Kids Rids
You're Kid'n me, right?

Why did no one say anything when the King farted?
How does an Eskimo build his house?
Where do they send homeless dogs?
Why are farmers cruel?
Who has eight guns and terrorizes the ocean?
What's big and gray and lives underwater?
What sickness can a plane catch?
What do you get if you cross a cow and a pogo stick?
Why didn't Clark Kent walk under the ladder?
Have you heard the joe-k about the jump rope?
How do parameciums call home?
Why couldn't the three bears get back into their house?
What did the chewing gum say to the shoe?
What kind of music do insects like to dance to?
What is a sleeping child?
Why did Little Johnny eat so fast?
What do llamas wear to bed?
Why was the farmer out west hopping mad?
Why did Little Johnny put his clock in the oven?
What is the laziest shoe?
What is an umbrella's favourite snack?
What do you call a group of musical chickens?
Which cows have the shortest legs?
Why can't you play games with pigs?
What do wizards serve tea in?
What do you call a brainy locomotive?
What do you call a baby whale that never stops crying?
Why did the police come to the baseball game?
Where do clams sleep?
If the red house is on the right side, and the blue house is on the left side - where is the white house?
Which is the friendliest school?
Who married a credit card?
What do you get when you tear a scarf in two?
What do you do with a blue whale?
Why was the actor ordered off the set of Gladiator?
Why didn't the Doctor give his patient a local anesthetic?
What is it called when a duck scores in basketball?
Who is Count Dracula's favourite person on a baseball team?
Why was the dog twitching so much?
What do maples give each other when they marry?
What do you call a bird that loves sweet rolls?
Where do you go to learn how to start fires?
What do you call someone when he's got his head stuck in a bucket?
What do video cassettes come down with?
What does a rodent use to make its breath smell clean?
What is Zeus' favourite subject?
What kind of puzzles do toads like?
What do you call a fat frog?
Why did the old angel die?
What kind of cereal goes "Snap, Crackle, Crunch"?
Where do you buy an extinct animal?
What instrument does a lighthouse keeper play?
Why did the driver throw money on the street?
Why didn't the zookeeper bother to lock the door to the lion cage?
Why didn't the scientist need a pocket calculator?
What does a snake charmer eat between meals?
What do you call a skunk that excels at basketball?
What does a watch eat when the cafeteria serves Mexican food?
What is a masseuse's favourite food?
What's the Grinch's favourite game?
What do porcupines write their reports with?
Where was the first doughnut made?
Why did the ham go see a Doctor?
What's a skeleton's favourite road?
What did one empty pyramid say to the other?
Why did the beaver go to the hospital?
Who is green and eats porridge?
What part of a car gets around the most?
What shark can help you build a house?
What game does an astronaut like to play?
There were ten zebras in the zoo. All but nine escaped. How many were left?
What do frogs drink at parties?
What does a triceratops have when it's hurt?
What do martial arts experts cook on the barbeque?
What three letters do people hate to write?
What do you call a failed lion tamer?
Where did the astronaut take the killer bee?
Why did the waitress call her stockbroker?
Which building does Dracula visit in New York?
What do witches ring for in a hotel?
What's a lifeguard's favourite game?
What happens when a Finnish swimmer gets into trouble?
Where would you never see a vegetarian?
What is a shopper's favourite class?
Did you hear about the two dirty bathtubs that got married?
What natural disaster moves too fast to be seen clearly?
What does a T. Rex do when it sleeps?
Where do hummingbirds like to shop?
Why were the football players hot after the Super Bowl game?
What happened to Ray when he jumped off the Eiffel Tower?
Why did they put the acrobat in a sanatorium?
What caused a riot in the Post Office?
How do you kiss a hockey player?
Why can't it rain for 2 days continually?
What kind of policeman dresses poorly?
What do you lend to a needy vet?
What did the Doctor give the patient with a splitting headache?
What does a rabbit drink on a cold day?
When is a sheep not a sheep?
Why did the pencil sharpener keep arguing with the pencil?
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