Mike King Submissions
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Designed by the same people designing Healthcare reform
Government Snow Plow
Welcome to McMasters Elementary, Pasadena, Texas
Colsed School
Who Dat Baby Daddy?
DNA Testing Down South
Ukrainian pavement roller doubles as bumper bump'er
Road Press
Plan to get away from the snow?
Headed For Warmer Climes
Driving down the center line of life
Line Driver
Bubba sets the table with cut cutlery
Redneck Spoon
Tap faucet outreaches its life expectancy
Misdirected Faucet
Relationships in the owl family were strained that day
What Did You Just Say?
Holes that remind you of just how tiny we are
Holes of the World
Red sky at night, sailor's delight
Lip Clouds
When you want to grow your own food
Bacon Seeds
Making her happier on Christmas morning
Hoover Happiness
The great thing about Christmas is seeing the joy on children's faces!
Christmas Joy
From a kind soul working in the dead letter office at the US postal service
Dear Abbey
Looking out for the Phantom of the North
Great Grey Owl
Some skydivers just don't get the point
Painfull Skydive
How to enjoy holiday traffic
Lane Closure
4 tickets left!
Robbie Knievel Tickets
Feel captive to your computer apps?
Microslave: You're Not Going Anywhere Today
How air attacks were detected before radar
Acoustic Hearing Aids
Lighting up Bubba's house with Crisco shortening
Redneck Candle
Life's too short to walk around angry
Sing It Out
Composing at a computer pianist's keyboard
Pianist's Challenge
How to turn water into de-vine
Hair Growth - a Sign of the Times
Some days you forget what you put on
Indecisive Shopper
Lighting the candles at your own 100th Birthday Party
Centennial Puff
Finding an alternative for Mom on the farm
Redneck Calf Feeder
We care about our computer friends!
Neck Exercises to do at the Computer
How you can tell you've ticked off a mathematician
Angry Mathematician
Boys will be boys
Grown Up Men
Bird food from the sky
Mouth Candy
Football tops all sports in the United Kingdom
Soccer Overpass
So much for hurricane relief efforts
Food Stamp Misuse
Beagle news of late
Dog Lost? Dog Gone!
Emily thought the Sphinx was her Mummy
Pyramid Kiss
Runs on corn...just like!
Hillbilly Cowasaki Motorcycle
The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude
Drinking games for the 'pour'
Waterfall Drinkers
A double coffee a day should keep twice the problems away
Valium Latte
The secret of a successful relationship
Winning An Argument With A Woman
Sometimes when you're angry with someone, it helps to sit down and think about the problem
When Life Gets You Down
How to sneak by country speed traps
Autumn Camouflage
Learning the mane points about horse braids
Braided Horse Tail
Owl rehab is for those who give a hoot
Owl Glove
Little Johnny prefers pet food to veggies
Pet Food Tester
Do you suffer from double blurred vision?
Latest in engineer-design house decor
Hunting bear or bear hunting?
Bear With Me
Some inflatable water slides include roof shingles
Redneck Waterslide
Improvements in telephone technology
Phones At Six
Maslow's hierarchy of needs is pretty easy for Bubba
Redneck Bucket List
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