Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1753

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After Sheldon Cooper finished reorganizing the Bouncy Castle
OCD Ball Pit
Mechanical conversion for air conditioning mode
Battery Update
When is the best time to plant a garden?
Pothole Garden
Martin Handford bales out on country illustration
Where is Waldo?
Moose pool... only in Canada!
Backyard Canadian Pool
Yorkshire Air Ambulance - saving lives in the U.K.
EMS Upgrade
Don't go bacon my heart!
You're Home Early
Tires making a final round around the flower bed
ReTired Garden Bed
Backing up your best friend
Water Buddies
Another slow day for a barn owl
Looks Like Monday
Tracking down big fish, wherever they are
Redneck FishFinder
Steel on Wheel sculpture - it's steel there
Off The Wall Biker
Enjoying a Canadian staycation in the Moistwet Territories
Snorkeling in Winnipeg
When is a Pilsner not a Pilsener?
First Drink And Drive Promo
Get Bach to the basics
Stop Scrolling
World record deer antlers become a taxidermist nightmare
Show Off
Farm Fashion Footwear for the sophisticated Redneck farmer
Chicken Shoes
Dressed up to be man's best friend
Hikers tend to stay clear of this tree
Hungry Hiker Tree
Going back many years ago when you were normal
Three Cats Ago
Post office delivery of mail by male carriers is a touchy issue
Mermaid Mailbox
Who shall throw the first stone?
Stoned Sign
Logging in the good old days
Paul Bunyan Load
High School Graduate Talent - Teapot Arc Creator
What Are Your Skills?
NHL considers expansion team in Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton NHL Team
Personalized pancakes for a special birthday
Han So Low and Dach Vader star in Dog Wars sequel
Wiener Wars
A VW Beetle is in there!
Find The Car
How not to extend service box electrical cables
Deadneck Repairs
Lucy found it hard to find lasting relationships
Dog Faced
Economy of scale reaches modern Social Networking needs
Today's Bathroom Reader
Music theory for stick people
Stop, You're Under A Rest!
Slugs in home gardens
Slug Strawberry
Fingerlings in the forest
Redneck Palm Tree
How to wear attract-ive eyeshadow
Spider Brows-her
Gotta love pie!
Ho Made Pie
Which bacon came first?
Bacon Is Life
Face Time on the beach
Sand Faces
Country twist to Despicable Me
Despic-Hay-Bale Me
Farmer's new cash crop: the Just-In-Case statue
Mud Crop
Can you spot the spot that needs attention?
Colgate Advertising Campaign
Trusting axes with wood handles
Shrinking Forest
The last thing you expected to see was a bridge ahead of you
When they're defending their country from you
Country Invasion
Preparing for invasive onboard seat removal
They won't drag him off a United flight
Why there might be a shortage of lamb Down Under this year
Australian Sheep Farm - Herding Down Under
Looking for some light rock music?
LED Zeppelin
Bubba has cybersecurity installed in his house
Redneck Firewall
Road search for the worst hosers
Police Gas
To Go or Not To Go - that is the question
Executive Decision Time
Finding a quiet place to read
Cool Reading Room
Where shed baby teeth go after the pillow
Tooth Ferry
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