Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1763

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Looks like this car has limited turning capability
One Way Repairs
Steel on Wheel sculpture - it's steel there
Off The Wall Biker
The down side to excavator safety
I'll Be Right There
Does he crimp your style at the shopping mall, ladies?
Shopping With Your Husband
Martin Handford bales out on country illustration
Where is Waldo?
How Redneck popcorn-kernel cremations work
Popcorn Cremation
He's been Walken around the block
Christopher Walken
Oh we, like sheep...
Greek Financial Path
Raising a baby deer, just for fawn
Fawn Of You
Minions throughout history
Dentist dentures - trading bite for byte
Mouthful Of Information
Do you need glasses?
Senior Eye Exam
Deceased Minions become tender or dainty fillets
Filet Minion
Going Green-er in the country
Grow Food, Not Lawns
Ways to get rid of ants naturally
Ants Know When Something Is Fake
Just Do It ... Outside!
Think Outside
Ain't no problem that WD-40 and duct tape can't handle
Engineering Flowchart
Being the center of attention in Greece
Finding Mr. Right
Grow A Boyfriend
Searching for life on Mars
Mars Images
Have your blog posts caused offense to anyone?
Removed Posts
What's your perception of yourself?
Stand up for what you believe in
All We Have To Do Is Stand Up
Lip gloss to bring out the animal in you
Safety in the woods - how to recognize a dangerous wolf from an imposter
Wolf Mode
Sampling grapes from a blessed wine press
One At A Time
Restaurant looking for free bands
Promote Yourself
High School Graduate Talent - Teapot Arc Creator
What Are Your Skills?
Economy of scale reaches modern Social Networking needs
Today's Bathroom Reader
A VW Beetle is in there!
Find The Car
Lucy found it hard to find lasting relationships
Dog Faced
Gotta love pie!
Ho Made Pie
Country twist to Despicable Me
Despic-Hay-Bale Me
Fingerlings in the forest
Redneck Palm Tree
Construction specialists with strong truck signs
Get It Up
Dad finds the perfect nose stud set for his daughter
Nose Ring
The nursing home phoned to say that Dad was off his rocker
Elderly Rocker
I'm not sure who this woman is, but it's pretty obvious she knows you!
It Was That Close
Leaving relics along the West Coast Trail
Hiker Boot Camp
Like father, like son
Months Apart
Starting hunting lessons at an early age
Big Tame Hunter
What to do if your skin colour matches the sign
Sun Skin Tone
Well-played footwear for famous musicians
Saxy Shoe
By mistake or by choice?
Same Mistake Twice
Where inspiration outweighs monetary gain
Jazz Musicians
Stay calm - wine is here!
Catch limits for seniors
Fishing Limit
Imaginary fruitless sale in grocery produce section
Seeless Watermelon
How Bubba made record sales in house construction last year
Vinyl Siding
Bubba's favorite holiday drink
Bacon Soda
There's always someone who stands out in a crowd
Jewish Assembly
Encapsulating sausage packaging in Germany
Wurst-Case Scenario
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