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I've held silence a remedy for harm.

I, schooled in misery, know many purifying rites, and I know where speech is proper and where silence.

God always strives together with those who strive.

The wisest of the wise may err.

Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety.

It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered.

When a man is willing and eager, the gods join in.

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.

Sweet is a grief well ended.

Few men have the natural strength to honour a friend's success without envy.

The future you shall know when it has come; before then forget it.

In war, truth is the first casualty.

It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish.

It is best for the wise man not to seem wise.

Ask the gods nothing excessive.

There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart's controls.

It's not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man who says the oath.

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