Kirk Lowry Submissions
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Bubba - you've got mail
Redneck Mailbox
Saddle up y'all
Texas Office Chair
In Texas, you NEVER question the cook
Grillin' Down South
Bubba's new glass engine-eered living room
Redneck Coffee Table
What some people will do to have their pet win a contest
Animal Halloween Costumes
Bubba's proud of his first pipe dream
Redneck Furnace
Rediscover your childhood
Mom Tested, Mom Approved
When animals go bad
Animal Rebellion
Bubba's Smart Mirror has a direction finder
Redneck Mirror
Hazardous Materials Data Sheet now available for 'Woman' element
New Element in the Periodic Table
How Texans break bones with sticks and stones
Tactical Texas
Nothing but the best for Bubba's baby girl
Redneck Birth Announcement
Watching out for your buddy when he's watching up for you
Friends Don't Let Good Friends Drive Drunk
Going Hawg wild at Christmas
Biker Santa
Awesome spinning illusion - eye strain du jour!
Spinning Illusion - Eyes Playing Tricks On You?
When you gotta go, look for a rainbow!
Pot At The End Of Your Rainbow
Kumquat Dip, Kentucky Fried Dove and Roasted Camel Hump - yum, yum!
Thanksgiving During Biblical Times
White House inspiration for the First Lady
Hillary's First Night As President
Plenty of water for politicians
Trink Das Wasser Nicht
How To Win An Election
Cheating U.S. Politician in 2016
At last, a 100% bipartisan political bumper sticker
Bipartisan Bumper Sticker
Why Cannibals like politicians done rare
Baked Republican
Let this bear show you how to catch fish!
Bear Flop Fishing
Why it's hard to solve a Hillbilly murder
Redneck Murder
When you shouldn't use your truck keys to clean your ears
Redneck Book of Manners
Watch what you heat @ Bubba's diner!
Redneck Barbecue
What's worse than being sucked in by a Garburetor?
CATastrophy in the Kitchen
How to install a wireless security system in Atlanta
Redneck Wireless Security System
When your cat needs a place to lie down
Suicide Cat
Scientists discover new strain of dogweed – potted version
Dog On Pot