Mike King Submissions
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Demonstrating the difference between management and leadership
Leading By Example
Climbing to the top of a college education
Escher Stairs
Some peoples' daily mission is to annoy you!
Annoying People
Think I'll pass on the local ethnic cuisine specials
Tempting Foreign Food
Who Dat Baby Daddy?
DNA Testing Down South
It takes your money and gives you nothing in return - sound familiar?
Money Machine
Raising the bar for growing up
High Expectations
Two-for-one lunch special
Free Senior Citizens
Your husband called and said you could buy anything you want!
Family Jewels
Snake Hair showerhead makes for a clean sweep
Medusa Shower
Climbing tips for those with an axe to grind
Fireman Ladder
What happens when Rednecks have WAY too much time on their hands
Redneck Grills
When canine care is the best medicine
Hospital Friends
Planting the seeds of tomorrow's transportation
Truck Garden
Technology can get you in trouble
When second hand smoke talks back to you
Smoke Face
Here's to ewe!
Sheep in Wool Clothing
Post-operative shoulder surgery without the pain
Shoulder Tattoo
Maybe not the best way to catch a breath of fresh air
Bus Stuck Passenger
Where the squeakiest wheel gets the grease
Woodpecker Trio
Cowhide biker finds urban home on the range
Cowboy Bike
Bubba's collection of 'His & Hers' Johnny-on-the-Pots
Redneck Garden
Food shortage at the local zoo
Camel Clutch
Goose Down!
Getting Goosed
Engineering Graduates - 'Best Practices' Project
Crossed Wires
Community asks seniors to clean up their act
Clean Senior Citizens
Some steaks deserve high risks
Meal Squat
Find your hole family tree!
Hands On Tree
Should you get a dog or have children?
Couch Dog vs. Paint Shop Pros
Just horsing around at the beach
Horse Holiday
Bubba's portable BBQ fits on his portable deck
Redneck Porch
Eliminating the danger of second hand smoke
Smoke Coolant
How Bubba cleans up after a long day on the road
Outhouse Bike
Should I or shouldn't I?
Bird Dilemma
Air race casualty - no bull
Shredded Tweet
Siting in on chickin' pickins
Hen Pecked
Caregiving ideas from remote corners of the world
Someone Cares
What a hand-some family you have!
Family Hands
If this isn't the cat's MEOW!
Cat Tattoo
This chef does everything but cook
Kenwood Chef
For cooks who haven't got all day to prepare a meal
Ultimate Stove
Turning a disability into an advantage
Disabled Help
How soon is too soon to start baby on soda pop?
Better Start In Life
Relationships in the owl family were strained that day
What Did You Just Say?
When a bear is not black or polar
Making a quick exit before the final curtain call
Coffin Escape
New 'frequent medical traveler' points program
Health Tip
Why reading a book can't match a close-up experience
Lion Tamer
Fresh paint job for once-clean clothes
Paint Pants
Bubba's portable window workmate
Redneck Power Windows
Treatment for diarrhea in the animal world
White Out
Lighting up Bubba's house with Crisco shortening
Redneck Candle
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