Steve Thackray Submissions
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Secrets revealed - now you can find a millionaire too!
How To Spot A Rich Guy
Who said men can't do many things at once?
Male Multitasker
For those who don't have money for a nice Valentine gift
Valentine Not
Happy Thanksgiving Day, eh!
Turkey Wants You To Eat Pork
Ship does its best to annul environment protection
Environmental Protection on the High Seas
Hang your shopping and your Ex at the same time!
Bag Hang-Up
'Plug and Play' Sex Education on the Prairies
Sex Education in Saskatchewan
Aussies know how to build strong fences!
Fencing Down Under
Bubba’s 'Pool-ish Pride' fits all Down South pickups
Redneck Swimming Pools
Seen more of your cat lately?
Multi-Face Cat
What happens when you let an Engineer design Christmas
Engineer's Christmas Spec Plans
290 Over Par
Extreme Golf in Mongolia
Blind as a bat
Bat Flying Blind
Be more or less specific
Oxymoronic Statements
How to outbid all the competition
Contractor Bids
2003 Championship Chili Cook-Off
Chili Cheater
Leniency denied for not paying for train tickets
Never-Die Railroad Conductor
How can the farmer get everything across?
Chicken, Fox and Grain Puzzle
Mixed results at the local restaurant
Coffee And Viagra
Lending a helping hand to your neighbours
Which Switch?
Always On because you're Always Blonde
BlondeStar - Emergency Road Service for Blondes
Protection against overdue books
Library's No-Return Policy
Thoughtful Christmas present from the nephew in South America
Christmas Dinner
Reality check for those who like snow
Diary of a Snow Shoveler
How to use confined space safety procedures when catching an Anaconda
Confined Space Teamwork in Africa
Beware of the danger of smokers on your veranda
The Dangers of Veranda Smoking
So you think you've had a bad day...
Having A Bad Day?
Removing the last remnants of communism in Russia
Who'll Take Stalin's Body?
Making change at a golf course
Golf Pro's Ball Markers
Putting the brakes on a superhuman feat
Jewish Fire Department