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Why some pilots never make it past their probation period
Plane Oops!
What is your home worth? Here's a quick evaluation guide!
House Appraisal
How to deal with women
Real Man's Point System
How to tell if an arriving flight has bird flu
Bird Flu Flight
You get what you pay for!
Cheap House Siding
What will they think of next?
Gizmo Gadgets
When cutting edge doesn't cut it on the airstrip
How Not To Prop Start Your Plane
Wish-full thinking for single guys
World's Shortest Fairy Tale
Best duct tape story ever
Duct Tape Plane
Shattering the previous freestyle kicking record
Kick Out Boxing
Safety always come above everything in Pakistan
Bolder Boulder
How many wires can you fit into an electrical box?
Box Fill Overload
Olympic swimmer's final thoughts: 'I’ve been framed!'
How to almost beat long border crossing delays
Borderline Stupidity
Struggling to hold up a 3 foot, 22 pound German Giant rabbit
Happy Easter, Big Guy
When your meter on life runs out
Expired Parking
Bubba finds a boulder way to jack up his truck!
Redneck Truck Jack
Government Health Warning - beware of 'Hemorrhoid Helper' workouts
Chewing Gum Hazard
Other safety practices pail in comparison to this!
Paint Ladder
How cats prepare for the World Cup
Catapult Soccer
Lining up for 'Roll Up The Rim'  at Tim Hortons
March of the Penguins - Canadian Version
Catch 'up' on the action
Paper Lunge
Can you follow these illusions?
Impossible Illusions
Ever worry about squirrels getting into your bird feeder?
High Wire Bear Feeder
Some days it takes a little longer to prepare a fish meal
Waiting For Dinner
Don't let a little hole in the boat ruin your fishing day
Dryland Fishing
Why children should never be left alone
Lightdays for Children
Jamaican I-Pod
Car Stereo Without The Car
U.S. Navy releases terrorist in a truly humanitarian gesture
Terrorist 'Catch and Release' Program
Elderly deported by Canadian government
Government Cutbacks
Use your best Chinese accent when translating English to Chinese
Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes!
Mangled Moments of History
The Immaculate Contraption by Lionized College Students
747 and 757 - close call formation flyers
Formation Flying for Jet Airplanes
An easy way to calculate your body/fat ratio
Health Tips for Fat Friends
Hikers - stay away from this appealing bait car
Toyota's New Bait Car
Bubba always pays special attention to beer bottle directions
Redneck Beer Drinker
Doing things backwards to relieve an itch
Ultimate Back Scratcher
How to prevent grease fires - oil in a frying pan
Kitchen Oil Fire
Portable Party Parents - for people on a roll
Swingset Car
Close shaves are now possible for Polar Bears!
Global Warming for Dubya & Polar Bears
Where the locals seem a bit crabby!
Invasion of the Crabs
How to conceal the truth about something you shouldn't be concealing
Religious Customs Declaration
Analysis of secret cake ingredients - this one's gluesome
Cake Glue
Ever experienced frustration from your health care system?
Canadian Health Care
How to keep paramedics in stitches
Motorcycle Repairs or Reap-errors?
An unexpected guest may visit you at your next meeting
New Airbus design - for 'sucked-in' passengers
Airbus 2006 - A Tale of Two Pilots
Painful ways to 'back' into things
Slip Sliding Away
When in Rome, overcome evil with good, Mildred
Taking Care of Church Gossip
Ever have a day when you can't find your Bulldozer?
Where's My Bulldozer?
How not to attract the boys at the beach
Shrivel Tan - Beach Gross for 2005
Does your pantyhose light up when jogging?
Celebrate Womanhood!
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