Mike King Submissions
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Some days you forget what you put on
Indecisive Shopper
Riding the seeds of opportunity
Flight of the Ladybug
These books are RED and not meant to be READ
Structural Books
This driver wasn’t 'cut out' for this job
Cutting Edge Delivery
Clearing out the toys to make way for a good friend
Room For Two
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!
Frequent FlyHair
Clearing up who does the housework
Maid Confusion
Caregiving ideas from remote corners of the world
Someone Cares
What some Mexicans hide in their tacos
Puppy Taco
How to lose your customers
Short Staff
Is your ear to the corn?
Build It - They Will Come
A double coffee a day should keep twice the problems away
Valium Latte
Demonstrating the difference between management and leadership
Leading By Example
Rising above the metal framework
Living On The Edge
Find your hole family tree!
Hands On Tree
Capturing wing scapes
Bird Cam
Trying to find a way out of the room?
Exit Door
Will missing teeth lead to missing customers?
Staff Teeth
Bubba sets the table with cut cutlery
Redneck Spoon
How to prevent bike parts theft at home
Bike Fence
Emily enjoyed her big dogwalking job
Babysitter Dog
Wall of History for a worldwide traveler
Suitcase Recycling
Do you suffer from double blurred vision?
She certainly knows how to grow tomatoes
Tomato Treat
T-Shirt for chemistry students
Chemical Solutions
Latest in engineer-design house decor
Basket cases running out of time
Senior Wheelies
How you can tell you've ticked off a mathematician
Angry Mathematician
Why does a Psychic need a phone number?
Psychic Fair
Bear-bones office security bearly gives you time to react
Bear Surveillance
Best Redneck Dye It Plan
Eat More Greens
Keep Smiling - it makes people wonder what you're up to!
Good Morning Babushka
Drinking games for the 'pour'
Waterfall Drinkers
Road sign guaranteed to fire up sales
What Could Go Wrong?
Finding a place to plug in your solar-powered car
Solar Charging
Marriage problems that are good for your relationship
Husband Space
Goose Down!
Getting Goosed
Bubba's portable window workmate
Redneck Power Windows
Grooming tips for high-flying canines
Dog Haircut
Making a quick exit before the final curtain call
Coffin Escape
Learning about the birds and the bees
Bee Prepared
Here's to ewe!
Sheep in Wool Clothing
When not to be on the cutting edge
Helicopter Cuts
How to enjoy holiday traffic
Lane Closure
Zadok often has frank discussions with his two friends
Conversations Down The Path Of Life
Bubba's portable BBQ fits on his portable deck
Redneck Porch
All the neighbourhood kids want to get on the band-wagon
Wagon Races
Bubba feels more support with his Fruit Of The Loom shirt
Redneck Tank Top
If wishes were fishes
Two Meals In One
Boys will be boys
Grown Up Men
Wool you be my best friend?
Sheepish Grin
Looking for the cheapest iPad?
iPad For Sale
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