Mike King Submissions
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How you can tell you've ticked off a mathematician
Angry Mathematician
When you can't find your reading glasses
Big Card Game
How to safely remove top-heavy loads
Safe Removals
How to cook tough beef
Beef Teeth
What your car looks like the morning after
SideCar Illusion
How to whittle a pencil
Pencil Shavings
Signs from God
Church Sign Messages
Craving attention in all the wrong faces
BoreRing Person
Stress-full inside view of a newly-painted car
Car Paint
The great thing about Christmas is seeing the joy on children's faces!
Christmas Joy
Make a joyful noise - keep singing in the shower!
A Picture Of Me In The Shower
Searching for the moon and tide tables
Looks Like The Tide Is Coming In
Basket cases running out of time
Senior Wheelies
How to lose your customers
Short Staff
How air attacks were detected before radar
Acoustic Hearing Aids
Violence begets more violence
Common Sense Gun Posters for Americans
How to turn water into de-vine
Hair Growth - a Sign of the Times
Young Jethro aspiring to be a Ladder Day Saint
Rising To The Occasion
Make your child's dental visit fun and memorable
Pet Dentist
Why does a Psychic need a phone number?
Psychic Fair
Doing anything to reach the next bamboo shoot
Panda Push
You must try this recipe!
Grandma's Beautiful Pies
Fine dining in da Ghetto
Dat Donuts
Little Johnny finds a new way to cut class
Chair Boy
Rising above the metal framework
Living On The Edge
How to install energy efficient lighting
Lightbulb Apprentice
Ukrainian pavement roller doubles as bumper bump'er
Road Press
Is your vehicle in danger of sliding downhill?
SUV Sinkhole
Floral print clothing for inspired ballerinas
Flower Dress
Bridging the gap to paradise
Walkway To Heaven
Gucci's new line of discount designer shoes
Foot Wear
Zadok often has frank discussions with his two friends
Conversations Down The Path Of Life
Everything is big in Texas - even their hood ornaments
Texas Truck
How bossy people lead by example
Leadership Skills
She asked her husband for an 18 carat necklace
18 Carat Necklace
It's So Cold That...
2Pac would be proud
How to avoid getting trampled by a hippopotamus
Hippo Race
Helping Americans move to Canada
2 Republicans And A Truck
How to bypass a catalytic converter
Redneck Muffler Repair
Ring around the Uvula
Tonsil Ring
Dog grooming takes on a new face
Face To Face
The Mermaid who wanted to be a Mummy
Aging Mermaid
This driver wasn’t 'cut out' for this job
Cutting Edge Delivery
Preparing a hot bath on the jobsite
Redneck Bubble Bath
Would you prefer wood opulence in your bathroom?
Wood Soaking Tub
Nothing wrong with long range planning!
The End Of An Error
When you know it's time to clean up the mess
Hoarder Car
Upholstery repair for car seat covers
Car Seat Painting
Do you have problems with a peeping Tom?
Peeping Tom
Naming the President's dog
First Dog
Be careful when you're Home On The Range
Texas Drought
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