that dollar coin refund
Must Return Shopping Cart
So long, it was nice knowing you!
This is rubbish in the U.K.
Don't Be A Tosser
Keeping in touch with your neighbour's dog
Hidey Ho, Neighbour!
How all stairs should be built
Stair Substitute
Some jobs come with extra-high perks
Roller Coaster Skiing
Alternative to burning rubber on the road
Burnt Out Driver
Formal clothing for almost every nationality
Oxford Style
This equestrian likes to horse around
Why The Long Face?
Marketing Genius 101
Portable Barber Shop
Bathroom design ideas that won't 'seat' well with you
Forever Clean Toilet
Suspended hammock tents provide good bear practice
Bear Pinata
Protecting nature's path
Forest Guardian
Pleasant dreams in the canine world
Wake Me At Noon
Watered down meeting of fair weather campers
Wet Tents
Fashion models reveal identity on Iran streets
'Cover Girl' Magazine
Auto body repair by high-end specialists
Please Help My Car
except for a truck alignment problem
Everything Is Under Control
You can drink this famous letter of the alphabet
Mr. Tea
You're right - E.T.'s still here!
E.T. Never Left The Planet
Going on a holiday without the computer
Vacation Time For Kids
Pointing the way to a cleaner sinus
S'not The Way
Texas public workers have the right to hold hand guns and cellphones
Texas Public Safety
No mask on your face - you big disgrace
Freddy Says So
A Rastafarian's choice pet
Sea Dog
Half the fun is winning the battle
Relaxing Argument
PaleFace - my skin is dark but my heart is white
Patriotic Fund
Bagging a small special at the latest store sale
Two Hand Handbag
This guy should nose better
Edward Condom Hands
Why their honeymoon got off to a bad start
Before The Impact
Too busy to strut around?
Which spray nozzle fragrance sets you apart?
Restroom Fragrance
How grandpa communicates with the baby
Mustache Soother
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