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An alternative to Facebook social networking
Drama Queen Diary
How can one woman simultaneously satisfy 12 Men?
Brew Haul-her - 12 Brewskies At A Time
Telescopic scenery in The Alps
Swiss Mountain Finder
Door opener for those with not enough hands
For just a few more Euros, you can include axle coverage
Auto Warranty: New Extend-ed Coverage
Lie down in green pastures, not still waters
Golf Prayer
Maybe you should rethink leaving your car at the bar...
Take The Bus Home
Golden opportunity to go snow-where
Snowbound Train
Choose your poison in Pennsylvania
Rolling Stop
Bubba's book holder is on the level
Redneck Book Holder
Where free Wi-Fi includes relationship skills
Wi-Fi Free Restaurant
How to find uncrowded seating on a train ride in India
Side Rail
Back in the good old days...
Route Our Parents Took To School
When a bike hawg gets married, he rides lower to the ground
Married Man's Harley
Had enough cold and snow?
Peaceful Demonstration in Saskatchewan
Are you talking to each other?
Solving World Problems
Can you spot the pet in the carpet?
Carpet Dog
Love it when it snows in New York
Wild Australian frilled lizards fights for letter carrier territory
Aussie Mailbox
Mom thinks someone's missing in this relationship
Open Position
How minimum wage would tip the political scale
Politician's Wage
How kids today enjoy outdoor nature
Go Play Outside
Head games - giving your brain a workout
Brain Logic
What happens when a Porsche hits a bird @ 200+ KMH
Porsche Bird Droppings
Where to put a trophy moose in Saskatoon
Plenty of Room for God's Creatures
How to install Rock Tamers Down Under
Aussie Mud Flaps
Making chores easy around the house
Redneck Janitor
The Mounties always get their man
Where Nobody Speeds
Digging out from another Winterpeg storm
Canadian Archaeology
Why the kids could hardly keep up with Grandma
Shopping With Grandma
Survey of one's buying trends
Evaluating Something
Please be considerate to the floor guests!
Cockroach Cancer
What time would you like it to be?
Turn Your Clocks Back
I always thought sun tanning wasn't good for you!
Beware of Solar Power
Sink your teeth into Ukraine's 'Denture Dropout' school
False Dreams
Pole Vault and High Jump entertainment in Australia
Aussie Boat Ride
Cheap water filters made from purified water products
Redneck Water Filter
Ma's got plenty grits fer dinner!
Critter Control
Where airplane security takes place on the runway
African Airlines
Why cut corners when you can go around them?
It's Not My Job
When the buck you're hunting is friends with a beaver
Hunting Stand Fail
#1 in a #2 business
Anorexia Survivors
Jolly Good Recovery
Looking for a '57 Nash Metropolitan?
Saskatchewan Snowmobile For Sale
Female shoppers find new uses for computer CDs
Female IT Experts
Hi, my name is Cliff - drop over some time!
Pickup Dropoff
If she hasn't yet, she soon will...
Excerpt from a Lion Cookbook
Jethro is prepared for the next moth invasion
How Bachelors Kill Moths
Watchdog protection on a small budget
Poodle Security
Rediscover the lost art of cooking with lard
Lard Family
Imodium Podium: why some athletes didn't make it to the podium
Fast Food in Beijing
Ever wondered what 'sorry' looks like?
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