Credits & Honourable  Mention - Part 1 ...
Credits & Honourable  Mention - Part 2
“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”  Einstein
“The secret to creativity is knowing how to appreciate your sources.”  Joe-kster

Idske Mulder, The Netherlands, for
Spider Car with Escape Claws & Bucket Seats,
Leaving A Good Impression, Rabbit or Duck?, Mid Room Mirror,
Piano Movers a la Motorcycle, Umbrella Protection, Baby Chat,
Iraq Bus Stop, After Easter Bunny, Cat Flap - a Toast For Your Cat,
Motorized Wheelbarrow, April Fools Day Quotes, Flower Pot Garden,
Redneck Engagement Ring, Bird Flu Prevention, Bike Chaser,
iFrame, Swallow Swallow, Bee Beard, Portable Playpen,
Balanced Food Delivery, May 4, 2006: Special Hundred-Year Date,
Star Wars Computer, Women's Outhouse, Last 3 Seat,
Guess Who Started The Fire, Bored,Elephant Nest, Ballet Tree,
Joe-kster's Cat,Need More Horsepower?,
Modern Dentistry - Painful but Fast!, Ascension Day Bike,
Anti-Theft Car, Diehard Fans,Smug Mug,
World Cup Elephant, Pour Woman's Dress, Toilet Art,
Pretty Chromey BikeJuly 4th BalloonPlane CamperAmish Friends
Inspiration for SierpinskiPlain Plane SchoolDutch Soccer Fan,
World Moustache CompetitionTired Backhoe, Wrapping Illusions,
World Cup Attention Getter, What Are You Doing?Flipper Soccer
Latest Cell PhonePuffin MouthfulBug BackpackHead Coolant
Pooped Out PlaygroundOne Horsepower CarTraffic Jam Alert
Auto Warranty: New Extend-ed CoverageUltimate CamouflageKeyboard Shoes,
Ukrainian Cattle CarTongue TwistHerIngrown Motorcycle,
Underneath or On Top Car?Young SupermanCattle Breeding
Self Hunger,Stylish ButcherCell ShaverCyclist Airbag Knit Pick-e Yarn
I've Got TimeHygiene On The FarmBeach ForeclosureBike Carrier
Leg WorksMariner's New World Watch Chief of the Computer Indians
Elephant SunsetMountain RoadMaid DustTrash Can Computer
Working Round The ClockJockey Dementia 3 FrogsBurning Water
Car SurgeonClassic Ballet Ad Firm Grip Glass Train BoatSoured Love
My ValentineTeamworkSnowmen ProtestWrap Around Text
Exhausting or Amewzing?Elephant BreathSandal Sale
Redneck Wood StoveReal WaterbedComputer Travelers
Spill Proof Cup Two Small Men With Big Loads Moving Co.
Mail Bonding Water BowlingPaper Shredder Scissors
Outdoor PoolSidecar PigBack Bacon For KidsPond Management
Outhouse Out NowhereAutumn IllusionHand Face
Pulley Car Smiley PumpkinFace ProtectorCell Toll
Swing HouseCatalogue ShoppingTaxidermist Bike
Welcome DoorknobGarage WatchdogSUV Highrise
Redneck Advent Calendar Concrete Guestrooms
Carrot Tug-Of-WarUkrainian Model TSweet Chopper
Guarding The House Toddler JoeDear Deer Yarn
Dentist BowlingChristmas BirdhouseSanta's Toy
Christmas BabyReindeer StrikeUnhappy FeetAsphalt Reclaimers
High Fiber DietGutter Spout Hotel Peace Foot
Christmas Abroad Baby Brother For ChristmasWinter Bike
Break Glass AdventureSanta's HolidayChristmas Pencil Sharpener
Santa's EmailFrozen Stop SignHang On To That Thought
Coffee GrindsSearch & Rescue - Dry Run Baby Peephole
Sudoku CatStepping Up In The World Dragon Boots
Musical ForksGood To The Last Drop Lightning or Darkening Rod?
Wong Motor Home Champagne Stick ShiftBullet Rings
Full Speed DamageJust Married GeekHeineken Meets Star Wars
Love Bike Spot the ThiefKid KarsThe Joe-kster's Dentist
Watermelon BocceWindows UpdateOutside UrinalCat Stroke
SandCarstle Car For Every AgeRoller Coaster EscalatorEscape The Bull
UV BabyInvisible Motorcycle Race Keyboard Technology - Old Meets New
Tampax ProtectionPost-it Succession PlanningPlumber's Party
Police ReTireMeantSolar Ghetto PowerSwimming Pool For Sale - House Not Included
Remote Control Wedding CakeRedneck Waterbike Book Scientist
Horse-In AroundGiant SlingshotWired CarsSenior Protesters
Survivor HouseChocolate Easter EggsEgg CouchMexican School Bus
Daddy, Can I Drive?Lawn Chair PilotEggsellent Close Shave
Egg SeparatorEaster Egg Drop-outsSwiss Spaghetti Harvest
Shark SteaksWater TaxiBeetle's BeetleEaster Car
Colour CarChocolate Easter BunniesBlue Angels Trainees
Letting Your Hair DownRubik's 1st Cube
Desert SkiingFirst PerformanceSpider Time
Addictive MahjongCutex ScrewdriverDental Checkup
Car-terpillarWatch Out For Traffic SignsUnderwater Golf
Fender BenderSplit PersonalitySurround Sound for Babies
Motorbike SurfingSwimming Without Getting Your Hair Wet
Keyboard in the ParkCamouflage TentNo Time For Stamps
Reach For The High-Hanging FruitGrand Prix Roller Blades
Fractured Foot or Hand?Turbo Charged Computer
Safety Last Motorcyclists Rich Man's HobbyWho's There?
Baby SuitGolfer's BreakfastEaster Elephant Eggs
Fresh ChickenHungry Door LockForgotten Easter Eggs
Stuffed BunnyFull Wheel DealChild Disarma-meant
IRS ToothpasteDubai Construction Breach
Digging One's Own GraveShoelusionHealth Plug
Illusive DiceHuman HamsterPigmobile
World's Ugliest DogComputer Bread Affectionate Cat
Some People Raise ChildrenNo Load is Too Big for this Outhouse
Music IllusionRedneck See SawRedneck GPSTowel Dog
Summer HeadstandHelmut HelmetDry Cats
Change Of The Guard - Summer in London
Put On A Happy FaceCat ArmourYoga Leadership
British HolidayWine Gum Lamp Car Moochanic
Ukrainian Crotch JumpingMouse Insider Goliath Hawg
Subway DinnerRubik's HeadUrban CamperAfrican Ambulance
Stretch LimoBed For BlondesUltimate NavigationPower Line Road
Electricity StorageHorseback DogHandicap HelperBread Dress
EyelightsOverloaded MailboxCar StoolEyekon Camera
Out On A BenderBumper BikeVenice on a Shoestring Budget
House ExtensionShopping Cart ChairCan You Bite Your Nose?
Photographic MoustacheChia CarWise Electricity Use
Redneck Swamp BikeOn HolidaysGuitar Throne
CD ChairHow Sunset Is MadeSnail Time Racewagon
High Withdrawals Clown DownRedneck Automatic Lawnmower
Step ChildJet BikeStay Off The GrassHigh Tide Heels
Gopher's Phone Booth Tike Trike for a Fast Baby Truck Art
Redneck Dog KennelAlternative to ElevatorsVacuum Cleaning Skills
Tennis HalfpipeWalking TreeProof of Global Warming
Desert MuffinsCliff Side CampingCamouflage Face
At Home GraveFish Eye Lens A-track-tive Bike
No WheelerMotorized UnicyclePMS Center Kitt-O-Lantern
Multi-Pour Coffee PotBaby Illusion Moon TheftComputer Garden
Free PaperFinger PhysioJohnny On The PotPortable Office
Light Christmas TreePlankstanders Home In A Box
Santa's Global WarmingUnderwater PhotographyWell Heeled Shoe
Braid Hair PairCell Phone BoothMac Mailbox VW SideCar
Tennis HammockUnderDog 'Beer On Tap' Bike
Redneck Leaf BlowerNot-So-Smart Lowrider Car
Too Tolerant CatRedneck ComputerChristmas Ball Tree
Handyman's Christmas TreeHolland Christmas
Ascot Fashion StatementBiting ShoesComfortable Guard Dog
Dyslexic CamperDental CarNew Year's KissMechanical Patient
Winter SOSIce FountainSink Drinker Bent Baby
Bobslide Event Yolkswagon Foamtastic XL Safety Shoes
Socket To Me Geek Gravestone Monkeying Around Pet Pig
Juvenile Storage Ice BoatPacman SkeletonRoad To Nowhere
Winter Tires Rubik's Cube Puzzle-MeantArtistic Chair
Cow NapSuper Bowl GrannyMoldy BibleConvertible Bus
Couch Ouch Teople Poo Circle Of Life Lofty Treehouses
Foot Circle Magic FountainCan I Play In There Mommy?
Joe in MexicoCarden GardenNewfie Swimming Pool
Peekaboo!Green Beards Broken EggEarly Easter Date 2008
What Happened? Eggs with Eyes Purrrfect Disguise
Pigeon Target Practice Electric Football Bicycle TreeLego Illusion,
Computerholic Computer Challenged Redneck WatchYoung Mechanic,
Cross CatsPortable GPSFire Engine BikesRedneck Mercedes
Hearts HeartTexas Easter Bunny Egg Walk Worm Bridge
Newfie ParkingGoat Power Dusty Playground
Korean Public Toilet Twin Dish Bed SpringsPet Shoe
Redneck Solution for High Gas Prices Hand-Some Baby
Ventilated Bridge2 At A Time Meccano ShoeAmplified Truck
Hippy BirthdayBaby BrewSocket ShelterSea Through Fish
Zipper PavementLow Expectation Autographs
Mozart in Africa Fallen FriendToddler Dance
Dike Strengthening Feather FashionUSB Vacuum Cleaner
Puzzle AdBeerful Church Lipstick LaptopIndia School Bus
Pill ManBig Wall Kellogg's FireRedneck Outhouse Throne
Dust Bytes for Dust MitesMr. Flexible Used Cows For Sale
Stooletto HeelsMale Pedicure Road PirateSushi Earrings
Chair RulerBathroom Laptop Mouse TrapTank Top Security
Wet Insect Bird Watcher Love Not Knot Digital Love
Pen UtensilsTwo Face Sushi Spine Crop PigPuppy Wheels
Sushi To Go Boom Box CarAlzheimer's WingNew Player
Girl's Pen KnifeSnake Leather Cat Salesman Of The Year
Chain Fence BedAnimal Shaped HairFresh Air Mask
Reading Chair Steep StepsCamel Herders of the 21st CenturyKey-o-Saurus,
Breadlace, Sushi Motorcycle, You Can Keep It,
Copy & Paste Twins Leave Toes Outside Cozy HomePublic Toilet,
Matchstick Racing CarOlympic Bicycle Mac ShoeRedneck Holiday,
Hide & Seek Shopping Dog Stretch GirlParachute Dropouts
Shopping BikeOde To Sudoku Dog MarathonFrickles
Hiding Horse Sheep ChairWhen You Gotta Go
Airco Connection Stereo BikeBaby's Off Day CPU Tree
1st RolexCamo Golf Balls Lip GlossDollar Drop
Redneck Deer StandRedneck Phone Family Car
Bike Rack Just HatchedTourist RouteKid Cam
Halloween Pit Bull Bike VaultingPilot BikePumpkin Body Art
What's That? Animal TaxiBathroom DivingOne Of Those Days
Inside A ComputerLobster BabyRattlesnake Outhouse Fish Face
Election CatYou Guys Make Me Sick Best Bike LockCliff Walks
Lunch AdmirersTP Colouring PagesBut Why, Officer?
Redneck CampfireBenchquet Goose FlightWord Puzzle Clock
New American Airways PlaneDeaf CarHooters Mascara
Spider Girl Hand SoapDrain Slide Bubbles,
Helping Hands In The Stands, Mirror Shaking
Close UpsDutch CowboyRedneck Pool Table Christmas Bike
BIG Christmas Stocking Snail Trail, Redneck B&B,
Redneck Christmas DecorationsHusband of the Year
Zoo Christmas TreeWinterized Motorcycle Pink Pet
I Think I'll Hold ItBall Bait Safe Bike Fare Dodger
Men's Vacuum CleanerRedneck Bumper It Should Start
Swimming HelmetCamel PumpsDesert OuthouseBucket Bath
Balled Up Firewood TreeLeg Art Stealth WomanPlane Pushers
Glassman Stay! Too Much Homework?Ring Around The Toilet
Laundry Goat Redneck Car Repair Laundry KittenCheap Mobile
Lost Unfriendly Cat Game's OnCautious Australia
Bathroom Celebration Designer Dog Men At Work Dish Dryer
Take Away FoodHighway SlideExhausted Baby Lamp Escape
Colour My WorldPatience & WisdomTower Power
Redneck Spare Tire Bus Wait Weight Ski Bathroom Tingue
Flu FashionSubway SwingRooftop Hopscotch CaughtFish
Swine Flew Tetris Construction VantasticStealth Readers
Wikipedia OfflineCoolie Hat HelmetImportant Phone Call
Nighttime Graffiti Dead End Road Shoe Stop Cloth Road
Kids Home Digital Analog Clock Straws TP Toilet
Pressing Art Bandage Art Graffiti Removing Graffiti
Camel Bike Puzzle Door Lock Outlet Wall Clear View
Strong Straws Game Car Jet Ski Transport Sock Anatomy
Redneck Stove Burner Easy Mopping Air Meal, Big Ambitions,
Weight Watchers Bus Vacation At Last Chain Mail
Not You! Apple Art Lego Restoration New Ball Boy
Spotted Spotters Radioactive Games Ant Attack
Redneck Car Seats Pocket Book Car Shower Redneck Family Car
Casualty Way www Victim Flintstones Car Swim Vacation
Creative Vandalism Pizza Melt Redneck DoorBells
Captive Audience Laughing Owl I Want My Own Room
Catch of the Day Colour Pencils Real Life Photoshop
Cleanup I Have A Question Good Reception Baby Juggling
Tea Bait Overloaded Bookshop Winter Chair Redneck Campers
Redneck Mobile Homes News With A View Diving Santas
Christmas Thrones Designer Tree Bird Stocking Attention Span
DentAid Tight FM Bandwidth TP SafetyCow Walking
Tea Arc Revenge of the Stallion Hat Cat Fish View, Air Guitar,
Supportive Bra Copy Cats Hot Job in the City, Almost Done,
Redneck Bull-Only Carrier Safe Seat BeltHis & Her Pumps
Redneck ShowerLettuce Face, Like This, Redneck Headlights,
Whole Human, Lunch Break, Dog Spa, Bike Chain Clock,
Company Escape Clause, Cursor Fun, Nose Thrills, Noodle Art,
Loo View, Facial Hair, Best Clock Ever, Parrot Mailbox, StripTeas,
Pet Mouse, Fits Perfectly, Winter Keyboard, Pipe Pants,
TP Kid, Redneck Muscles, ElectriCandle, Jumping The Gun,
Frozen Fish, Fetch Stick, Antique Earplug, Open Goal Forgiveness,
Donut Seeds, My Chair, Balanced Writer, Plane Limo, Play Cat,
Metered Toilet, Laptop Security, Cat Pack, Ukrainian Car Alarm,
Winter Doorway, Flood Games, Third Fiddle, Cheerful Trees,
Ukrainian Air Conditioning, Tree Hugger, Warm Nap, UnBralievable,
Blind CarGo, Frost Bite, Redneck Water Heater, River Crossing,
Open Air Reader,Hare Five, Mice Home, Redneck Skateboard,
Rubble Trouble, Plain Plane Seat, Strong Man, Bread Slice, 9 Month Scale,
Bucket Nap , Long-Legged Bike Owner, Braillik's Cube, Tomato IV,
Young Window Cleaner, Cow Camouflage, Ice Hand, Redneck Windshield Wiper,
Fast Closure, CradleHood, iPhone Dock, BP Surfing, No More Arguing,
Perfect Defense Line, Parent Delete, Summer Snack,
Vuvuzela Hits, Young German Fan, Mountain Flock, Driver's License Please,
Reflective Art, Kiwi Hair Brush, Kiwi Shave, Hot Seat, Hair Safety, Ear Chip,
Head Loose Socket, Antler Switch Plate, Bicycle RV, Waterslide Chess,
Spotter Dog, Stick Shift Lock, Looking Small, Dr. OMG, Tipsy Redneck, AirHeads,
Redneck Doork, Street Cheerleader, Bat House, Adhesive Shade,
City Beach Castle, Alaskan Summer, Real Crocodile Leather, Head Path,
Credit Card Donations, Russian Guard Dogs, Autumn Turnover,
Hotel Waterfall, Page Escape, On This Site in 1897,
Arm & Leg Chair, Key Frame, Domino Crossing, Welcome Home,
Math Dice, USB Protection,
Always Use Your Mirrors, Dunking Straw, Hungry Car, Tiger On A Roll,
I’m Here!, Finger Phone, Aussie Car Alarm, Stealth Cat,
Quiet Place To Study, Submarine Tea, Quick Rubik's Cube, Left Hanging,
Santa Pup, One Size Fits All, Jarred Cat, Windmill Guitar,
Redneck Air Bags, Hummer Carriage, Candy Hairess,
Pinocchio Playground, David Cameron Speech, Day At The Beach,
I Found A Bear Cub!, Traffic Hourglass, Close Shave, I Want It All,
Nature Calls, Giraffe Leapfrog, Think Big, No way Olé!,
Skateboard Suit, Kitchen Time Out, Mouse Feeder, Boat Man,
Mary Go Round, Turbo Bike, Eavestrough Cat, Croc Surfing,
Santa’s Scooter Sleigh, Santa’s Rest Room, Christmas Haircut,
Christmas Tree Relief, Christmas Tree Wheel, Lego Ornament,
Tennis Down Under, Holiday Hours, Holiday Bike, Polar Bear Swim,
Looking Ahead, Business Hours, Scratch-Off Parking Tickets,
Uplifting Throne, On Top Of or Next To?, Warm Bus Stop, Redneck Cocktail,
Redneck Riding Lawnmower, Cookie Cushion, Young Body Painter,
Leaning Bookshelves, Islanders, Lion Tail Tale, Winter Laundry,
“USB Device Not Recognized”, Moving Sofa, Sailing Duck, Rush Hour Ice,
PacMan Lights, Log Haulers, What Bird?, Long Reach TP, Holiday Fun,
Baby Scan, Extension Cord Lamp, Family Music, Elephant Ludo,
Dog Heels, Redneck Manual, Land Surfing,
Mountain TV, Vatican Window Cleaners, Grandma Not Welcome,
“Top Down” Snow Removal, Foosball for Girls, Chocolate Couch,
Brain Lamp, Redneck Spatula, Lap Dog (Wrap Version), Water Walkers,
Window Sundial, Fish Head, Star Wars Eggs, Karate Knife, Distressing Artwork,
Get Organized, Batman Equation, Saving Gas, Rainbow Beer, Ramp Lady,
Thirsty Snake, Chicken Farm Wedding, Painter Pail, Horse Hairstyle,
Garden Outhouse, Nintendo Guitar, Tunnel Face, Redneck Walkboard,
Brick Bike, FireFox vs. Windows, Safe Swimming, Shadow Art,
Bar Walker, Ice Cream Rose, Cathletic, Halloween House, Halloween Birth,
Bench Fishermen, Made His Bed, Birthday Dog, Poodle Power,
Got An Idea, Motor Roller Coaster, “Time To Quit” Friend,
Meat Pie, Always Enough TP, Redneck iPad, Arm Chair, TV Conference,
Fish Walker, Plywood Portrait, Car Bandaid, NasCart, On The Edge,
Easter Tree, Bicycle Built For Two, Redneck Post Support, Pool Side,
Just Like Grandpa, Headset Warning, Wait ’til It Falls, CarQuarium,
Smoked Fish Poacher, Mobile Phones, Spaghetti Topping, Frog Waltz,
Enough Snow?, Computer For Women Scented Owl & Asylum Tests

Thanks for the animated 'inspiration' for  Ottawa to Nationalize the NHL! Time To Move,
God Loves Drunk People Too
Warning - Lock Your Doors,
Why Men Live 75 Years,
Back-To-Work Mondays - Grin & Bear It (280k) Magician A-Head Of His Time (1.3M),
Christmas Letter from Mom to Santa (PowerPoint),
Japanese Air Force - Pearl Harbor II?,
VW Car Lock Caraphernalia - Car Gadgets Unlimited,
2005 British Royal Flush Wedding Redneck House Siding,
Bridge "No Fishing" Zone Beard and Moustache Championship,
Women's Dream - Men Giving Birth! Training Wheel Roller Coaster,
CBC Special - Hockey Curling Night in Canada! Goat Tree,
Should They Allow Same-Sex Marriage? Fox Hunt - Head Hunter du Jour,
Computer Wear - Sneaker Powered High Gas Price Comparison,
Throne Entertainment For The Farm Asian Real Meal Deal,
Arresting Your Own Mother? Beer Nuts vs. Deer Nuts,
Dynamite Cure For Emptying The Outhouse Racing Grandpa,
Bike Park - Where'd It Go? Texas Limo,
Couples Tub Toilet - For Newleyweds,  Airbag Safety,
Downtown Speeding,
Indian Chiefs' New Name For American President,
New Police Radar - 'Sign' of the Times Halo to the Holy Dog,
Starting Your Fireplace On The Roof? Geezer Crossing?,
Circular Residences - Roundabout Directions 4U Couch Potato On Wheels,
Gas Competitors Reach Agreement Massive Buns Mexican Repair Shop,
Hydraulic Truck Lift - 'Old Faithful' Jack Square Wheel Bikes 4U,
Royal Commemorative Coin - Almost Endorsed by the Queen,
Puzzle for Pre-Schoolers (75k) Royal Stamp Change (400k),
White House Phone - Communication Problems Couch Throne,
Hot New Game - This Fire's 4U! Find The Lady,
Wong Way To The Next Toilet In China Mother Popeye,
Waterslide & Piranha Sanctuary Flying Cathedral Excuse,
Light @ End & Start of The Tunnel Hot Air Balloon Illusion,
Mechanics Gone Wrong - Car Teeter Totter Red Alert Flight,
Cyclists Speed Limit Strictly Enforced PantAm Airways,
Shanty Town, New Zealand - 1870 Potty Pic Canadian Winter Smile,
Top Thrill Dragster - Roller Coaster Ride of Doom (630k),
Amish Speed Wagon - NASCAR Debut,
Pizza Air's Inaugural Delivery Visual Alarm Clock,
Newfie 2006 Senior Scooter Proof That There Is Water On Mars,
'Right Your Wrongs' Wash-Away Sins Towelette Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife,
Hot Rod Yellow & Not Hot Yellow Last Ice Fishing Trip,
Canada's Ongoing Government Investigations Redneck House Cleaning,
Computerholic's 'Dear John' Letter Police De-Tail: Down-Wind Protocol,
Blood Machine - Portable Health Care City Work Crew's Slow Day,
Moses Parting the Ice Field Taking Donations For Scissors,
Johnny Cochran's Last Words - Farewell to O.J. Musical Throne,
How To Get A Liberal Party Contract Tall Guy Bike,
Canada's Collective Thoughts for its Prime Minister,
Almost Unique Apartment For Rent Lion On Stilts,
Early Spring Planting Yields Extra Returns,  Tree Houses,
Raccoon Feeding - Child Version Cancer Tree Medical Breakthrough,
Hurricane Wilma John Deere Lawnmover How to Launch a PWC,
Newfie Metro Sled - 'Nash'ional Success Tile House,
Norwegian Gas Passer (630k) Swim-In Bedroom Super Bowl XL - For Big Jobs,
Canada's Secret Aircraft Carrier - STOL Around, eh!,
Dent Damage - New "V"8 Design Nice Teeth Redneck Air Conditioner,
Dental Plan - Latest Extraction Technology Seeing End Dog - New Vet Exam,
Burning The Midnight Oil With A Candlestick Nun's Bedpan Gas,
NASCAR's New Downhill Race Track Wheel-y High Tricycle,
Florida Moves Out Of Hurricane Zone Holland Bike Lane - For Pros Only,
Emergency Response for Hurricane Katrina Survivors Romance Lost,
Park Art or Cabinet Decision? Pre-Dawn Breakfast Patrol,
Redneck Water Trailer Multi-Pilot Jet Junk House - One Man's Treasure,
New Alarm System for 2005 Satellite 'Art' - 100% Game Day Coverage,
Handy French Phrases If You're Traveling Abroad,
Bumper To Bumper on the Freeway Understanding Computers,
Garbage In or Garbage Out? Garage Sale for the Soon-To-Be-Departed,
Window Bungee Jumping - Latest Extreme Sport Very Fat Burger,
'Reach For The Top' Roof Repair Hybrid Thai Car Pre-Dinner Photography,
Baseball Chair Women's Cellphone Soccer Ball Building Divorce Cake,
Kayak Tours for Lunch & Dinner Guests Chinese Puzzle Car,
Redneck Letter - from Mom to Son Redneck Picnic Paint Shop Pros,

Coke's Special Ingredients Column Art - Interior Decoration 101,
Baby Names - Based On Profession (320k) Escape From Rush Hour Traffic,
Taste of Olympic Success Multi Motor Motorcycle Lunch Anyone?,
An Evening Prayer - With Your Best Friends Jet-Powered Barbecue,
Redneck Harley Redneck Ice Fishing Mine's Bigger,
Driveway With A View Hawg Limo - Hawg'n The Road Tree Art,
Dog Holder & Coffee Warmer-Upper Man Centre Fridge Beachport,
World's Highest Tennis Match Cool Farm Bike Flying With Angels,
How To Improve New Orleans Shoes for Well Heeled Shoppers,
Let Me In - I'm Hungry Room With A View Future Truck Bike Trike,
Dutch Rollerblades Abandon Ship - Japanese Style Stolen Car,
World's Largest Underpants Too Little Too Late Reserved for Drunk Drivers,
Wave Bored Rider's Uplifting Experience Disease Prevention for Church Organists,
Biker Faucet Where's Castro? Who's Pulling Your Chain?,
Where's The Remote? Clutter Car Mobile Home Sport Shoe Car,
New Threat In Iraq Can Never Have Too Many Tools Newfie Light Fixture,
Re-Cycled Beef Duck Heist - Ducks Gone Bad On A Roll - Only In Japan,
Hair Ad - Just Add Self The Van Gogh Family Tree Redneck Airplane,
Redneck Wedding Limo Casket Car Upside Down Amusement,
Cheap Seats Really? The Power Of Faith 'Say Cheese' One Last Time,
Cart Man - Biker To The Rescue Drunk Dog House Maid For Men,
Road Map for Men Tank Bike Redneck Dog Your First Motorcycle,
Coke Heads End Of The Line Redneck Storm Shelter 2006 Massive Tax Refund (260k),
Save A Tree Miss Piggy's Bike 'All You Can Eat' Breakfast Boss Bike,
African Car Wash Front and Back Beetle Redneck Swing Nerd Shaving,
Mustang Limo New Year's Recipe Gutter Spout Hotel Learn To Fly,
Arrow-Dynamic Soccer Players Ukrainian Muffler Accessory MicroMac,
Outhouse Treasure No Go Intersection Fishing Information iPottie,
Hot Dawgs for Hot Hawgs Side Car or Side Show? Safest Place In Canada,
"Honey, I Lost My Job..." Redneck Flat Screen TV Apple Car Beetle Fan,
Redneck Outhouse Barbecue Pickup Coffin Dragster Land Yacht,
Perfect Fit Bed Camouflage Beer Bus Rubik's Cube Jigsaw Puzzle,
Crunch Zone Mini Computer Desk Pane-Full Motorcycle Work Not,
Last Day On The Job OJ Book Signing "You'll Be Safe In Here!",
Hunter's Dream Wedding Grass Walker Hedge Hunter Horse Hat,
Biker Mailbox Car Safety Lock How Hot Is It? Lowdown Volvo Wet Suit Danger,
Odor Detector Geek Piano Geeks On Display Circular Motorcycle,
Redneck Parking Brake Bathing A Cat Canadian Beer Box Computer,
and 32nd 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Newfie Christmas Tree
Robert Tassé, Gatineau, Quebec

Humour Resource - Scheduler, Electrician & Retiree by trade,
Familiar with 'Polar Bear Security', Iraq in 2003, Pit Stop Tools
Moose Steak - Unexpected Guest for Dinner Ancient Japanese Proverb,
Newfie Riding Lawn Mower, Help Support Poor NHL Players,
Wooden Boat by Master Carver , How NOT To Work On Your Pickup!,
2005 Chevrolet Vehicle Option, RCMP Carry Tim Horton's Logo,
Message From Iraq to Michael Jackson,
B.C. Beer Drinkers, Senior's Advice to the Student,
Grow Your Own Dope - Plant A Man!, Inner Strength,
Do You Know These People? (400k pps),
A Real Man's Moment Of Clarity (3.7M),
Harrier Ejection, National Husband Care Program (3.0M)
Which Switch (3.7M), Women Just Don't Understand (800k)
New Saskatchewan Farm Housing Program,
When It's Game Time, It's Pain Time (2.5M)
Quarter Horse or Quarterhorse?,
Why's - Things That Make You Go 'Hmmmmm?',
Lottery Winner's Christmas Present, New Wine For Seniors,
How To Shoot The Bear On Your Roof, Scottish DUI Test (900k)
His Name is Santa Claus - End Of Story! (1.8M)
Mouse Pads For Men: #1  #2Female IT Experts,
Monarch Butterflies - Starting a MonarchyA New Pope?,
Bad Luck Kayaker - This One's Whaley Good! (2.0M)
Grandma's Control Problems - Biodegradable Super Fluff (2.0M),
Computers of the Future Too Complicated For Women?,
Brew Haul-her - 12 Brewskies At A Time! Senior's Golf Cart,
Free Satellite TV System - WOW! (1.1M),
Married Man's Harley, Wife School (2.7M),
Fake Steaming Coffee Cup for Office Escapes (1.4M),
Growling Reggae Hairdo for 'No Pet' Bar Access (2.3M),
Canada Strikes Back - Saskatchewan Anti-Missile System,
Daily Reminder About Your Job Golf Gimme Stress Tests,
Redneck Mama Calls For Leroy Largest Fiddle In The World?,
Building Your Shoulder Muscles - Secret Weightlifting Program,
Brazilian Casualties in Iraq Saskatchewan Wind Chimes,
Late For A Meeting? Report An Accident (4.8M)
Cypress Mountain, Don't Play With Fire (2.0M)
Saskatchewan Chopper Lawn Mower,
Robo Bash by Bud Light - No Mercy (900k)
Bud Light Bot (1.1M)
Crack Spackle - The First Name in Butt Concealment (2.4M),
Saskatchewan Snowmobile For Sale Cardiologist Eulogy,
Kansas Bridge Fire Flare Guns & Skydiving Don't Mix (3.0M)
Father's Day "Must Have" Power Drill (970k),
Drink, Don't Drive!Parking Pro (1.1M),  Alberta Winter Fridge,
Rented Lips Syndrome from the White House (1.8M),
Breakfast Dance - Shakin' Bacon (3.0M),  Porsche Bird Droppings,
Broken Lawn Mower - Husband Chores Silent Church Service,
Mouth Golf - Drive of the Year (720k),  Christmas Laser Light Show (5.0M),
It's A Pittance Of Time: Lest We Forget (6.2M),  Scottish Water,
Off Road Commode - When Nature Calls (2.0M),  Worker Ants,
Tree's Right Of Passage Winter Hotrod Insane Rock Climber (3.7M),
Bathroom Blues - Here's Looking At You An Old Farmer's Advice,
Bush Surveys Damage in New Orleans 'Slow Down' Cop Sign,
When A Man Does The BBQ News Helicopter Crash (780k),
Weekend Woodcutter's Ultimate V8 Chainsaw (1.4M),  Sorry,
Riding a BIG Wave - Surf's Up or Surf's Down? (2.5M),  It's Not My Job,
Auto Warranty: New Extend-ed Coverage Meals On Wheels,
Tasty Cereal The Ass Family Making Light of Christmas Pickup Dropoff,
A Cop's Worst Nightmare Frozen Door Locks (1.3M),  Same Mistake,
How To Cut Down On Your Drinking Telemarketer Call (3.2M),
Line Dancing - High Wire Version Redneck 2006 Redneck Ear Phone,
Alarm Company's 'Remote' Security (4.1M),
Big Game Hunting in Saskatchewan,
Aging Alphabet Snorkeling in the Canadian Coral Reef Dusty Underwear,
Skoda Limousine Light Beer House Camouflage Couch 18 Holes of Golf,
Power-Full Logging Truck Fast Food in Beijing
Royal Family Heritage (3.2M), Anxious Farmer,
How To Arrest A Terrorist (1.7M),  Sick Manager (1.1M),
Spot the K-Mart Shopper How To Spot a Gay Terrorist,
Generous Lawyer, Super Cool Ticket (1.2M),
Motorcycle Enforcement in Japan Golden End of the Rainbow Ozonol,
Nanosecond Moments Excerpt from a Lion Cookbook Snowbound Train,
Beware of Solar Power Moose Loader Canadian Terroristes,
Redneck Chandelier Canadian Kiss Cockroach Cancer,
Police Dogs in Alabama StoolbusMotorcycle Side-Car,
Blonde Password, Tiger Woods Would, Discrimination,
Global Warming Protest, Heavy Drinking, eBay Bid,
Roo Cam, Tree Barking, Bucket Seat, Pole Safety, Concise Essay,
David's Return To Italy, Driving While Fatigued, Land Without Hope,
Welfare Dogs, Orca Season, Last Canuck Supper,
Elaborate Funeral, Where Nobody Speeds, Gas Coupon,
Next Season on 'Dancing with the Stars', Flagstaff Snow Fall,
Redneck Hedge Trimming, False Dreams, Critter Control,
Financial MeltdownKwik-Mart MathSee Through Van,
Poodle Security, Why God Sends Rain To Mexico But Not The Middle East,
Smart Car RedesignWhite House Visit Blonde Antelope (1.4M),
Time To Hang Up The Thong Redneck Bungee Jumping (1.3M),
New Sony Digital Camera,inspiration for Walmart's Redneck Wine &
the 13th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Miss Chernobyl 2004
Roy Taylor, Mission, B.C.

Never-ending source of 'South Gawga Redneck' groaners!
Traveling In Eye Formation, Hurricane Update - Ivan's Path,
Negotiations Texas Style, The Price of A Mercedes Fart,
Running Out Of Gas After Walking Around Block,
Atheist or Not - One Nation Under God, Letter To Mom - Things Could Be Worse,
Catalog for Home Improvement Projects  (2.2M),
Bud Light Dog (2.5M), Bounce - Other Uses Besides The Dryer,
Sheer Surprise - Husband's Last Gift, Fake Carolina Drawl,
You Might Be a Redneck If..., Conditional Friendship,
Husband's Last Bathroom Suggestion
Lego Church,
Redneck Dictionary - Heidi. Hire Yew?, Clearly Good Intentions,

Cosmetic Surgery - Wife's Choice Redneck Gingerbread House,
'Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving And Not A Turkey To Be Found,
John Travolta Parks Boeing 707 Next to Home, Waterfall Moment,
Gifted Redneck Portrait Artist, The Eye Of God - NASA Hubble Telescope,
Citroen's New C4 Transforming Technology  (4.8M),
Bubba Claus - Union Replacement for Santa,
Leroy, The Redneck Reindeer, Technology For Country Folk,
Displanned Robbery - How Not To Rob A Store  (500k),
Hospital Outpatient Assistance - Like It Or Not,
Thailand 2005 Model Truck - With Air Conditioner,
New Hospital Wing, Noah's 2005 Ark Snapdragons Self Moon,
Top Ouches of 2004: Moroff's Self-Inflicted Pain  (2.8M),
Motorcycle Grannies With Attitude Donkey Auction,
Garden of Daily Living - Reap What You Sow Nagging Wife,
Oh Crap! A Reason To Hate Mondays  (1.1M) After-Gas Piggy Bank,
Senior Citizens - Nation's Leading Carrier of Aids!,
New Fuel Gauge for 2006 Vehicles,
Body Bodice - Double OUCH!!! Take Your Wife Somewhere Expensive,
Redneck's Pertty Yachts Theology - Kid Style Ghetto Chicks,
Sand Storm in Al Asad, Iraq Retired Golf Pros
Black & Gus Cows (1.2M),
World's 1st Mobile Camper A Woman's Poem Florida Bird Flu,
Pumpkin Patch Market
Texas Style Arrest  (550k) Dads and Diapers  (3.0M),
Wet Look Waterbed - Wasserbett, Ya?  (2.9M) Redneck Space Shuttle,
Boo Who? Surprise, Surprise!  (2.9M) Redneck Bird Dogs,
Lost Churches of Louisiana Are You OLD? Insufficient Brain Study,
Dead Mule @ Church Classes For Men
Stern Warning - a Not Yacht!,
Elastic Baby - Family Stress Relief Tower of Pisa Restorer,
Church Sign Generator Cleared To Land New Oil Company Sign,
2005 Brinks Robbery Woman's Odometer
Desperate For Gas  (1.4M),
Mommy's Driving Too Fast Again High Cost Of Gas for 2-Car Families,
Redneck Genealogy Lesson (5.0M) Driving in Bolivia Almost Perfect Snowball,
Taco Night - that Friday Feeling  (1.4M) Women Have Too Much Of 'Em,
Paper Jam or Mouse Jam? Mensa Invitational - Letter Game,
Request for 2008
'Looking Good' Wireless
 (650k) Mega Million Winners (470k),
Mom's Lost Cake Delivery
 (650k) Redneck Wedding Cake ER Patch,
New Wal-Mart Mirror Blonde Geometry Student Redneck Tick Removal,
Church Sign Humour 4 Stages Of Life Jack's Telephone Number,
Diary of a Snow Shoveler Good Luck Angel BIG Dog Barry Bonds Rookie Card,
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Church Squirrels Daily Inspiration,
Piranha on Steroids Out Of Gas A Man's Grill New Deer Rifle,
Smile For The Day Fish Dads, Lab Found,
Smooth Leaning Shoes, Tiger’s New Golf Bag, Gradiation,
Turkey Recipe, My Life, Redneck Fireplace, Portable Shower,
Ford Police Chase
 (2.1M) How To Live A Long & Happy Life (2.5M),
Is That God's Boy Over There? Redneck Seafood Dinner
Soccer Squirrel
Is Your Horse Ready For Hurricane Ivan?, Top Moroffs of 2004 &
27th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Stuff A Jellyfish Down Your Wetsuit
Jack 'Hotlanta' Byrd, Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to Michael J. King for
Katrina T-ShirtsMotorcycle InflammationBrain TeasersCrisco, OMG T-Shirt,
Latest Surgical Procedure - 'The Knob' Blonde Pole Dancer Bad Day Driver,
Soccer Overpass Tempting Parking Spot Hog Hunter, Long, Happy Marriage,
How To Conserve Gas, Master Tradesmen (2.9M), WalMart Math,
Ode To A TurkeyPianist's ChallengePolitical Promise Transporter,
Speed Trap, Fishing Trip in New Zealand, Cowboy Bike, Food Stamp Misuse,
Redneck Anniversary GiftFireman Poster Boyt AngelsBabble Language,
Redneck Time OutRedneck WheelchairRedneck Neighborhood Watch,
Religious One LinersRedneck Border SecurityWhy Elk Have Long Antlers,
Picked Up PickupCutting Edge DeliveryHalloween Joe-ksNice Pets,
Paperless ToiletChildhood RomanceIce Fishing in Wisconsin,
Bear Surveillance, Somebody Famous, Off To A Good Start,
Grouper RecordIrish Birth ControlWho's in Heaven?Bounced Check,
Lehman Brothers ProtestBest Knockout Ever (1.7M),  2009 Inauguration Cost,
Good Morning BabushkaNosey BirdLane Closure, Sick Zoo Animals,
Chimney Sweep Challenge, Office Cord Support, iPad For Sale,
A Picture Of Me In The ShowerChutzpah DefinedWaterfall Drinkers,
Salt Water Fuel (4.9M),  HHO Water Power   (3.1M),  Men In Training,
Headline Stories, Tired Tires, Prayer Request for Bob, Staff Teeth,
Coach Inspiring TeamworkElderly Pre-NupsOld Folks' Perks,
Pastor's New TeethChildproof Drawer  (2.0M),  Chair Boy,
Lightning Strikes - Twice (3.6M), Razor Blade Swallower,
Alaska Marriage LicenseTree GondolaArkansas SurgeonsSky Board Easel,
Jerusalem Obituary, 33 A.D.World's 1st All-Glass Undersea Restaurant,
Crossed WiresTwo Meals In OneDeer Hunting Bird  (580k),
Reach For Your DreamsShame On All You HuntersMilking Time in Washington,
Going Nowhere in IrelandIndian WifeMy ForgetterHands On TreeGo Dawgs!,
Hair Growth - a Sign of the TimesDemocrat GiftMy New BoyfriendsGut Check,
Toll Booth Speed Limit  (1.9M),  Happy Scary HalloweenRedneck Tank Top,
Night Shift for a GeekBike FenceJackPot  (2.3M),  Memorial Service,
The Flour SackRedneck Farm CoupleFirst ComputerFrequent FlyHair,
Joe's 'Dear Abby' PageGrandma's Beautiful PiesSenior Wheelies,
Beer Bottle Orchestra (2.1M),  The Computer Swallowed Grandma Mink Love,
Dear AbbeyUndertaker BikeRedneck Camera PhoneRising To The Occasion,
Never Do Anything WrongWhen Seniors Shouldn't Trick Or Treat,
Farmer's Daughter  (2.6M),  SideCar IllusionHomework - Latest Pole,
illary's First Night As PresidentBridge Weight LimitsLocked Up Bull Elk,
Outhouse DisposalCubism  (4.2M),  How To Feel BetterHammer King (2.9M),
Snow Car Tow  (2.7M),  Portuguese Airport RunwayAdoptionRedneck Garden,
Short NFL QuarterbacksWeepublicanAnnoying PeopleWomen Drivers (7.6M),
Irish Alzheimer'sBear With MeWhy I Didn't Make The Olympics (3.2M),
Pet FishCats and BackpacksOctopus vs. Shark (2.9M), “Do Not Read” Sign,
Border Patrol At It's Finest, Grant Me One Wish, Wedding Dress For Sale,
Up-Set & Hungry TrucksRedneck Artist (3.8M), Motorcycle Helmets,
Don't Mess With My SS Check (900k), Something Wong, Bumpy Road,
Aging Disgracefully (3.2M),  Wooden Spoons (2.4M), MataGore (PG),
Backgammon Oneup-lady-ship  (1.2M),  Cute PuppyInsect-Aside,
Harley Outsourcing Strategy (2.3M),  Kosher Computers, NAACP Cover Up,
How To Stop The Oil Leak, Redneck Coffee Pot, Florida Map,
Middle Age by Mother Goose, It's So Cold That..., Texas Motorcycle Seat,
Numb Skulls in Homeland Security, Official Pace Car, British Survey,
Hillbilly 'Cowasaki' Motorcycle Peeping Tom When Life Gets You Down,
You Want Change? Angry Mathematician, Christmas Bonus Program Survey,
Keep The Change Cancel Our Date  (470k), George Bush Trophy,
Cow Jacket Military Life Insurance Iraqi Passport Photos Talking Dog For Sale,
Texas Hunting Vehicle Cat Tattoo Political Road SignBrapod,
Patriotic Microchip, Government Snow Plow, Bird Dilemma,
Psychic Fair, Signs for the Modern Woman, Tired Tires,
Trink Das Wasser Nicht, Why Go To Church?, Holes of the World,
Redneck Spoon, How Did They Get There?, Structural Books,
Floating Gazebo, Free Nobel Peace Prize, World's Hardest Golf Shot,
Empty Birdhouse, The End Of An Error, Redneck Divorce,
Serengeti Tug of War, Two Track Train, Chicken Wire Art,
Shredded Tweet, Church Sign Messages, How To Make A Deer Stand,
2011 Naked Fireman Calendar, Best Hands-On Coverage,
Hardworking Wife, Black Hole  (3.6M), Lovemaking Tips for Seniors,
Neck Exercises to do at the Computer, Easter Identity Theft, Other Door,
Health Tip, A Woman Named Five Horses, Exit Door, Motherhood,
Items Of Value, The Meaning of Golf, Strong Silent Type,
Safe Removals, Waterfall Windows, Helicopter Cuts, Road Press,
Butt Meter, Texas Drought, Read My Lipstick, Family Jewels, Sharp Sign,
Good Old Days Security, Driving Miss Sarah, Perfectly Groomed Love Rug,
iGifts, Beach Trick - Head's Up, Smallest Petrol Engine,
Husband Day Care Center, Outhouse Bike,
Little Johnny Helps His Newlywed Brother & Knowing Scripture Can Save Your Life

Thanks to Diane Baugh, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, for
Hot Summer Night Cure, Mad Magazine Guy (1.3M),
Football Stickman (2.2M), Hellmann’s Mayonnaise,
Italian Pasta Diet, Gift Shop for Stray Kids, Car Axident,
BrokeBack Ballet, Camouflage Helicopter, Proof of Global Warming,
Thirst Quencher Fridge, Lion In The Bathtub, Mexican Lion, Southern Blessing,
A Woman's Mind, Port-a-Potty Preparation, Border Agent Alert,
Barn Art, When Gas Costs Too Much, Tight Christmas,
Bedworthy Bartender, Baby's Dog Rug, Wet Suit Fart, Living With A Blonde,
Hairstyle Of The Year, Politically Correct Women Terminology,
Why Dogs Bite Their Owners, The Power of Makeup, Hot Dog Cooker,
Washing Clothes Recipe, Cowbelly Tattoo, Karate Chop, Human Kindness,
Redneck Weiner Roast, Clinton Portrait, Water Prop, Pumpkin Art,
Redneck Street Fishing, Employee Of The Month, Paper Art, Redneck Revenge,
Mexican Salad Dressing, Brain Transplant, Wicked Wok Catchin, Cat Brush,
Housework Helping Husband, Redneck Summer, How To Pop A Zit,
World's Best Trained Dog (4.4M), Boy's Anatomy Lesson, Food Art,
Surgeries Gone Wrong (3.9M), Duct Tape - for a Prettier World, Pregnant Turkey,
Crochet Doll Collection, Redneck Valentine Love Poems, Benefits of High Gas Prices,
Weather Warning, Toy Recall, Down Day, Beer Drinking Through Your Nose (2.0M),
Why Buy Expensive Toys? (3.6M), Leaping Lizards! (1.3M), Bring Me A Beer (1.4M),
Pelosi’s Giant Gavel (660k), Cold Cross Bunny, Bird Trio,
Gas Prices Around The World, Redneck Cat Found, Wong Thong,
Refrigerator Magnet, Christmas Kittens, Men @ Math, Samaritan Zipper,
Contagious Baby (3.1M), Japanese Deck Torpedoes, Deer Jumps Over Biker (2.9M),
Boys Will Be Boys, Blonde Ranch Hand, Santa's Job Evaluation Day,
Farmer's Pond Advice for Youngsters, 6-Year-Old's Wedding Plans,
Redneck TP Holder, When Pumpkins Drink, Caught Cat, Griller Bees,
Redneck Swing Tree, Why Women Stay Single (3.3M), Motorbike Display (2.0M),
Redneck Skiing, Redneck Dream Homes, Elephant Phonics, Bush Bird,
Redneck Motorcycle Transport, Polish Polar Bear Club (1.3M),
Redneck Swimming Pools, Harley Load, Redneck Power Windows (2.6M),
Just One Goose (920k), Scarf Fashion, Is This Legal?, Redneck Campers,
Redneck Tailgate, Pumpkin Pie Maker, Frozen Crabs, Childhood Obesity,
Erkel Economy, Little Johnny's Gripping Story, Shopping In Texas (1.8M),
Brick Load (3.8M), Haiti Re-Construction, One Load At A Time (2.2M),
Amish Centerfold (3.6M), Step Drawers, Beltometer, Her Casket,
Reverse Teaching, Good Words, Redneck Windshield Defroster,
Blonde Corn Maze, Bamopoly, Coming In, Going Out, Redneck Headlights,
Tiger Shark, Bike Seat Selection, Math Puzzle, You Want Me To Do What?,
Tiger Wood's 2009 Christmas Card, Wall Parkade, Redneck Cook,
Denture Cup, Bed Equalizer, Server Tray, Hairy Potter, Tattoo Implants,
Run Down Apartments, Hair Moan Therapy, Rinse Ride, Lateral Thinking,
No Shooting, Bat Control, Cornrow Politics, Moon Landing, Garlic Warning,
Working Past 65, Fox Hunting Madness, Amish Christmas Lights,
Baby Bird Chorus, Redneck Snowmobile, Shepherd Nativity Scene, Penguin Date,
Beauty That's Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow &  Basketball Car

Keith Blake, Campbell River, B.C., for Newfie Speak,
Stretch VW, Flamingo Island, Camel Hatchback, Leaf Man, Lost Axle,
Polar Bear Photographer, Stork Delivery, SUV Haircut, Telephone of Tomorrow,
Muslim Camel, Skirt Road, Underground Parking, Giraffic Park,
Hippo Toothbrush, Redneck Tricycle, Cat Path, Horse Hair, Leaf Edge,
Cheat Sheet, TP For Those With Money To Throw Away, Sign Model,
Tie Wrap Security, Bird Melons, Crab Lips, “Cover Girl” Magazine,
Snowman Peek-A-Boo, Calculator Flip Flops, Horse Model,
Tire Trike, Bath Laugh, Drain Swimmer, African Wheelbarrow,
Habby Sin Pad-Riggs Dey!, Horse Mane Macramé, Turtle Tops,
Roller Coaster Skiing, ZipHer, Barbie Cat,
Uplifting Church, I Love Pet Food, Alien Seating, Bus Head Rest,
Grass Pinch, Wave Pools in India, Hawk View, Scuba Diving Sucks,
Redneck Bulldozer, “2 For 1” Fishing, Garden Gnome,
Office Bike, Country SUV, Gun Leash, Dinosaur Roast,
Croc Lunge, Redneck Lawn Mower Repair, Owl Perch Necklace,
Japanese Keyboard, Balloon Dinosaur, Plane Restaurant,
Cat Patrol, Blues Brothers Pancakes, Cheating, Building Ear,
Money Head, Loving Canadian Husband, Restroom Sign,
Amish Smart Car, “Pick Your Nose” Cup, Math Watch,
Elephant Hand, Split Beach Personality, Funnel Farm,
Redneck Paintball / Duck Hunting (8.7M), Dog Muzzle,
Quilt Car, Scaffold Stilts, Luxury Bungalows, Frog Food,
Makeup Mirror, Frozen Fish Meal, Gecko Earring, Sidetracked Baby,
Grass Leak, Moving Experience, American Mustache,
Redneck Wave Runner, VW Garden, Tongue Twister,
Head Teacup, Attentive Student, Ice Cone Cat, Owl Garden,
Bear Print, Mountain Iron Man, Hedge Face, Keyboard Wedding,
Water Walkers, PacMan Road Crossing, Ice Cream Burqa,
Guitar Farm, Get In Line!, Beach Drag, Water Supply,
Mirror Bike, Riot Safety, BBQ Wagon, Odori-Don Dance (4.2M),
Kelp Us!, McDonald’s New Customer, RoostHair,
Texas Bakery, Political Promise Hauler, Pumpkin Face,
Pickup Park, Killer Whale Food, Sidewalk Pickpocket,
High-End Scooter, Crayola Keyboard, Bike Bed, Dog Sitters,
Where To Now?, Transformers Garage, Productive Computers,
Oversize Load, Russian Police Car, Redneck Pole Support,
Banana Sculpture, Skateboard Stairs, Open Face Sandwich,
Wiener Fire, Tail Support, Texas Cow Cleaner, Computer Exercise,
TreeSun, Baby Priorities, iSad - Tribute to Steve Jobs, Hippo Racing,
Mane Spray, Denmark Traffic Signals, BTTF II Car, Gay Dog,
New York Time Lapse, Hurricane Irene, Wing Support, Take My Advice,
Energy Saver, Window Closure, Buffalo Prod, Lakescape, Tree of Dreams,
Motorcycle Grind, Zoo Invitation, Burial At Sea, Baked Tulips, Tipsy Crane,
Big Hairbrush, Wall Climb, Harry Potter Parking &  Redneck Soldier

Hydro escapee and huge source of retire'd humour,
James Bond's Telepathic Watch,   Before Fast Food Came Slow Food
Your Headlight Fluid's A Little Low (600k),
1954 Vision of the 2004 "Home Computer" Designated Driver,
Yogi Berra's Graduation Dissertation,
Inspiration for Steven Wright Quotes, Indian Wisdom,
Cure For A Snoring Fisherman,   Deep Observations In Life,
What To Do With Old Goats,   Giraffic Park Optical Illusion,
Christmas Possessions To Enter Heaven, Economy Flight,
Dubm Headlines of 2004, Seniors Eggsellent Special,
Notice Of Revocation Of U.S. Independence Don't Touch My Bone! (2.9M),
Pharmacist's Cyanide Prescription Dance Off Competition (3.4M),
Land Title Process in New Orleans Australia 101 For Tourists,
Why's - Things That Make You Go 'Hmmmmm?' Commandments,
NFL Team Announcement - Super Bowl XL Update Newfie Diet,
Flying The Friendly Skies Something Irresistible To Women,
Patches, the Hamburger & TV-Loving, Bring-Me-The-Beer Horse (4.0M),
Claude Cooper's Clean Copper Clappers (2.1M) Caddy Quotes,
The Little House Behind The House Tulip Fields of Holland (2.9M),
Mixing People That Wouldn't Normally Mix (690k) Test for Dementia,
Neologism Contest 'Thread The Needle' Traffic (300k),
Vibrator Recall (750k) Pre-Olympic Games: Canada 1 - U.S.A. 0,
So Small Cell Phone (430k),
Closet Cell Call (3.1M) Irish Moroffs Rob Bank - Get Egg On Face,
Dog Speak - Language for Dogs (1.7M) Elephant Soccer (1.9M),
Don't Upset Your Employees! (410k) Canadian Immigration Test,
Corvette Tests to Raise The Bar Seniors Having Babies Robbery Suspect,
Cell Phones Can Cause Accidents (830k) World's Highest Bridge,
including Typical Canadian Baby Boy & Why I Was Late For Work

Dave Stefiuk, Coquitlam, B.C.

Great friend who gives the best 2-seater plane rides in B.C.!
Cross-Eyed Bull - Newfie Vet's "Proctocol" Remedy
Preacher's Expanding Salary,
No NHL? Yule Have To Spend More Time With Your Wife
KiltDown Man or Marilyn Monroe Lookalike?,
Demotivation in the Workplace  (1.4M) Toyota's New Bait Car  (800k),
Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes! Chinese Watermelon Sculptures,
"This Is Good" Attitude 1907 to 2007: Century of Change
Terrorist 'Catch and Release' Program Snakenophobia  (680k),
Baby Laughter - Camera Comedy  (3.10M),
Heaven Is For Best Friends Airbus 2006 - A Tale of Two Pilots,
Health Tips for Fat Friends Happy Easter, Big Guy,
Telephone Technology History - Dig It! Impossible Illusions,
Don't Mess With The Tower Shrivel Tan - Beach Gross for 2005,
Formation Flying for Jet Airplanes Celebrate Womanhood!,
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea- the Real Story Bird Flu Flight,
Little Johnny Makes Babies Cat Got Your Tongue? How Not To Prop Start Your Plane,
Motorcycle Repairs or Reap-errors? Catapult Soccer Mid-Life Crisis,
Canadian Health Care Ziploc Omelet Cake Glue Lightdays for Children,
How To Tell Your Age From Your Clothing Car Stereo Without The Car,
Taking Care of Church Gossip Chicken Surprise Nike Award,
March of the Penguins - Canadian Version State Mottos Chewing Gum Hazard,
Never Give Your Kids A Flip Phone Expired Parking Gizmo Gadgets,
Parallel Parking in Tight Spots (660k) Free Photo Booth (4.0M),
Global Warming for Dubya & Polar Bears (4.0M & 630k) Redneck Truck Jack,
High Wire Bear Feeder Where's My Bulldozer? (700k) Kitchen Oil Fire (1.4M),
Don't Annoy A Moose! (1.2M) Bud Light's Fresh Frank Monkey (510k),
How To Load Your Dirt Bike (1.2M) Slip Sliding Away (2.4M),
2005 California State Employee Handbook (430k) Waiting For Dinner,
Cheap House Siding Bolder Boulder Paint Ladder,
Religious Customs Declaration Military Humour,
Housework-Challenged Husband Invasion of the Crabs (4.9M)
Ultimate Back Scratcher (860k) Dryland Fishing,
Insults With Class Redneck Beer Drinker (420k) Chicken CPR (5.2M),
World's Shortest Fairy Tale House Appraisal Borderline Stupidity,
Swingset Car, Paper Lunge, Kick Out Boxing, Swim-In,
Duct Tape Plane,

Clean Your Lens NOT (1.1M) Milk's For Babies - NOT! (800k),
and 22th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
My New Fur Coast - On Again, Off Again  (460k)

Walter Zatylny, Sechelt, B.C.

Lego Illusion, Toilet Art, Happy End TP, Henry the Vacuum Cleaner,
How Easter Eggs Are Made,
How To Load/Unload Your Boat - Lakeside Delivery,
FishSun - Touching The Sun, Compact Beamer Did You Say Happy Easter?,
Tractor Car - How To Impress Your First Date Anger Management Suppository Bullets,
Pope's Good & Bad News Message A Baboon Wood - Would You?,
Quick Haul Car Transport, Speaking in Tongues for Animals,
LadyNet - Ukraine's Newest Web Browsers Lighthouse Safety,
Need Map Instructions For Norway? Microsoft Streets Isn't 4U,
Truck's Falling Ad - Come To The Rescue!,
Computing For Girls - A Windows SpecialVealy Big Meal,
When You Know It's Time To Quit Smoking,
Nothing To Fear... NetMan is Here! Shopping Cart Hotplate,
Rad Cat - Curled Up Cat Nap Newfie Fly Groaner - Right On Cue,
Great American Weenie Roast - Pitchfork Special,
International Sign of MarriageUkrainian Tanning Salon,
Porcupine Chair for Quick Meetings Bottle Guys,
Fountain Of Youth - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,
Potty Training An Elephant, Taking A Rest During Hunting Season,
PLO X-Ray - Concealed Weapon House Clown,
Sitting On The Throne - A Tacky Experience Cat In The Bag,
Seismic Support for Polish Buildings Heavy Meal Deal,
Send Your Son Home For The Holidays Downer Rental Car,
'Empty Your Car' Sign - Street Smarts 4U Can Art,
Duct Tape Truck - No-Glass Deliveries Inglish Spikkers Welcom,
France Weather Forecast for November 2005,
Pipe Dreams by Exhausting Cars Bible Bar,
Zidane's Head Butt - World Perspective Mexican Sunscreen,
Leonardo da Vinci's Unfinished Portrait Frisbee Dog Eyelash Embroidery,

Management Team - Leading by Example Polar Bear New Years,
Reach For The Top - What Have You Got To Lose?,
Cattle Herding in AfricaMicrosoft Lebanon's New Store,
Italian Night Before Christmas,
Health Care Profession - Secret Codes &
When Not To Stop Too Fast: When Your Cargo Letsgo

Martin Grosse,  Koblenz, Germany

"BeautyFarkle" guy with a corny sense of humour -
Senior's Wedding Plans - Pharmacist Assisted,
Taliban Warning to the U.S., Sick Day Off - Glaucoma Sufferer,
Antidote For Santa's Milk Dating After 60,
Cool Gardening Pics
Postal Delivery of Damp Mail Spooky Barbecue - Snow Art du Jour,
Are They Hormone or Hermoan Pills?,
Taking Your Kid To The Park for a Face Swing
Happy Valentine's Day to Our New Father,
TP For Those With Money To Throw Away,
"Who's On First?" for 2005 Computers Fortune Cookie Advice,
Bend-But-Don't Break On The Mountain Top,
Wife Download - Beach Intervention Technique
What Will I Wear For Court Today? Four Worm Parable,
Married Too Long? This One's Par For The Course,
How To Tell If There's A Terrorist At The Airport,
Royal Engagement - Prince Charles & Camilla Exclusive!,
Trust Your Wife? Then Cement Your Relationship!
Snowball Fight - Horsing Around (2.5M),
Think You've Had A Bad Day @ Work? (400k),
A New 'Brand' of Pain - OUCH!!! (900k) Bible Guinessis - Old & New Testament by Kids Redneck Birthday Present,
Cold Dip Cyclist Cutter-Offer (850k) Road Rage Granny (1.2M),
BMW's New Half Car (170k) Make Womb For Baby,
Sometimes Life Just Isn't Fair Haircut For Staff Meetings,
Inspiration for Proof That 7 x 13 = 28 Marzipan Babies,
Hurricane Katrina Relief
Performance Pay - God's Answer
Helpful Kids Clean More Than Dishes
(2.3M) Can You Do This?,
"Too Young To Die" Donation, Chinese Paradise, Muslim Driving Licence &
winner of the 17th "Get Stuffed" Award for Only in Canada: MacMoose
Shawn Kennedy, Abbotsford, B.C.

McDonald's South America 'Forks For Dorks' Car,
Domino's Delivers Everywhere World's 'Highest' Outhouse,
Early Christmas School Break Vancouver Snow Plow
Cactus Buzzer (2.0M),
No Pit Stop Car Cold OuthouseDrop In For DinnerTP Protector,
Brick Layers - Cast in Stone Frilly VW Bug Redneck Whirlpool,
Cold Canada Winter Redneck Outhouse Poetry,
New Medicare Program for Senior Citizens Redneck Repair Kit,
Cat Woman & Rat Man Redneck Wireless Internet System,
Rebuilding in New Orleans Surf-In Lunch Snack Florida Bird Flu - 2006,
Sumo Skiing - Newest Olympic Event Canadian Cow: Whole Stein,

An Evening Prayer - With Your Best Friends Preschool Parking,
'Outside The Box' Juggler Redneck Portable Camping Potty,
Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring Healthy Breakfast Economy Flight Plan,
Redneck Port-A-Potty 'Break In Motion' Brake Baby 'Sitter',
Anti-Theft Car Device Redneck Hearse Gas Saving Motorcyclist,
Ultimate Border Control Protection Redneck Lawn Mower,
Hillbilly Tooth Fairy,
Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes Meximerica He Looks Just Like His Father!,
Nemo Found @ Japanese Sudhi Bar Love - Hate Attitude,
Car of the Future Racing a 'Hot Rod' Bad Day Flyer Miss Afghanistan Finalists,
Baby Stork Gifts Redneck Muffler Shop Houston Space Problem,
Moses' Headache Relief 'Turn Me Over' 'Pickup' Tough Love,
Intimate Phones Lost Uncle Who's There?,
Redneck Anti-Theft Truck Granny Does Windows Too,
Ancient Politician Swiss Minigun Good Advice Close Call Parking,
Heavy Training Session Mona Lisa - Behind The Scenes Family Reunion,
Coast Guard Cutbacks & New Restaurant Opening in New Orleans

Thanks to Darwin McKee, Iowa

Thanks for Tasty Migratory Birds, DNA Genes,
How Not To Cut Your Wife's Hair, New Drugs For Women,
Tandem Story - Prof's E-mail Assignment, Blonde's Year In Review,
Things To Do in an Office Meeting, Computer Bumper Stickers,
Fatherly Advice, Groundhog Crisis - Phoenix Faces 13 More Years of Summer!,
Never Underestimate The Power of Seniors, Lawyer's Genie-ous Catch,
Ugly Bus To Paradise, Bluenecks: Revenge of the Rednecks, Good Golfer,
Las Vegas Church Donations, The Good Wife's Guide, Rules of Combat,
'Dream On' Male Ego Booster, Moojita Scale, Computer Nerd T-Shirt Slogans,
Who's Been Eating My Porridge?, Caveman Air Force,
Granny Chair, Easter Yolks, Easter Bunny Wisdom, Astronomy Perspective,
Florida Squirrel, Relative Facelift,
English-isms, Flat Tarr, Problem Neighbour, CompuBrew - Beer on Tap,
Florida's Retired Bikers, April 5, 2006: Special Hundred-Year Date,
How To Hire Engineers, Cleaning Poem, Speeding Back To School,
Osama bin Laden Swing Set, Fried Eggs, Redneck Water Limo,
E. Coli Victim, Irish Flood, Pumpkin Pi, Halloween Kiss, Rools four Righters,
Boy Scout Scooter, “BIG” Texas Rattlesnake, Celebrity Match,
Failed Logistics Exam, Fish Diet, Speeding Mother, Lie Clock, Granny Humour,
Google Marathon Maps, Baked Democrat, Panda Bear Summer,
Your Parrot Is Dead, Senor!, Intelligent Life?, New IRS Form,
Redneck Air ConditionerJoe's 'Dear Abby' PageIn A Perfect World (460k),
Chicken Literacy, Tool Definitions for Dummies, Happy Hour Bike Club,
Little Johnny's Math Test, Noah’s 2011 Ark, No Excuse Sunday,
Women Get Frustrating As They Grow Older, Fish Eyes,
Help Stop The Violence, Mom Posting,
Father Sayings for Father's Day, Animated Army Training,
Too Much Turkey, Viagra Ingredients, Invisible Homeless Man,
If God Had Texted the 10 Commandments, Building Permit,
Texting Abbreviations for the Elderly, Texas Outhouse Art,
How Many Christians Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?,
LOL Tweet, How The Internet Began (Part 2), The Recession,
Marital Rating Chart - Husband, Marital Rating Chart - Wife,
Texas Night Before Christmas, Cold Weather Travel Warning,
and 44th “Get Stuffed” Award Winner for
Tendjewberrymud - Far East Language Translation
Cherei McCarter, San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for Deer Friends - Fawn of Each Other,
New Fuel Gauge for 2005,
Stretch Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk New Fishing Technique
Chinese Cough Drops: A-head Of His Time
New Voting Machine for U.S. Presidential Election
What To Do With An Obnoxious Co-worker
Conch Crab Special to Attract Beach Babes
Deek Out a Hockey Goalie
(1.2M) Pumpkin Faces (1.3M),
Don't Touch My Beer
(1.3M) No Arms Mom - Amazing Inspiration (4.5M),
When You Know It's Time To Lose Some Weight
Seal Hat at the Zoo
(1.4M) Cleaning Gutters With Your Friends (2.4M),
Nutcracker Suite - Chinese Version Bear's Submarine Patrol,
Pickup A Blonde For The Boss
(480k) Cat Therapist (930k),
Cat For Adoption - Wild Pet of the Weak, Why The Dog Left &

12th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for How A Dishwasher Really Works
Lesley Mercado, Burnaby, B.C.

For engineer-inspired groaner Joe-ks ...
Newfie Boat For Sale,
Breastfeeding For The Busy Japanese Executive,
How To Get Revenge on Co-workers:  #3  #4, Last Train Ride,
Sex Education in Saskatchewan,
What Happens in Canada When There's No Hockey  (1.7M),
Stress Relief @ Your Office  (4.7M)   How To Spot A Rich Guy,
Confined Space Teamwork in Africa  (1.1M) Engineer's Christmas Spec Plans,
Tax Time - Get Ready Canada!  (1.9M) Bag Hang-Up,
Fencing Down Under Redneck Swimming Pools,

The Dangers of Veranda Smoking  (1.8M) &
New Scam Alert - Beware of Windshield Washers Valentine Not,
and 5th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Oredr Of Ltteers In a Wrod!
from Steve Thackray, T-Ray Engineering, Vancouver

Supplier of numerous groaners, including No More Bird Droppings,
Johnny On The Pot - Plumber Sits Down On Job,
Frog To Horse Illusion, Fishing With Moses,
How To Weigh Yourself Correctly,
Pawano LessonsDivorce Is GrandLadies Room Buttons,
The Perfect Dog, Double Vision,
Redneck Stealth BomberBedtime BlissChurch Moments (2.7M),
Government Workers - Snow Replacement ExpertsStick Humour,
Little Johnny's Secret Cereal RecipeFarm Machine Music (3.7M),
Catch The Wave (1.5M),
What Women Won't Want for Christmas (1.2M),
Batman Wannabes,
Spanish Computer Gender, Butt Dust, Desert Flowers
Shoe Show - Latest Fashion from Italy & JapanPortable Auto Body Shop,
Rock-In ChairUplifting Tooth Extraction,
Wedding Invitation Redneck PoliticianCat Stroke,
Pregnant Fireman, Kitchen Medicine Cabinet,
Reaching Out Too FarFinger OlympicsBear Warning,
Toe Jam Guitar (2.6M),  Original SUV,
Spring Is Just Around The Corner, Grocery Store Appeal,
1st Modern Church (3.1M), Senile Agitation,
Pool Smart Dog (2.9M),  Don't Try This At Home,
How Smart Is Your Right Foot?, Fat - The Enemy,
Scuba Diving Cat (3.6M),  As You Slide Down The Banister Of Life,
Hyphenated Names, Every Man's Philosophy, Passing The Buck,
Florida - the Plywood State:  #1  #2, and
3rd 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
Dog Download - Why Your Computer Might Not Work Properly
Cathy Young, Richmond, B.C.

A fellow Handbell enthusiast, & supplier of real groaner Mennonite joe-ks...
Gotcha for the Bank of Canada President
, 2004 Tattoo of the Year,
Manitoba Health Care's Test For Alzheimer's,
Blessings From The Pope
Youth Pastor's Last Speech  (3.0M),
Swaying With The Leader Homerisms Colored Folks Heart Attack Grill,
Cold Hearted Women @ The Pearly Gates Practical Error Messages,
Why a Drivers' License Is Like a Report Card Dam Good Response!,
Advice for the Canadian Men's Hockey Team Olympic Non-Medalist Skiier
Tow Yard Complaint - Back Seat Protocol  (270k) Redneck Men's Pickup Lines,
Be Careful What You Ask For, Red Sox Fans!  (1.4M),
Benefits of Regular Exercise - Animal Rescue  (540k) Computer Test,
Bud Found or Bud Missing - the Neighbour's Motherlode!  (2.6M),
Translation for Alternative Theory of Organizational Structure,
Family Picture,
May 4, 2006: Special Hundred-Year Date
Double Mark of the Beast,
Right and Wrong to Little JohnnyFamous Last Words,
Insensitive Hunting Dog, Men’s Cookies,
Redneck Vacation Pirate BattlesSister Logical Happy Men Rules,

and 20th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Beach Trick - Head's Up
Richard Thiessen, Abbotsford, B.C.

Thanks to Pierre Belleau for
Bike Insurance or Life Insurance?
  (1.0M) Monkey Visa  (2.1M),
Spare Steering Wheel Cures Boredom  (2.8M),
Self Defense is 90% Instinct  (1.7M) 1st Static Electricity-Powered Home  (3.1M),
Recycled Bird Plops - Gift From Above  (1.4M),
Lotto - The Biggest Risk of Becoming a Millionaire  (1.6M),
Beware of Toyota Traps  (900k) Sumo Soccer  (1.8M),
How To Reduce Symptoms of PMS  (1.1M),
For Things You'll Only See Once In A Lifetime  (1.3M),
Give Blood Or Else  (1.6M) Stunt City  (5.2M),
Help Me Before It's Too Late! High Heel Motorcycle,
High-Wire Act Violin,

Baked Beans - Nature's Way of Opening Windows  (260k) &
When You Need To Replace Your Bed, Spring For IKEA

Thanks to Barry McCartney for
A “forever friend” who has all the answers for my “next idea” ...
How To Use The New 1940 Dial Telephone!, Bill Mailbox,
The Real Reason Why The U.S. Invaded Iraq, Dubai Ski Hill,
Sneaky Dog, Redneck Wireless Security System, Asking God For New Shoes,
Breast Implant Breakthrough, Evolution Of Man, I Want One!,
Cubs or Pork Chops?, World's First Hybrid Motorcycle, UPS Fishing Boat,
Senior Bumper Stickers, Hand Painting Par Excellence, The Old Phone,
German Car Parkade, Goalkeeper Oops! (320k), New Blackberry Accessories (1.5M),
Trunk Monkey Chaperone (1.1M), Lada Recall (450k), Get Down Here, Right Now! (1.8M),
Ma & Pa Math: 5 into 25 equals 14 (4.2M), Finger Football (1.7M),
Monthly Man - Sharing PMS (2.0M), CSI China (1.6M), How To Peel An Egg (320k),
European Speed Bumps (2.6M), 'Underneath That' Cake, Locked Luggage (4.7M),
How Men Talk To Their Wives, My Dream Home (1.6M), Fishing in Florida (1.7M),
High Water Bill (4.4M), Food Magic (5.1M), Golf Tips (1.8M),
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (1.5M), Irish School Demolition (1.5M),
Rotating Illusion - Pink Eye Trick, Dear Crossing, Urban Blonde (1.5M),
I Smell A Rat, Don't Forget Her Special Day (750k), Blonde Accident
Morse Code vs. Text Messaging (4.0M), Quick Wedding (1.5M), UK Credit Crunch,
Best Panhandler (3.8M), New Cell Phones (3.8M), Lightweight Safety Glasses,
Let's Say I Break Into Your House No Service, The Perfect Wife (1.3M),
Wheelbarrow Wheelies, Training Bike, Bathroom Camera (2.0M),
Plasma Bed Extension (970k), Bud Light Beer Bunker (1.6M), electricAL safety,
SUV Morning Craving (2.8M), Eufloria Flower Choreography (830k),
Bungee Jumping 'Down Under' (680k), The Devil's Swimming Pool,
Einstein or Monroe?, Redneck RV (1.4M), Amazing Catch (1.2M),
Construction SNAFU Awards, Piggy Back, Back Flip (1.3M),
Maple Leaf Coalition, Underwater Birth, Canadian Morality Test,
Crane Wreck, Google Headquarters, Long Winter, Redneck Boat Ramp,
For Sale, Due To Market Changes, Rudolph Trophy, They Found Your Balls,
Redneck Hurricane Survival Kit, Russian Bar Trio (2.5M), Canadian Car, eh (2.5M),
Cat Printer (3.1M),
Extreme Sports (2.4M), Sponsor an Executive (4.3M),
Best Retriever, Walk-In Fridge (1.1M), African Meal on Wheels,
Mexican Recliners, Camping For Seniors, Cinder Block Repair,
Redneck Christmas Lights, Don't Touch My Car (1.1M), Recession Boss,
Somalia Pirate Souvenir, When The Chips Are Down,
Recession Cutbacks, Candle Power (4.5M), Clinton Combo Kitchen Tool Set,
Cheap Windshield Repair (5.8M), Gas Right Posterior Strips (2.0M),
Redneck Fire Hose Rodeo (3.3M), Breast Cancer Cure,
Toyota's New Lawn Mower (3.6M), Slowval (600k), Nitrate,
Scratch Lottery Tickets (1.8M), Croc Retrieval White Christmas,
Dashing Name, Original Homeland Security, Tiger Wood's Trophy,
Tiagra, One Glass Per Day, Dick Head, Fly Art, Saskatchewan Harley,
Pregnant Ref, Employee Happiness Kit, Spring Is In The Air,
BP's Last Chance To Plug The Well, How Twins Are Made,
Dog Days of Summer, 1957 Woolworth Menu, Redneck Cadillac,
Redneck Wheelchair Stroller, Redneck Submarine, New Navy Medicine,
Redneck Teeter Totter, Fart Facts, Redneck Restroom Privacy,
Driving Tip For The Elderly, Franchises Available,
Window Fall Repair, Window Washing Daredevil, American Debt (2011),
Husband Day Care Center, Lost Cat, Snowplow For Seniors, Stairway Repair,
New B.C. Ferry (2.4M), Redneck Auto Mechanic, Queen’s Recent Visit to Ireland,
Homeless Signs, Halloween Warning, Three Wise Men, Car Whitewash,
Smoking Area Ceiling, Run Through The Rain With Me and 
winner of the 6th “ Get Stuffed” Award for Extreme Soccer
Barry McCartney, Coquitlam, B.C.

Thanks to Wayne Nowazek, Moist-West-Territories, Canada, for
18 Hole Golf Courses - Why?, Unbeerievable Nuns, Miracle on the Hudson,
How To Tell If You're From Winnipeg, Backyard Canadian Pool,
Texas Divorce, Bacon Tree, I Love New Recipes, Ukrainian Perogies,
Bull Terrier vs. Porcupine: Quill He Make It?,  Country Wisdom, Easter Canceled,
Thanksgiving Thoughts, Heads Up Scarecrow (850k), What Red Light? (1.2M),
Cat Surprise (1.2M), Manitoba Cold, Feeding Time, Fire Truck,
Bird Flu Symptoms, Ukrainian Sausage, The Wheels of Life,
Nozzle Rage (1.8M), Tim Thomas in the Handshake Line (1.0M),
Cowboy's Secret to Living a Long Life, The Blame Game, Firearm Stats,
Cell Phone For Seniors, Young Who Suffer, Biblical Humour,
Bacon Bra, Shimmy Car-nage, Saskatchewan Snow Blower,
Interruptus Unexpectus, Ranch Worker's Return On Investment,
Laws of the Natural Universe, New Speed Trap, Winter Sucks,
Born to be Blind (2.4M), Rescue Dog (1.3M),  Wandering Deer,
Fish Hook Removal (1.9M), Never Run a Red Light!, Fast Camera Shutter,
A Beautiful Message About Growing Old, Dementia Relations,
Teeter TottHer, Wayne's Fish, Booger Queen, Hopscotch for Seniors,
Teddy Bear Dance (2.6M), Different Drugs, Newfoundland Icebreaker,
Camel Herders of the 21st Century, Portable Balance Beam, Redneck Fire Alarm,
Philosophy of House Cleaning, Manitoba Thunderstorm,
Don't Annoy The Maid (500k), Why iPad Won't Replace a Newspaper (2.5M),
Aussie Toilet Paper (1.5M), Marriage Expectations, Front Row Seats,
Australian Sheep Farm - Herding Down Under, Control Your Anger,
All Over It (1.0M), Submarine Racing, Master Reference Binder,
Kids Klub, Unlikely Friends, Handicap Porch, Redneck Trike,
Menopause Jewelry, Perfect Super Bowl Seat, e-mail From God, Happy Sky,
Signs of Old Age, Man Of The House, Ode To Flatulence, Bowl Of Chili,
Efficiency Expert's Home Advice, Best Diet Ever, The New Supermarket,
Man Of The Year Finalists, Carry On or Carrion?, Redneck Porch Hunter,
Woman's Remote, Diet Water, Making Hockey More Popular,
Redneck Fifth Wheel, Drink Refill, Newfie Lawn Rolls,
contribution to Diatribe du Jour, Newfie Happy Hour, Patient Patient,
Viagra Switch, A. A. A. D. D., Sun Son Power, Stork Exhaust,
Car Hosers (1.5M), Swimming Buddies (2.6M), Karate Sign Kick,
Truck Stuck, Balloon Clothing, Texas Speed Camera,
Baby's First Exam, Take The Bus, Who Needs a Guard Dog?,
North Dakota Weather Alert (310k), Hot Tub Cover, Deconstruction,
Old Dog, Saskatchewan Roughrider Fan, Breeding Bulls,
2008 Cereal, Winter in Manitoba, Latte Art, Open Air Wiring,
Double Decker Bus, Call Center Outsourcing, Half House For Sale,
Economics 101, Sticker Story, Whose Problem, Shower Lighting,
Holiday Songs for the Disturbed, World's Easiest-To-Park Vehicle (1.6M),
Freeway Chase (2.1M), Siamese Pike Twins, How Was The Holiday? (310k),
Cookie Overdose (2.0M), Hanging LoadHusband's Revenge (3.6M),
Lean Two Transportation, Tired Truck, Suspended Practice,
Not-So-Smart Car, Tobacco Smoke Enema, It Was That Close,
Thomas Jefferson Quotes Tailgate Coyote How Tequila Works,
Catholic Heart Attack, Cup of Mona Lisa, Harley House,
Christmas Card Flowchart, Reconstructive Surgery, Chesthair,
Road Hugging Tire, Da Hood Shirt, How To Cook A Deer,
Forgotten Photos, Statue Unveiled, Armpit Inspectors,
Tequila Christmas Cake, Christmas Wish For Seniors, Sand Faces,
Door Wreath, Microsoft Innovation, Dragonfly Art, The Spacebar,
Daily Exercise for Seniors, Service, Moontage, Frosty Christmas,
After Christmas Therapy, Tired Of Snow, Sniff Time, Redneck Stairs,
Redneck Hands-Free Driving, Saskatchewan Freeway, New York Blackout,
Fixer-Uppers, Mexico Gravestones, Puddle Bath, Golfing Nun,
All Bottled Up, Bank Late Fees, Redneck Chair Potty,
Chinookie, Backwards Even In A Mirror, Redneck Cupboard,
Redneck ATV Trailer, Happy Turkey Day, Beaver Stretching,
Croc Diet, Handicap Motorcyclist, Redneck Motor Boat,
Itchy Nose, Gay Marriage, Be Careful Pulling Out (4.8M),
Revised Wall Street Terms, How To Hack A Lock (2.5M),
CarJacking (3.2M), Top 10 Dog Peeves, Photo Scratch, Bear vs. Cows,
Dubm Kid @ The Barber Shop, Dreaded Furniture Disease &
42nd 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for  Little White Lies @ the Ladies' Bake Sale

Thanks for Lifespan Allocation - What Man Does With 80 Years,
Never-Die Railroad Conductor, Shopping in the Express Lane,
Driving Tip For Guys - Don't 'Flip' A Female,
No Room At The Inn?, Rabbi's Advice On Wife's Poison,
New Element in the Periodic Table: WOMEN, Preacher's Patience Bike,
Priceless Breakfast After A Long Night Throne Collector,
Passing the Bar Exam to Join The Club,
Inspiration for Will Rogers Quotes, &
New Dog Breeds for 2005

Scott Benson

Source of Tree Hugger inspiration,
Cornering the Mountain Bike Market,
Hydro's Dam New Aggressive Marketing Strategy, Pesky Cats
An In-fluential Love Story Cardinals Select New Pope,
The Origin Of Order: Assumed Work Plans Blonde Prize Winner,
Is Your Border Safe?
(1.2M),  Negotiating Lawyers,
"Make Your Neighbours Envious" Wallpaper
winner of the 9th "Get Stuffed" Award for
Achieving More At Work - Better Management Styles
Bob Bradley, Abbotsford, B.C.

A guy who's always "Putting Out Fires" as a Fire Risk Reduction specialist.

provider of a whole bunch of Hans-ome groaners (i.e. Chicken-Powered Nuclear Bombs; Last Page on the Internet),
Hamster-Powered Cell Phone Charger Letters to God - From Children,
Snowmobile Races - Get There Early Suntan For Weight Loss Weather Rock,
Yoga's Balanced Lifestyle Chainsaw-Powered 'Dolmette' Super-Motorcycle,
Bear-ly Surviving A Pole-top Electrocution
(2.2M),  Pool Prank (2.4M),
1st IT Professional (3.0M),
German Coast Guard (980k),  Da Vinci Code Revealed Triple Bypass Burger,
Russian Milk-Can Cowputer Ghetto Boom Box Cozy Washroom Raise Twins,
Candle-lit Christmas Tree,
and 14th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for the
Wet T-Shirt Contest Winner 
(... NOT what you're thinking!)
Hans Pagels, Langley, B.C.

Connoisseur & Regular Joe-kster e-reader who appreciates
even the worst of the joe-ks ...
Prison Escapee's Not-Quite-Clean Escape Words Of Wisdom,
Comprehending Accountants Buy Her Something Expensive Credit Corpsoration, Florida Golf Hazard,
Beware of Waiters With Spare Spoons Elephant Circumcision,
Wide Receiver Signing Mennonite Washrooms,
(Our tech support for Sound stuff, and now finally close
to the top of the "Mention-able" list!)
28th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Glass World - Where Plumbers Buy
Rod Ewert

Supplier of the latest footage of the Siegfried & Roy Onstage Tiger Attack,
a test to determine if you are 'Normal', a 'Dubai-ous' Hotel Illusion,
a Math trick to determine your phone number, How To Fold A T-Shirt,
How To Handle Office Conflicts, How Mice Multiply,
Hooked On Classics by the Horn Guy, Maiden Rock - Can You Find The Maiden? and
21st '
Get Stuffed' Award Winner for the
Secret of How To Live A Long, Happy Life
Dominic Leyba

for Headhunter Shopping @ Internet - The Place 2B,
Newfie Hi-Tech Phone - Cell & Camera ComboIce Park - Slippery Street du Jour, Hot Dog MathTwisted Building - Pre-Earthquaked 4U Be Careful Where You Sleep,
Cat Crossing - Proceed Carefully Free Trip To Heaven,
Barbsled - Ladies Downhill Racing @ Turin 2006,
Duct Tape Rules - New Meaning for 'Hangover',
Dirt Patrol - Standing Your Ground Lord of the PingsCar's Half-Car Trailer,
Which Way Bike Shelf Ready Sleeper Computer SuperUser - a.k.a. 'Root' Hacker,
What Don't You Understand About 'No Parking'? Bridging the Computer Gap,
Watered Down IllusionSpiderman's Car, Nun Chairs, Extreme Skateboarding &
RingNose - Self-Inflicted Pain
Jutta Liesenfeld, Cologne, Germany

Company Renamed, Annual Meeting of Women Drivers,
Women Drivers Bronx School Bus,
"David and Goliath" Sumo Mismatch Newfie Cell Phone Accessory,
Ladies - You 'Can' Order Your Perfect Man! Not-so-Mini Mini,
Taking A Rest During Hunting Season Computer Tools
Copy Cats,
Thai Bikers: Whoever Falls First Loses Cheerless Leader Snail On The Run,
Today's Paper Read Yesterday? Time For a Trade-In? Fountain Hair,
Dental Floss That Crows On You 'First' Class PunsBaby Clone
Why Men Shouldn't Take Messages It's Never Too Late, Harley,
'Hooked On Clothes' Cat Fat Friend Prayer Happy Keester,
Machine Wash Instructions for Teenagers No Additive Diet,
Puppy Support - 'Back' Up Plan Secret to Russian Sport Success,
Scaffolding for the Dirt Cheap Contractor Housework Quotes,
Don't Get Your Head In A Knot Toy Prayers
Redneck Car Seats,
Lean Two
Redneck Mobile Homes Redneck Swimming Pools,
Going Nowhere Mall - For Shoppers With LOTS of Time,
How To Become A Star Doctor Types Company Christmas Party - Whine & Dine,
New Years Resolutions You Can Keep Restaurant Reservation,
'Let Us Pray' or 'Let Us Prey'? (800k) Backpack or Goat Pack?,
Monk's Fish And Chip Stand Basic Rules of English Spelling and Grammar,
Rush Hour Non-Traffic Hairball Essence or Hair Ingestion?,
Foot Sign Language Cat A Head Of Its Time,
Canadian Joe-ks, eh! Politician's Corn - Miracle In The Making,
Hay Bale Art On The Prairies Room Service in a Texas Hotel,

Laying Down the Ground Rules in the House Squirrel Gymnast,
Flight Downer You Have A Cute Baby Duct Tape Wall Bed &
Canadian Banknotes - Extreme Makeover For Toonie

Phoebe Moll, South Dakota

Thanks to Rick Bohnenkamp for:
The Perks of Being 60 Card Magic
  (230k) A Man Named Fred,
A Reason To Learn English "Hold These" Golf Clubs,
65 And Pregnant Levees From Around The World Male Refund,
Fractured Christmas Carols & Songs Pastor's Business Card,
First Major Change by German Pope Scenic Country Walk,
How Blonde Was She? Arkansas Cure For Terminal Illness,
Dress Code For Older Folks Margarine vs. Butter Church Wedgie,
401K Plan - Privatizing Social Security Roe vs. Wade - 2005,
Sharing Your Faith - Kindergarten Perspective Bombay Tech Support,
Computer Women True Love
Horse Crawler  (580k) Soiled Service,
Ultimate Female Piercing Diatribe Facts du Jour Screen Cleaner,
Peanut Butter Hound Wish-Granting Mirror McLaden Burger,
Welcome to Illinois!
text for Honda - When Things Just Work!,
Signs You're Flat Broke Yoga Pencil Fitness On The Bus,
How To Identify Where A Driver Is From Skeleton Cat,
Future Therapy Something Fishy,
Pilot Gets Heavenly Treatment 'No Time For Anesthetic' Golfer! &
People Who Can't Dance

A source of inspiration, whose “GRACE” is great enough for me...
supplier of 'L-U-C-K-Y-' Driver pics,
Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer - Real Men of Genius (900k),
Welcome to Air Zimbabwe, I Am Canadian, eh!, Lost Dog,
All Dogs Go To Heaven, Fat Monkey Sculpture,
Menno Air Splits - Makes Basiness Sanse!, Norvegian Humour,
God Gives Restaurant, Italian Rolex (1.9M), Bubble Car (960k),
CBC Special Report (3.9M), Sorry, Bill - I'd Rather Kiss The Boss (1.5M),
Eggsellent Bike, Hu's On First (3.1M), Painful Banana Split, Circumcision,
New Airport Check-in Attire, Jewish Humour, Tree Awning,
Colorectal Surgeon Praise, Fowl Bike, Bacon Bike, Family Bike
Dave Loewen, Abbotsford, B.C.

Draftsman by day... groaner joe-ks submitter by night...
Alternate Uses For Brand Name Products Christmas Tree Top Pain,
It's OK To Come Out Now, Honey Goldfish Sink,
Painful Slam Dunk (550k) Home For Blind Carol Singers,
Typical Males
(770/630k) How To Microwave Soup (390k),
2007 Ford Shelby GR1 Concept Car 1-800-PILLCASH,
'No Fart Forest' for Extreme Fire Hazards Tree Houses,

and 18th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for ASCII Art - Walking Man
Bill Wellbelove, Burnaby, B.C.

Close friends from Tsawwassen & Squamish, B.C.  ...
I'm Fine - How Are You?, God's Billboard, Singing Gynecologist,
Aviator's Night Before Christmas, Baby Jesus - Pure Innocence,
Plane Loses Propeller, Joystick Car, Santa Stop Lights,
Brick Road Laying in The Netherlands, Did Philip Fart?,
Starbuck’s Employee of the Month (2.5M), Politics 101,
Monastery Life, 'Twas the Day After Christmas, Politician Training,
Don't Mess With A Newfie, Baby Winks,
Duck That Did Not Duck, Spaghetti Night  (4.8M),
Panda Bear Summer,
Redneck Christmas Tree, Grass Room, Sea Painting, Cube Farm,
Priest's First Confession, Working With a Blonde Coworker,
Eye Examination Chart  &  Downhill Cycling
Ken & Elizabeth Ward, Squamish, B.C.

Thanks to Glenna Kennedy  for
Polar Bear Attack - WARNING Hurricane Protection Eagle Collision,
Animal Adoption (3.9M),  Swine Flu Symptoms,
Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality, F16 vs Woodpecker (2.6M),
Sun Protection, Only in Montana, Gate Crashers,
Snow 'Art' - Snow Good!, Trail ClosedAsses and Camels,
Redneck Hanging Basket, Hunting Partners,
Bad Feather DayTwo Feet Of SnowButt LiftDevoted Husband,
Snowgazers, Spreading The Wealth,
Young Rock Star, Hearse Parking, Senior Center Reminder,
Wedding Cake for Men Extreme Waterslide (690k),
Poor Eve, Nuts, Horse Follower, Tampon Saves Marine’s Life,
Winter in Wyoming, Apple Doubles Up On Its IT,
Remote Outdoors, Train Hits Deer,
Scratch, Virgins in Heaven, Train Hits Deer,
Bacon Bikes, Kingsford the Piglet Goes Swimming (5.2M),
Lipstick Dog, Porch Deer next to John Deere,
Lawntastic Scenery, Cowboy Boots, Playground Motorcyclist &
Lucky Moose (3.9M)

Thanks to Mel Hardman (aka elvisweathercock) for these animations:
Abbey Road, You’re So Vane!, Shakespeare - The Early Years, THIRTEEN,
Merry Christmas from, Computer Bug Removal, Bobbie Tickle,
Paradise Reclaimed, Make Loaf Not War, Hawaii Surfing, Egg Timer,
Fish Farm, Standard & Poor’s Downgrade, Gonzolier, DIRK,
Back Bard, The Misadventures of Super Muammario,
Jay Leno Saga, Steering Wheel For Couples, Alone In The Wild,
Another Day At The Office, Moonlight Owls,
Organ Transplant, Leaning Against The Leaning Tower,
Spaghetti Digest, Happy Centipede, Superb Owl, Lounie Coin,
Olympic Snow Job, Snow Shuttle, Black Golfer,
Prince William’s Coat of Arms, Chimp Weightlifter,
BachScratcher, Monster Mouse, Inukshuk Ski Jumping,
Thumbs Up to the XXI Winter Olympic Games,
Zip Line Mouse, Owlympics Ice Skating, Mountain Highwire,
Owlympics Bobsled, Sumo Skiing - Pairs, Sundae Sermon,
Eddie the Eagle's Farewell to the Olympics,
Sidney Crosby's Stick & Glove Found, Donald Tramp,
Chair Man Mao, Hypno Dog, Owlvis Presley, Harlie's Angel,
Manager Meal, Guatemala Sinkhole, Well Oil Be!,
Einstein Seeds, Auntie Gravity Research, Head Butt,
Real FootBall, Driving Rain, Webber Upside Down,
Holstein or Holestein?, SwarchenEgger, Paradigm Shift,
Abby's Wild Eyes, Football Chicks, Shoddy Goaltending - Not!,
Watch Out for the Joe-kster, Tweety Tar, Kiwi Hair Brush,
Kiwi Shave, Highwire Shark, Sidecar, Fourk, Porca,
Peregrine Falcon, BP Gas Meter, British Gas Meter,
Statue of Libertea, Giant Step For Mankind, Backpack Key Fob,
Bach Scratching, Eiffel Slide, LiverPool, Squarell,
Window Cleaning in New York, Baby Weightlifter,
Halloween Greeting, Moses' Headache Relief - the Sequel,
Global Worming, Dead Poirot, Scan Scam, Double Horse,
Run, Turkey, Run, Elton or Eltoff?, Rastaurant,
Boy George or Boy Gorge?, Coffee Attack,
Bald Plug, Amsterdam House Poles, Bolt Cutter Man,
Going Cold Turkey, Stretch Elephants, Doughnut Monster Truck,
World's First Binary Signal, BiPolar Bear, Plane Window,
Wireless Technology, Santa Bus, God Darts,
Assange Finds Weapon of Mass Destruction, Laser Cats,
Puddin’ the Fun into Christmas, Wii-ki Leak Game,
Shining New Year, Squirrel Bagpipes, Picasso Car,
Pair Tree, Starbucks’ New Mega Coffee, Barthoven,
a real Bald Eagle, Not-So-Bald Eagle, Donald Trump Eagle,
False Teeth, Arab WALMART, Playing Mantis,
Penguin Sliders, “Madness” On A Roll, Image Challenge,
Moses’ USB Tablets, Microsoft Office Windows,
Meat Loaf, Titanic Trailer, Madness in London,
D Monster, Five Pound Note, Bartman, Sports Hernias,
Terrapin Toss, Moses As A Lifeguard, Seinfeld Haircut,
Escherlator, Deluxembourg, Microsoft Messenger - Prototype,
Such Is Life, Gaddafi Antics, Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lessons,
Lightweight Dumbbells, Royal Wedding Reaction, New York Blackout,
Moonie Coin, Google Glasses, That’s All Falks!, PC World,
Trunk Sleeper, Instant Cats & Chimp Manager

An 'apprecionado' of “real” Classical music & humour-us joe-ks,
wishing her good luck on her new Music Ministry position @
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba,
and 11th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for the Nosey Moose
Trish Reimer & Rick Riemer
(Rick took this pic of his cat Mr. Fluffy on Christmas Day in Princeton B.C. ~ 2003)

Graphic arts talent @
Dr. Plank - 'Speck Out Of Your Eye' Guy & Bubba's Staple Diet

'Jono' Falk, Abbotsford, B.C., Canada

Inspiration for exclusive: the Uncut Version of 'A Fish Called Wanda'
Wanda Hildebrandt

Off Road Commode - When Nature Calls,
She Loves Me ... She Loves Me Not, Very Hot Air Balloon,
Voting Outhouse - Where All Voters “Go”
Jerry Van Horne

Computer Database Guru, MS Access Expert & CD Burner Du Jour
Miguel De Asis

I Finally Got The Bathroom Remodeled! and
First Ever Winner of the now-Prestigious "Get Stuffed" Award
for Sunday Drive in the Country - The Good Old Days
Mei Leung

Sheep Collie Guru & supplier of "Trucks with 'Down' Syndrome" images...
A Day When Everything Goes Wrong
Dick Brighton

"URL Tilde Finder", source of 'Whining Women' and 'Womens Work'  joe-ks,
Newfie Vasectomy, &
and winner of the 7th "Get Stuffed" Award for
Toronto Maple Leafs - No Cup For You!

Dan Dick

A genius 'escapee' Engineer from Powertech Labs, and an endless
supplier of information on "all things New York"
Ron Leonard (& his better half Georgia)

A fellow Powertech escapee & source of ironic light in morale-less B.C. Hydro,
quick wit, brilliant mechanical engineer & supplier of "Hang Ten"
perseverance joe-ks!

"You don't get what you deserve... you get what you negotiate!"
Doug Franklin

Source of the Governator's 'New California Dictionary',
'Why Men Shouldn't Take Messages', 'Women's Donkey Size Study',
"Doctor's Advice for the Wife", 'F18 Mid-Air Collisions",
Me? No - I Use That Hydrant! Portable Dog Carriers Pothole Brothers,
ObamaCare Tablets, Tiger's New Movie, Touching Elephant Story,
Office Skill Test
(3.9M) Losing It On The Farm &
Mexico Earthquake - the World Helps Out  humor
Simon (aka PlzzMrDJ) Pentz, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Why I Fired My Secretary, Waiting For Windows To Boot,
Why Americans Can't Find Iraqis, How To Detect A 2-Way Mirror,
Mafia Collection from the Deaf Collector,
Prince Charles - Marriage Warning Belly Button Tattoos for Primates,
Brick Placement: How To Recruit Employees,
15th '
Get Stuffed' Award Winner for a "Management Lesson on Project Resources"
Gandhi Mukkavilli, Burnaby, B.C.

Computer Guru par extraordinaire, source of renowned Pope,
World Cup Final, Total Driving Control  & Mushy Bees joe-ks...
How Many Mice Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?,
Stevie Wonder's Jazz Chord A Bicycle Boot For Two,
How To Tell If You've Got What It Takes, Men &
Newfie Christmas Gift - a DVD Rewinder

Super Dave Greaves (Ladner, B.C.)

Great illusions - Impossible Object,
Wisdom From Grandpa Breakable Postal Package,
Cabin Illusion Mountain Illusion Dying Pope's Last Request,
Construction details re
Lego Church Self Portrait for Squirrels,
Dream Houses from Around The World Kids In Church,
Seniors Are Valuable,
Pine Trees Know When It's Easter Robin William's Peace Plan,

Church Bumper Stickers Where's the Middle Column? &
43rd 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
Explain This To Your Boss!
Joyce Welwood

For an everlasting supply of video clips, and
2nd winner of the “Get Stuffed” award for
The Butt of all Plane Joe-ks, Tennis Ball Retriever, Corporate Rowing,
Instant Engine Starting Down Under, Airless See-Through Tires,
Satellite View of 2003 North America Power Outage, 5 Dollars of Gas,
Middle East Airlines, Christmas Bad Attitude,
Photo Op, 'Lucky' Dog, This Is My Road,
Bungee Mouse - Meal On A Rope (1.6M),
How Not To Park Your Car (2.1M), Huge Dead Snake (2.0M),
Stunt Front End Loader (1.6M),
Lap Dog (2.9M)  &   Magic Green Hat,
Barry Leinbach,  Vancouver, B.C.

Friends of the Joe-kster,
and fellow supporters of the Kootenay Ice...
Louvre Paintings Blonde Bull-ony Don't Mess With The Amish Newfie Painter,
Teahouse of the August Moon Wirgin Honeymoon Last Round of Golf,
Gator Baiter Dog Sculpture Water Mask Sinking Feeling Nose For Coke,
Fast Police Response Best Fairy Tale Ice Fishing Contest Purina Diet,
Father Load, Yelling Across The House, Badger Bale,
Free Kittens, Tree Stand,
Bird WhiteWash Triangle of Life BBQ Invitation
(2.7M) & Irish Virgin
Gene & Renate Jaster, Cranbrook, B.C.

For her superb goodies & 'Whys' groaners,
Donald Trump's Dog 'Dogs R Us' Fashion Showg,
Merry Christmas To All Of You
(PowerPoint  1.9M),
&and winner of the 8th "Get Stuffed" Award for
Fleas NaviDogs Wanna Wish You A Merry Christmas

Karilee Hagerman

Thanks for  feedback on the "Hearse Lineup" joe-k &
Dog Bagpipe - What Helium Can Do For Your Dog,
additions to
Women's Wisdom for 2004,
Never Argue With A Woman,

Things That Took Me Over 50 Years To Learn & European Call Centre Enquiries
Wraye Wenigmann, Bonn, Germany

An Oregon 'Duplicate Checker' and source of "Bear"able
and Headache-curable joe-ks...
St. Peter's Politics
Roy Gathercoal

Urgent Bulletin - Lookout For Office Terrorists
Donna Reedy

Van Pooler with a corny sense of humour,
and supplier of great coffee & ice cream on birthday days
Deep Thoughts,
Catfish Bites Off More Than It Can Chew and
26th '
Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
High Strung Violinist - Set Your Sites High in Victoria, B.C.

Anne Kundakcioglu

Inventor of the Joe-kster's car's   SEA-E-O license plate,
Time To Pull The Plug? The Perfect Dress,
and 10th '
Get Stuffed' Award Winner for First Picture Back From Mars
May Dun

A supporter of the joe-kster when through my MBA years,
and now a "frequent supplier" of groaner joe-ks

Billy Ellis

Street Luge Racing & Whistler Condo 2010 Olympic Joe-ks Supplier,
and 4th '
Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
Whistler Condo Available for 2010 Whistler Olympic Bookings

Sue Reynolds

Nag-ing Joe-ks galore
Gary Constantine & Don Clouter

Fellow Awana leader, and supplier of Bald & Heavenly Perogy Joe-ks
Ken Jamieson

Groaner Joe-k suppliers ...
Barbara Fitzgerald
Peter Philpott - my best supply of Russian puns & a St. Petersburg, Russia tovarych!
Greg J. Edwards - a Blonde Dent-ist supplier!
Dan Simpson for his "Bottomless Mug" suggestions
Margaret Sollitt - for her many "Colour Test" & inspirational submissions

Thanks to Eric Nelson & Paul Stafford for their unique solutions
and help in solving How Can This Be True, Math Nerds?

How Can This Be True?   puzzle

Thanks to the GIF WIZARD for enabling me to compress all my gif and jpeg files

Use GIF Wizard

A "Dreamweaver Guru" from Polar Bear Software ...
Jennifer Reid

A plug for the best internet site for Canadian Graphic Images

Trudi Buetel & Trevor Rate - first class service at
The Delta Optimist,  Delta, B.C.,   Canada
(look for Trevor's article on the internet)

Thanks for Gonna Be A Bear Next Time &
16th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for a woman's view that
"A Man Is Like A Deck of Playing Cards" &
When Women Lose It - Parking Lot Demo Derby
Rysa Gordon

Thanks to
Kirk Lowry for
Kirk on a Beginner's Mountain Bike
Animal Halloween Costumes,
Pot At The End Of Your Rainbow, Suicide Cat  (820k) Bear Flop Fishing  (2.6M),
7-Year Old Pool Shark  (2.9M) Overdue Outpatient News,
Football FINALLY Makes Sense! Biker Santa,
You Might Be A Texan If... Redneck Thanksgiving CATastrophy in the Kitchen,
Friends Don't Let Good Friends Drive Drunk Redneck Birth Announcement,
Redneck Coffee Table Redneck Mirror Redneck Furnace,
Mom Tested, Mom Approved Grillin' Down South,
Redneck Book of Manners Redneck Barbecue Redneck Mailbox,
True Love Just A Weeeeeee Bit AOL's Password Protection,
Thanksgiving During Biblical Times Christmas Letter To God,
Spinning Illusion - Eyes Playing Tricks On You &
Dog On Pot - Without Crack

Thanks to Dwayne Martin, Ruskin, B.C. for 
Alternative To Spanking,
World's First Horse Power Vehicle Redneck Christmas Carols
Redneck Church Sign Responsible Hi-Tech Redneck Redneck BMW Grill,
Redneck Snow Plow Polish Paramedics,
Spot the Man's Head Hidden in the Coffee Beans Real Man's Barbecue,
Redneck Birthday Cake Frogs Switch New Math Multiplication
2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics - Unannounced Program,
Scrabble Tombs Pa Loves Women Sick Tombstone,
Memory Fish, Bacon Cheeseburger,
Typical Work Progress Report
(410k) Phone Number Magic Trick,
Here Comes Baby - Halloween Costume for 2005 &
Moorage For Your Large Boat

Thanks for What The Stone Age Was Like,
Newfoundland's End Of The World Vampire Snowman mondegreens,
Background Info for
Christmas Laser Light Show
  (5.0M),  Preacher's Ass,
Chinese Proverbs for
Confucius Says Look Daddy - Baby Kittens!,
Polar Bear Party Cowboy Poetry - Buying A Bra,
Hair Strengthener Fish Bowl Cleaner Sick Of Snow Logging Moose,
Shopping Cart Car For Sale - One Useless Cat Windows For Cat,
High Heel Motorcycle Grad Prom in a Stretch 'Vette &
2005 Darwin Awards

Jacqui Graham, Burns Lake, B.C.

Thanks to Fred Jerant, Allentown, Pennsylvania for
Ring Leader, Skateboard Dog (760k), National Mental Health Care Week,
Norvegian Groaners, Christmas Present for Naughty Kids,
Dancing With Soon To Be Stars,Bank Deal,
Amish Prom Limo,Why Women Are Crabby,The Whole Truth,
The Beijing Olympics Fakebook,Redneck Sprinkler,
Redneck Water Taps, Hand Tool,Redneck Gas Cap,
Stool There,Water Transformer Hazard,Kissing Test (1.9M),
Why Men Need Post-It Notes, Gas Financing,
The Art of Cropping, Holiday Eating Tips,
How To Shoot A Bow (1.4M),Under The Mistletoe (470k),
McDonalds Reaches Africa,Vatican City's New Breakfast Special,
School's Automated Answering Service (1.5M)
Fred Jerant, Allentown, Pennsylvania

'Bug Light' Invisible Monsters On Your Desk,
Fire Extinguisher Training In Turkey (700k) Motorvation,
Hard Hat Protection Paper Welding Helmet Scaffold Support Not,
Mexican Fire Extinguisher Mexico Electric,

Hazardous Materials Data Sheet for Woman Unknown Unknowns - Rumsfeld Poetry One-Question IQ Test We're Off to See the Wizard!,
The Honey Truck, Garage Door Art,

Firemen to the Rescue Highest Bidder
(3.9M) British Power Smart (1.7M),
A Romantic Hay Ride not meant for the light-farted! &
inspiration for the Synchronized Cow Chip event @
2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics - Unannounced Program

Don Delcourt, Fire & Risk Reduction, B.C. Hydro, Burnaby, B.C.

Thanks for engineer-inspired groaners
How To Stump An Accountant Speed Limit Enforced by Attack Aircraft,
Newfies Make Good Astronauts A Horse's Ass IS Important Bubba's New Truck,
Harvard Reading Test Procrastinator Meeting Overpass Passover,
Russian Tunnel Traffic
(2.1M) Apathetic Ignorance Cup That Runneth Over,
Stop Stealing Our Sign! How To Serve Chicken Wings To A Man,
Camping Tools, Halloween Moon, H1N1 Flu Mask, Free Beer,
Wife's Nightie, Grey Cup Fever, Overpass Underpassed,

and help in solving How Can This Be True, Math Nerds?
Roy Bishop, ex Campbell River, B.C., now Vancouver, B.C.

Guard Dog Security - How Fast Can You Run?,
Office Sarcasm or Rules For My Boss? Perfect Divorce Refreshing Dump,
Trunk Monkey Theft Retrieval System
Signs That You Are Too Drunk,
30th '
Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
Spend Quality Time With Your Loved One

Ben Lavrinoff

Thanks for
Cow Soccer - Tap Dance Ball Control
My Wife Can Fix Anything 'Dream On' Male Ego Booster,
Working With Monkeys - A Better Job Awaits
(3 X 870k),
Downside Electric - 'Short' Safety Program 'Back' To Work,
Manmade Beach in Japan,
Gate Crasher - How NOT To Stop Your Car &
Dark In Here

Roman Kincek

Supplier of Thongthing Wrong, Benched Puppy joe-ks,
Taking A Catnap
Wok-a-Way: Wok - Don't Run! Taters,
Special Present For Grandpa Umbrella Non-Protection
Proof of Global Warming PeePeeing Tom &
29th '
Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
Wedding Cake for the Submissive Husband
Vikky Levan

Thanks for 45 Party in Fairbanks, Alaska,
141 Foot Ice Cube - "Fox Icescraper" - Fairbanks Winter Art,
When You're Stupid You Gotta Be Tough
Computer Women,
IRS Middle Class Pencil Sharpener Redneck Cooler Redneck Yard Games,
Redneck Honeymoon Suite Redneck Water Skiing Redneck Moving Company,
Record State Catfish Catch Moose Nuggets for Diabetes Son's Sun Protector,

Kangaroo On IceIce Bridge @ Top Of The World

Bob "MoSkeeterz" Carroll

From our Irish friend, thanks for Computer Expert from Athens - Après Olympiad,
Newfie Tree Fellers,
Duck Dinner @ the Chinese Restaurant,
Dubya's Space News from China, Mad Marathon Monk... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM -
 fitting end to the 2004 Athens Olympics, &
Jewish Suicide Pilots

Des Condon

Redneck 2-Minute Poetry submission,
Redneck's Flight Refund, Special du Jour - Frog Thighs,
Opinion Scale - Her Special Gift Build A Better Bush Horse Hearse,
'Beat The Tram' - Double Loser First Man on the Moon - a Hoax?,
Breathtaking Moon Picture From An Airplane!, Downer Parking Job &
Rules of Work - How To Get Promoted
Saigon Traffic Survivor
How NOT To Land A Helicopter

Ali Tabrizi

Buy A Dog If You Want Loyalty, Pet Home Security
For Those Who Love Their Partner, Woman's Perfect Breakfast,
Take Only ONE - God Is Watching Tornado's Path of Destruction,
Blonde License Plate
Hungry Snowman
and 34th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
New Evening Classes For Men

Irene La Charite

Thanks for Car Wars - Volkswagen vs. Honda,
USB Lost Memory Stick,
When A Sure Goal Is Not Sure... (940k) Chinese ESL Waiter,
Hamburger la Sign - Only In Japan! (2.6M) SAAB Driving Team (3.0M),
Greatest Ever Missed Soccer Goal (940k),
Dalmation Dog Cycling (700k) &
A Typical Winter Day in Winterpeg (530k)
Paul A. Cheng

Thanks to Stan Kay for
Slang Terms for those who need Alabama Kleenex
Cherry Picker,
Bragging Rights
& Future Calorie Testing by Optical Biosensor

Thanks for Anagram corrections
Andy Degnan

Thanks for the 'distasteful lawyer' humour - from the
"Lawyer Joke Emporium" - & their 'B.L.' (Before Lawyer) joe-ks

James Klassen

Project Manage-her & Work Leader Supreme
who sends me lots of "Low Priority" stuff...

Marikyn Renaud

Thanks to "JavaScript Goodies" (Joe Burns & Andree Growney),
"Google Hacks" (Tara Calishain & Rael Dornfest) &
Google ( for making possible the joe-ks Search Engine

Thanks for the French Connection United Kingdom T-Shirt pic
Dale Sanghara

Thanks for the Amish Airlines - Maiden Voyage invitation
Wilbur Reimer & Lottie Quiring

From a guy who knows all about Golfer Pants
For reminding us about our "Complaints" compared to how
things used to be in the 1500's... thanks to
Randy Quiring

Source of 'Bum Deal' (PFN Survival) groaners
Rupinder Pooni

'Typo Checkers' for "Weird Kennedy & Lincoln Similarities" -
Thanks to our American friends

Debbie Carroll & David Rose

Minipops Quiz courtesy of

Flornithology drawings from Robert Williams Wood (1868-1955)
field guide - how to tell Birds from Flowers

Thanks for a Hippy-style family gathering pic taken in northern B.C.
Frank Farmere

From a special person who really knows what Mom's job description is
Judy Lakey

A source of inspiration during Remembrance Day 2003...  we invite you
to read Tony Cowling's book "My Life With The Samurai" - how he
survived Japanese Death Camps during WW II...
order online @

Anagram Supplier...
J Foerster

From a Chilliwack Chiefs diehard fan - a blonde Maple Leaf groaner!

From someone who actually used the 2001 Hooters Calendar AND
requested a 2005 Hooters Calendar...
Chuck Mahaffey

Anagram Supplier...

Inspiration for "How Paying Taxes Can Be Beneficial For You!"
Ken Clark,  Boucher & Co.

Supplier of internet link to remake the 'Dubai-ous Hotel' into a Real Hotel!
Julian Devlin

"Gruel Powder
" thanks to
Matt Pagels

Definition of the difference between the Rich and Poor
Les Friesen

"Great Escapes Travel & Tours" brings you "Why's" Joe-ks
Rita Hennen

Bring on the tourists, eh!  Welcome To Alberta - Tourist Guide,
Steinbach Terrorist Attack, Bizarre Murder Mystery,
Ditto Christmas Lights, Legal Disclosure,
iPhone Evolution, Royal Wedding Celebrities,
Lips That Touch Liquor, 2012 Summer Olympics Logo,
Highest Human Position In The World, Billionaire Thoughts,
Butcher Shop sign (Kimberley, B.C.): "The Best of the Wurst"

Bill Fast (good name for a consultant, eh!)

Nothing like a big romantic dive into the bath...
What A Romantic 
(2.1M)Bean Bag Office  (1.1M),
Edinburgh Fringe Festival It's A Cracker,
What to do when your boss is out:
Cubicle Hurdles (640k), Hallway Races (330k), Office Rowing (740k)
Bryan Harrap

Thanks to Leo Rosten for
Merit-Based Salary for Teachers,
Russian Political Humour Freudian Slips Electronic Non-Translator,
Scout Survey - Merit Recognition Chinese Graveyard Rice,
Think-ing Employee - Office Survival,
Romanian Cookbook Communication - How To Make A Fortune &
Skydiving Typo - Changing Course in Mid-Air

Thanks to Ken Duff for
Whazzit - New Animal Breed for 2005
Irish Weather Forecasting Yo Mama The American World,
Jeep Thrills - Avoided Catastrophe (960k) Tire On A Roll (1.3M),
Ice Bike Riding (2.8M), Lawn Chair Drill Team (4.1M),
Pen Computing - Future Technology Now Wife's Remote Revenge,
Rugged, Smoked, Whale-Sized Soldiers
(1.6M) &
South Africa Airlines - Specialists in Turbulence

Thanks to Karen Moore, Duluth, Minnesota for
"Not On My Shift" Dog, Baby Biker, Hot Rod Yellow & Not Hot Yellow,
Motorcycle Tombstone, Hire Her, No Shooting, Teenage Independence,
Valentine One Liners, Prayer Conditioning, Autumn Tree,
Russian High Chair Construction, First Handheld Computer,
Wisdom From Elders, Stepladder Bike, Safe Sex Dress,
Where Would You Rather Live?, Slalom Skater (3.6M),
Stairway Chute - 2004 Designer Home, Judge-mental Lawyers,
Backward Cheese, Valentine Love & Hisses, Phrase Codes from Past Years,
Math Zero Magic, Yo Mama Bin Shopping,
Romantic Table, Hell Does Freeze Over!, New York's Morning Cup of Java,
Easter Canceled, Redneck Love Poem, Stop And Smell The Flowers,
Cannibal World Record, Tightrope Bike, Logic, Math & Reasoning Quotes, Sumo Fault,
Beer Diet, What Do You Call A Guy Who Has..., Redneck Horseshoes, Women's Dictionary,
Revolutionary Cooking, Study to Fail, Sunday Weather Forecast,
Foosball Maze, Up-Set & Hungry Trucks, Legal Grounds, Buffalo Saddle,
Bike Loads, Welcome to our Ool, Copy Cats, Redneck Air Bags,
World's First Wireless Communications System, What's In Easter?,
CPU Tree, Noah's Holey Ark - One Woodpecker Two Many,
Army Seeing Eye Dog, Canadian North Cookbook, Tom Swifties,
Power Tool Buddies, Warm Sweater, Little Johnny's First Million,
Fly By Night Pilot, Sounds The Same, Blonde Computer, Ever Notice...,
Artist Appreciation, Duct Tape Prom, Organ Donor,
Nothing To Correct on New Year's Day,
Deck Of Cards Patient, Confused Store, Not-So-Smart Car,
Revenue Canada Simplified Tax Form, Redneck Campers,
Flowchart of Romance (pps), Don't Ever Give Up, Wedding Showers,
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas, Jingle Cats' White Christmas (3.6M),
Creative Clothing, Formula One Wheelchair, Booster Blades,
Hairstyle Wiring, What'ya Doing? (pps), Bathroom Browser - TP Printer,
Lumex Pigtail, Spot the Hidden Cell Tower, Attending To Business,
Copyright, Collara Dog, High Heel Diver, Wrap Around Towel,
Redneck Baby Stroller, Hawg'n The Road, Funny Book Titles,
Laura Swenson Quotes, Phone Call Four Wilson, Devil Sky,
It's The Principal That Matters, Cursor Spy, Graffiti Steps,
Search Four Three Goats, Biker Love, Irish Blessings and Sayings,
Victor Borge Quotes, Redneck Skiing, Redneck Dream Homes,
Fire Engine Bikes, Zimbabwe Election Poll (130k pps), New Energy Source,
Panda Bear Summer, Little Johnny's Grace-Full Exit, Segway Stroller,
Moron Cliff Walkers, 08/08/08 - the Ultimate Lucky Day,
Olympic Games Quotes, NASCAR Fan - Diehard Category,
Lawyer Expands Practice, Sick Poem, Redneck No Trespassing Sign,
Cat Toothbrush, Grapefruit Kid, Redneck Dent Repair,
Redneck Focus Test, Three Stages of Man, Roll Me Over,
Camel Bungee Jumping, Baby Sitting Animals, Cats Don’t Know Sit,
Ode To The New Year, Bird Bomb - Whitewash To Go & 
Life Cycle of a Chicken

Thanks to Bill Carter
Redneck Fishing
(5.9M) Redneck Mansion Scottish Canal Engineering,
Air-To-Ground Speeding Ticket Obama Phone The Perfect Man,
Laus Deo Refrigerator Delivery Job Market Changes
The Original Homeland Security Big Screen TV
My Ex-Wife, The Pilot Tomato Health
(1.7M) The Porkulus Package,
Little Johnny's Tampax Protection Cop Chase
Congressional Motors 2012 Car Meet My Dog (480k),
Best Casino Ad
(1.1M) Food For Thought Democrat Black Bear,
Romanian Barbeque Fly in the Toilet Citibank Late Fees,
Redneck PlumbingIf IKEA Ran GM, 100 Camels,
Rubber-Burning Backseat Driver Wheelchair Priorities,
Country Cookin'
Redneck TankRetired Boat Captain (3.7M),
Redneck Sauna Michael Phelps - In The Beginning President Bills,
Exactly How I Feel
CCR Misheard Lyrics (4.5M) Pour Waitress (1.2M),
African Pit Bull Moon Crane Bunny Calendar & Southern Emergency

Thanks to Irvin Kauffman  for his Image Captions
Golfer's Helping Hand-icap,
Albino MooseRural Free DeliverySimultaneous Hunters,
I.R.S. Humor, Gateway To ObesityTrampoline Safety,
Friendship Among Men & Women Do You Have An HMO?,
Life Observations Locked Up Bull ElkGrin and Bear It,
Things You Should Know But Don'tFireman Mouth,
Puns Intended (selected)Stair Warning Out Of TouchSantaween,
Very Crispness!, Mannequin Cello, Scottish Christmas,
2009 U.S. Economy, First Babysitter, Big Deluge Ahead,
New Investment DefinitionsHudson Class Apolitical Suggestion,
El Maestro & the Talented Animalicians, Redneck Lottery Tour,
Brits Raise Security Levels,
Frohe Weihnachten! & Elephant Blues

Thanks to Kyle Ziegler  for Wizard of Oz - 2008,
What's Under The Kilt? (2.3M), Typical Males (770/630k),
Inspiring School Exams, Detroit Burger King, Carlusion,
Mary Potter, Pour Picture, Face Plant, Fireworks Wizard (2.3M), Demolition Las Vegas Style (2.4M), Mother's Day Special,
Swine Flu Novel, Perfect Use For A Man, Talking Centipede,
Drink And Drive Directions,
Sarah Palin's Vogue Magazine Cover,
Pushmobile, Car Shoelusion &  Not So Best Man (2.6M)

Thanks to Gary Wilkes for
Watch Out For Slugger Chinese Steve Irwin Balanced Meal,
The Front Fell Off
 (3.4M) Pelican-Eat-Dog World
Dolphin Stampede
 (1.5M), Aussie Guide Dog (2.5M)
Unwanted Christmas Gifts Identity Theft Cheers Beer,
The Good Old Days, Somalia Cruise,
Guatemala Sinkhole, Anti-Tech Words,
Compact Car for Women
 (1.2M)  Titanic's Romantic Scene

Thanks to Robert & Maggie Prince, The Bugel  for
Confessions of a Sudoku Addict,
 Dr. Seuss on Unnecessary RISC,
Smart FishermenNew Year's Superstitions Olive Her Language Lunacy,
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody & Nobody King Of The Jungle?,
Farm Football,
Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
 & Quit Smoking Resolution

40th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Automatic Salary Review,
Did You Learn To Type On A Typewriter?  (200k),
Ferrari Sacks Entire Pit Crew,
  Graphic Auto Accident Karaoke For The Deaf  (3.3M) &
Thanks to Chris Wilson

Thanks to
Byron Eldridge for
Why Neanderthals Became Extinct Redneck Reindeer Decoration,
Redneck Neighbors,
My Cubicle  (2.6M) 'Stay Out Of My Way' Bus

rd 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for
Blondestar - Emergency Road Service for Blondes"
Italian Soccer Practice
Bowman Lam

Thanks to
George Lott for
Genie Awards: General Entertainment - Not In English,
Guard Dog For Sale Pilot Prop Job &

Airport Luggage Check for High Flyers

Thanks to Leon and Ruby Decker for 50th Anniversary Gift of Travel,
How To Clean Your House, KFC Special, Tax-ing Quotes,  Hillary's Baby,
World Record Challenge Atheist Holiday,

Heart Attack,  May 6, 2007: Special Date, & High School Reunion

Thanks to the paper-cut avoiders in Avoiding Stress In The Workplace
Drafting group @ B.C. Hydro
(left to right) Tyler Jones, Kevin Samson, Bowman Lam (head),
Bill Wellbelove (head), Shane Taylor-Lane (lying on table),
Dan Jindrak (head), Al J. Williams, and Neel Trasy (leaning on wall)

Thanks to Ann Walters...

Table Scraps in the Operating Room,
Come-Back Line Of The Year,
Looka But Don't Touch Food For Thought, Happy Keester,
Sunbathing on a Korean Beach  &  Birds On A Wire

Thanks to Marlene Goodman for
Golden Nugget Brittany Speers - a Hooter? Rescue Pup,
New Illinois License Plate  & 
Cellphone Karma (1.6M)

Thanks to Keith Moseley, Head of Physics, Monmouth School, Wales, UK for
In-flight Refuelling, His Dent & Brave & Eccentric Newfies

From an expert on the Newfie's favourite cold-beer cooler,
Cool Dog, Each Country Gets The President It Deserves &
Transmission Line Parallel Bars

Jim Kozak

Thanks to Dawn Scott for
Spooky Car Ad
(1.1M), Lot's Wife, a few Puntastic Puns, &
Children's Science Exam Answers

Thanks for Redneck TV Antenna & Pirate's Steering Wheel
Dawn Ablazo

Thanks for Heavenly Round Of Golf, Trading Golf Wives &
Redneck's Favourite Bar Stool

Jesse Foreman

From a gruntled guy who knows Why Farts Smell (a real bum deal) -
HonkoSecond People

Mark Hildebrandt

Thanks for "Hazardous Duty Pay for Florida Power & Light Employees"
Algis Jonusas

Thanks to Debbie Walsh for
Hokey Pokey Day Of Mourning... & UP

Thanks for Blonde Printer, Cowboy's Gift From Revenue Canada &
World's First Boomerang

Raoul Vadnais

Supplier of 'hare-raising' Easter Bunny joe-ks
Barbara Gollan

A guy who knows from experience NOT to tell joe-ks to Blondes on Sundays
Bob Ernst

Great personal photo-editing of "Husband Makes Diving Home Entrance"
Joseph O'Donnell

19th 'Get Stuffed' Award Winner for Departing Buffalo
John North

Thanks for sharing 'Safe Working Practices?" with us

Brian Avent

Edmonton Fans CHEERING for the Calgary Flames?
Thanks to
Kevin Ewert

Thanks for the 'Hockey Rivalry - Canucks vs. Flames" groaner...
where the Canucks use a potty to douse the Flames

Gwen & Marty Enock

"SQUEZ" Not-In-Dictionary word provider
B King

Thanks for the Free Cat
Brens Beaverhausen

Thanks for Wakeboarding on the Prairies - Catching the Wave
Dave Annis

Need a 'Blog' Reference - try out Cyn's Postings @
Cynical Cyn
PS: Send Cyn a Comment and make their day

Thanks for the Hummingbird pics

Unknown photographer, California Coast, May-June, 2003

Thanks for Reasons to Stop Dieting
Sarah Foster

Why use your hands or feet when you can use your teeth?
Water Skier A-Head Of His Time

Jeff Enns

Hallelujah Chorus: Wrong-Key Organist &
Hymn Choice Reward for Biggest Givers

Blanche Kangass
, Bell Buggy Express, Spokane, Washington
Superb source for Handbell Music & Supplies!

Thanks for Clever Blonde on the Street Corner

6 new events for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,
High Heel Motorcycle &
New Seatbelt - Perfect For Backseat Drivers

Larry Pope

A Man U non-supporter! Crocodile Fans ...
World Cup Memories for English Fans,
Lettuce Not Go There..., Beware of Black Tarmac

Nick Hawley

How You Can Be Happy @ Work, Redneck Trophy Fish &
Silicon Pines - Home for the Technologically Infirm
Keith Anderson

Thanks to Heinrich Steidl for
Hi, My Name's Cliff - Drop Over Some Time,

Redneck Dog House &
When Your Shirt Is Too Hot For The Ladies

Thanks for Burnt Offering - Breaker, Breaker - where are you? &
Psychiatric Office Answering Machine

Rick Lansink

Thanks to Chris Johnson (aka Dr. Laugh), B.C., for
Canucks Team Photo 2007, Canucks Team Photo 2008,
Temperature Gauge, Captive Insurgent Care,
British Generosity, Football's For Girls (750k), Ping Pong in Antarctica (2.1M),
Friendship Prayer, Mother-In-Law (114k) &  Mom's The Word (2.3M)

Thanks for Rough-Skinned Newt - a Diurnal Salamander? &
1943 Guide to Hiring Women

Eva Wichmann

Can you handle this Bull? If so, send us your job application (no samples please)...
BullOny - Product to Handle With Care &
Buford's 2 Big 4U

Thanks to 
Jeron Mortensen

Mennonite humour - Steinbach Mennonite's Winter Outhouse
Doug Rempel & Steamer Loewen

Thanks for How Was I Born - Modern 'Birds And Bees'
Felicita Ching

How to work up a sweat for 'nothing' - Pedal Power - Watt A Way To Go
Joseph P. Pugarelli Jr., WIRED, Sept. 2004

Irish Dock Overboard Oh-Nos
Rick Williams

Awesome pics! Eagle Catch (@ t-1) & Totem Pole - Live Update
Rick Williams, Larry Nettleton, Shane Kronebusch

Thanks for Blonde Astrology from the CN Tower
Terry Molstad

A United Kingdom Blonde groaner - Blonde's Birthday Task for the Devil
Nik Keun

Thanks for  Johnny Unitas & the Cannibal
Matthew Wm. Gallagher

Gene Defries for
How To Tell The Difference Between a Canadian and an American &
New Coffee Cup

Trista Mueller for
PMS Greeting From The Teacher &
The 10 Types of People In The World

Linda Gravelle for
Our New Alphabet &
Cat's Epson Trap Door

Wayne Edward
's on-the-road pictures:
Have Your Own "To Do Pile"? This Truck's Only Got One Of 'Em &
Awning Truck Advertising - Display What You Sell

Charles Desouza for:
Newfie Duck Hunter &
Singapore Airlines Planes Don't Have Baby Planes

Rick Stadler, St. Simons Island, Georgia for
Shanghai's Fullen Restaurant &
Beware of Atlanta Fountain Equiptment

Gwen Laxton for
The Middle Wife and Mom's Play-Center,
Just Deserts & Car Sharing - a Priest and Rabbi Tale

Long-time prep meal - Recipe for a Large Family Reunion - Elephant Stew
Alda Green, Cedar Springs, Abbotsford, B.C.

Another frustrated Air Canada flyer... Air Canada Baggage Delivery
Calvin Dyck

From the Dean of Biola University... Overcharged Scotsman
Dr. Clyde Cook

Jonathan White for our potty amusement @
Water Closet - New European Potty Symbol:   #1  #2

'Thinking Outside The Box' Puzzles
Brittany Coles & Matt Ewert for their help
in testing out our  ASCII Character  puzzles

Paul Dickson for:
Pun-ishment - Witty Puns 4U &
Take That - Personal Insults du Jour

David Clark for Election Promises from an Executive Airbus,
Saskatchewan Christmas Entrepreneur,  &  Newfie's Very Long Distance Call

Leanne Herrick for
Nursing Home Plan
(580k), What Does Love Mean? & Gifts For The Teacher

Phil Forde, New Zealand, for
The Crocodiles Are Crying
 & Ugly To The Bone

Tom Murphy for
Dislike the Vancouver Olympics Logo? & Finger's House

Leo Edwards for
Lucky Hat for Hunting Season - Deer Husband

Daniela Crisan for her
Safety pic re the World's First Hard Hat

Sheri Robertson for Cheney's Lookalike Cat

Ryan C for adding to our
Bad English Translations on International Signs  signs

Berry Anderson for adding to our
WC Fields Quotes

Cindy Roberts for
Email Gone Astray - Meeting Your Wife Earlier Than Expected?

Joe Henry (aka WideGlideJoe) for
Oklahoma's New Posted Speed Limit

Chris Huber for
Old Age License & Aerobics Class For Seniors

Mike Rothwell for
Blondes and Washing Machines

Gordon Finch for background for
Blindsided Pedestrian - Beware the Red-Light Runner

Eileen Dewitte for
Juggler Plays Piano With Bouncing Balls

Stephanie Bowen for
Free Nuclear Kittens

Waldemar Rafalski  for
EuroEnglish - European Community's New Official Language

Carl Estes for
Preaching To A Bear & Dyslexic Smiley

Lee Bradley his colour version of
Frog To Horse Illusion

Jim Serritella, Laytonsville, Maryland for
Most Expensive Car Wrecks, Husband Has Arrived, Most Famous Man,
Redneck Santa Float, Cockatoo Or Cockatwo?, Lean Two Friends,
Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies, New Healthcare Medical Symbol,
Aircraft Carrier Landing (2.5M),  Super Bowl Tickets, Golf Poem,
How A Bowl Should Be Licked, Illegal Immigration, In Lieu Of Flowers,
New Arizona State Flag, Texas Zoo, Hay For Sale, Gold Ferrari,
Where White Man Went Wrong, Louisiana Turtle Dogs, Parallel Diver,
2011 Miss TSA Calendar, Pipeline Security, Mailbox Faces,
Gold Medal Taken Back, Men Are Like..., New Nail Gun, Redneck Date,
Safest Restaurant In The World, Marx Brothers Piano Duet  (7.1M),
Skidboot  (6.4M), African Flip Flops, Dog Lookout, Where To Retire,
Lady's Yearly Exam, Marriage Cards, Cat Doormat, Female Attraction,
Horn Guy, Surfing Car, Cherokee Legend, Psalm 23,
Chicago Politics (1934), Cat Nap, Organized Crime, Witch Kiss,
Pre Tsunami, Home Security - South African Style, Soldier Salute,
Plank Road, Bumper Mini Cars, Blonde Lawn, U.S. Navy Ships,
Paraprosdokian-isms, Random Acts of Thinking, Dog Sitters,
Rabbit In The Box, Message To Santa, Nut Salesman,
Roman Empire in the 21st Century, ObamaCare, Picture Perfect,
Cruise Bikini, Children's Quotes, AARP Forum, Win A Free Ride,
Anti-Gun Neighbour, Grocery Shopping For Men, Coffee in Heaven,
Seeing Eye Cat, Mirror Lake, Coin Stacking, Dogs Allowed,
Redneck Skurfing, Singapore SkyPark, Resignation Letter,
Waves of Hawaii, Military Quotes, Beauty of Mathematics & Bale Face

Amy McCanty for English language derivations for  "So long"& "Galore"

Dr. Don Sweeting (Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colorado)  for
Top 10 Sayings of Biblical Mothers
, Evolution of Women,
Woman Without Her Man

Linda Cuddeford for Beginning Piano Lessons

In Memory of Foxy - Patricia Parker's beloved dog,
now in Rainbow Residency

Dr. Michael Miller for Laughter Fosters Healthy Blood Vessels

Peter Venon for Police Penance - Find the Missing Tire

Homeland Security - FBI's Innovative Tracking of Terrorists
Kurt Grigg -

Sharilyn Ferguson, Red Deer, Alberta for
adding to Puntastic

Karen Heidebrecht Thiessen for
inspiration leading to Forgiveness Spreadsheet

John Sedgwick for:

Bricklayer's Accident Report

Lauren Oliff for:

Bowling in Japan - Hot Translation

Charles Duke for
Donut Wisdom

Glen Chenier for
Will Made for Nird and Ird

Ryan West for
Irish Year-Round, Many-Legged Groaner

Bob Cleveland (Pelham, Alabama) & Jack Parr for
Water Closet Classic

Terri Redekop for
Jesus On The Beach

Chrys @ for:

Signs Your Car Might Be A Lemon

Gretchen Dille for
Ascent to the Papacy - The Pope Who Almost Was

Laura La France for
Michael Jackson's Latest Surgery

Lester for
Redneck Parachute

Larry Beall for
Blonde's Surprise Pregnancy

Lori Robb-Szabo for
I Love My Job

Harry Lane for
When You Don't Offer A Pepsi - No Grazi 4U

Anonymous Donors for:

Tip Of The Iceberg

Jacob Braude for:
Overly Ambitious Employee,
Things Go Better With Worms, & Daffynitions for the Humourist

Mrs Brown for
  Stick Humour, Proof of Global Warming,
Infringement Notice - New Zealand Cracker, Australian Bush Poetry,
Don't Be A Stick In The Mud

Maikrophone & thbeghin & fempie from photoshopcontest for
Mouse Insider Hang On To That Thought & Too Tolerant Cat

B.K. McKlusky IV for
Redneck Dog Carrier,  Venison Of The Sea  &  Cat Fish

Harry Pearle for:
China Plates

Laura Beadle for:
Yoga Exercise For Kids

The Jester for:
Cheap Nascar Racing Thrills

Kevin Powers for
Too Much Baby Powder

Farooq Ishaq  for
Downside Electric - 'Short' Safety Program

Lynne Wetherell  for
Secruity Parking Spot

Debbie Etheridge  for
Rest Breaks for Handbell Players

Edaleen Dairy  for
God's Little Instructions

Joan Briggs for
Hospital Charts

Erwin Uhl  for input to
Diatribe Facts du Jour

George Younce for
10 Most Wanted - Catching The Meanest

Eleanor Clements for
Eggsellent Friends

Leah Haines for adding to our
Bad English Translations on International Signs  signs

Bruce Hartledge for
Redneck Hummer 
(aka Kemptville Hummer)

Linda Musika for  Living in 2006

Jim Harmon for
Redneck Dictionary Term 'Jeet'

Sandra Hendy for
inspiration for Religious Sudoku

Gord Hammil for Women Defined

David Whitney for
Handy French Phrases If You're Traveling Abroad

Brian Buydens for Cat Furrier

Mel Thornhill for
D.R.T. - from the "Health Care Profession - Secret Codes"

Mohammed Shah for
Sewing Machine For Sale - Cheap Love Not Included

Pat Falk for inspiring entries into
Diatribe 4U & Hutterite Triathletes - Olympic Hasbeens

David Bailey for  How To Speak Kiwi, Planking,
3 Stages Of A Man's Life &  Keyboard Escape

Jim Kilburn for
BrokeBank Mountain

Brian Smedley for
Midget Fortune Teller: All-Points Bulletin

Anna Bidgood for
Australian Ghost Story

Liz Dalbol for
High Flying Blonde Pilot

Hans de Jong for
Praying & Preying Mantis  &  Sans Seatbelt

Gary Miller for
How To Make Holy Water

Ed Schellenberg for
Cure for Child Abuse

Randy Thomas for
Bipartisan Bumper Sticker

Mely Kemph for
Retirees: The Whole Truth, Nothing But...

Terry Cameron for
Lead Sled Dog

Becky Wearsch for
Tennessee Pro - Safety Tips for Dummies

Brian Thom for  Dad's Ex-Ferrari

Phyllis Stein for
Animal Life Spans

Vijay Guptal for
TurbAnne - India's Iron Lady

Rita Ewert for
Young Yodeler
(2.9M)  &  Genuine Fake Watches

Kathy Ewert for
Red Light Survivors

Kath Bowie for
Toastmaster Advice

Mike Hrad for
Live Line Techniques: Limits of Non-Approach

Mary Ann Chapman for inspiration for
2006 Hooters Calendar

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader's inspiration for
Flubbed Headlines & Shakespeare Quotes

Robert Wragg for inspiration for
May 4, 2006: Special Hundred-Year Date &
Poochini addition to
Piano Dog

Harley Dickinson for
School Excuses Pilot's Seeing Eye Dog & Canadian Tourism Questions

Richard Olszewski for
One Square Meal A Day
& Beach Bash

Karla West for
Hangman Math & Inspiring School Exams

Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia, for
Upturn Girl, Irish Exam, Obama's Stimulus Program  & Moosedemeanor

Alan B. Barley for  Whiskey Lurks Good  &  Labor Ready Mall

Neal Marcia for  Hot Air Balloon Dominoes,   Obama View, Redneck ATV,
Amish Christmas Lights   &   Stop Cutting Trees!

Richard Hamilton
Freight Train Graffiti & Demo House For Sale

Jody Defries
for  Little Known Maritime Facts
& Bubble Boy

Vic Lee (comic strip 'Pardon My Planet King Features) for
The Perfect Weight

Scott Scheuer (Protection Plus Home Inspections) for
Tree House

David Angell for inspiration for
2007 Hooters Calendar

Gary Robinson for inspiration for
What's In A Face?

Bill Mielniczuk for
Redneck Special Forces

Jane Clark for
Ronald Reagan Quotes

Jennifer Maestre ( for
Pencil Art

Canadian Mennonite magazine for
Bible Characters Sent Home Early From Summer Camp

Desiree Baron, Vancouver Public Library "Outreach Program", for
Overdue Excuses Awards for Library Books

In loving memory of the Joe-kster's 2 Moms...

Ode to Mothers on Mothers Day

Sheila Roddy
Elk Lane

Mel Bowker
How does a crow talk to a canary?

Steve Lotz, Marysville, Ohio
Wine Worms

Luigi Di Serio,
  Skylines of the World

Roseann N. Collymore, Guyana, South America, for
Dancing Tree

Mark Coppini
Spot the Mistake

Paul Ng
Do Not Feed The Animals

Hans Federau
What disease makes everyone sick but the one who has it?

Roger Forrow
Work Harder

Caption thanks to Robert Johnston
Bridge Weight Limits

Caption thanks to Samuel Joseph

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffett Quotes

Jessica Fairholm
IRS Middle Class Pencil Sharpener

Bob & Barbara Sylvester
World's Ugliest Dog

Scott A. Brunson
Hercules Paper Technologies & Ventures, Bennettsville, South Carolina

Water On Steps

Canadian Farmers' Almanac for 2008

Mick Defries
Choice Airlines

Wilfred Hildonen (
Zimbabwe Election Poll  (130k pps)

Pete McMartin, Vanouver Sun for  Soccer Sucks - Almost

"Mennonite Movies
" thanks to its originator, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Send us YOUR Mennonite Movie name...

Donovan Drewlo, Fullerton, California  for  Pool Painters

Kip Adotta (Wet Dream)  for  Something Sounds Fishy

Robyn Friesen  for  Chinese Shoelusion

Alan Needham  for  No Drip

Debbie Welch  for  Redneck Bass Boat

Darren Hudson Hick  for  Light Beer
as submitted in 2006 to a contest

Steve Larimer for  Illusionary

Tom Moore for  Robbing A Computer Programmer

Cassidy Williams for  Redneck Wine Rack

Jason Pankratz for  Redneck Garage

Beth Garvin, Atlanta, Georgia
Anti-Bird Protection

Mary Derksen, Abbotsford, B.C.
Fiddle Duet  &  Justice For All

Edna G. Dodge for  Dog Hates Junk E-Mail

Dolores Schantin for  Santa Cats

Ned Willis for Mexican Fire Extinguisher

Paul Connolly for Redneck Tractor

Mikey's Funnies  for  True Love

Marian Fast  for  Nintendo Wedding Cake

Bergeron Funeral Services & Crematorium Ltd. (Dawson Creek, B.C.)  for  A Farmer's Creed

Derrick Sandwell  for  Cliff Walks

Jonathan Thomas, PG Express, Prince George, B.C.
for  Fair Compensation

Dan Garrett, Abbotsford, B.C.
for  Solution For A Poor Economy

Norma White, Amarillo, Texas
for  You Want Change?

Craig Barclay, Vernon, B.C.
for  Death of a Snowman

Rod Motzko for  Your mom is so dubm...

Alex Goodlet, Maidenhead, England for
What is the puppet show for senior citizens?

Jitendra Joshie for  AIG Bonus

Bill Vaughn for  New Year's Optimist

Matthew Watt, Australia, for  Rosella Ring
(submitted by Barry McCartney)

Marian Renstrom, St. Petersburg,  Florida
for  5 Steps to a Healthy Diet

Donna Faye for  Long Kiss

David Yeager  for  El Cadillac

Kat Parks for  Cheap Jeep

Carol Thornton, Mosier, Oregon  for  Dubm Quotes,
Box Car, Short On Electricity,
Compact Fluorescent Chandelier  &  Redneck Beer Opener

Millie Sandelius, Cedar Springs, Michigan  for
Graffiti Removing Graffiti  (subtitle)

Thomas & Lynn Spencer, Virginia  for
Cruising Advice

Rod Bleskow for
Snow Bowl

Sarah Clinton, Stillwater, Oklahoma  for
Redneck Swing Tree

John Wildermuth for
Ring Around The Toilet

Patrick Thomas, Sydney, Australia, for
An Owl Limerick,  An Owl Sonnet,  Aussie Owls,   Owls Ahoy!  &  The Laughing Owl

Peter Clarke, Assistant Editor, Chronicle & Echo,
Northampton, United Kingdom  for  Shrunk Jeep

Steve Hartman, Burlington, Iowa  for  Animal Adoption (3.9M)

Nico's Blog  for  Only in Bora Bora - Water Dining

Victor Lucas for  When Bicycle Helmets Make No Sense

Mary Akey for  Pot At The End Of Your Rainbow ©
Original photography Available @ & Zazzle/akeyms

Henry Wiens, Cranbrook, B.C., for  Judas Asparagus

Steve Larmer, San Diego, California, for  Archie Bunker Quotes

Hans Holst, Abbotsford, B.C., for  Patient Care

Judy Wiebe, Surrey, B.C., for  Elephant Enema

Mike Axe, Kansas City, for  Police Car Of The Year

Scott Secord, Agassiz, B.C., for  Brief CaseAugust 2010 Trivia &
Summer in Saskatchewan

Kristi Marchant, Abbotsford, B.C., for  Pregnant Belly Art

Gregg Steele, White Rock, B.C. for  Alberta Hood Ornament, Cheap Flight,
Toilet Sprinkler System, Da End Iss Near,
Senior Aerobics, Fire Survivors, Brave Seagull (3.7M),
Traffic Jam Intersection, Helping Hands &  Dwarf Plane Pull

Leigh-Ann Thornhill for  Chipotie Burger

Joop Roest, The Netherlands for  English Hospitality

John Mathews, Mississauga, Ontario for  Florence Time

Kees Mulder, The Netherands, for  How To Draw An Owl

Don McKelvy, Cranbrook, B.C. for  Bird on a Wire (past tense)

Jonathan Larsh, Abbotsford, B.C., for  Moving Forward

Skippy Flink, Port Pirie, South Australia for  Aussie Night Before Christmas

Glen McCoy for  Christmas Wish For Seniors

Mike Teehee for  Sam 'n Ella's Chicken Burgers

Charlie Greenwood for  Cyclist Port-A-Potty

Dr. Richard Kraft, Sitka, Alaska, for  Humpback Kayak

Greg Rash, Washington State, for  Iraq Navy

Ray Villafane, Michigan, for  Pumpkin Carvings

Morgan Taylor, Spokane, Washington, for  Tie Wrap Bumper

OakOak Blog for  Graffiti Art

Dan Allen for  Texas Ambulance

Carlene Hanson, San Antonio, Texas, for  Straight From The Cow

Hannah Kemph, Denver, Colorado, for  Blonde Car Mirror

Spider Johnson, Mason, Texas, for  Texas Rain Gauge

Celia Rivenbark, Florida, for  Perfectly Groomed Love Rug

In Memory of Jake Schellenberg
Mennonite Longhand Math

Marian Tovey, Oklahoma, for  Push Door

Rich Olszewski, Baltimore, Maryland for  Presidential Message

Gerry Cavers, Spokane, Washington, for  Bag Feelers

Pepijn Boomsluiter, The Netherlands, for  Milkshake Desweetener

Cayla Trefanier, New York, for  Grad Hands

Robert G. Beason for  Telephone of Tomorrow

Eldon Scheirer, Abbotsford, B.C. for  On Top Of Things

John Whiting, Rindge, New Hampshire for  Ultimate Christmas Yard Decoration: F-104 vs F-105

Garrison Keillor, “A Prairie Home Companion”, Saint Paul, Minnesota, for
Lutheran Airlines - New Service in Minnesnowta

Bob Phillips for
Veterinarian Advice, Parking Meter Note, Coin Laundry, Made of Dust,
Baseball in Heaven &  Bible Baseball

Marian Lowden, Portland, Oregon, for  Telus Ladder Truck

Chanceller for  Computer Barbecue

Denny Wilson for  Bar Code Casualty

Kara Perry, Seattle, Washington, for  Alcohol Warning

Lorna Wreford, Ontario, for  TGIF Lottery Calendar  &  Owl Pose

Erik Johansson, Sweden, for  Grass Room, Sea Painting,
Cloth Road, FishBerg,
Downhill Cycling  &  Cube Farm
More Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Credits & Honourable  Mention - Part 2

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