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What's the best way to get a man to do sit ups?
Why couldn't the puppet move?
What can be right but never wrong?
What kind of bed does a mermaid sleep in?
What is the hardest thing to deal with?
Four ladies sat down to play, They played all night 'til break of day, They played for gold and not for fun, With separate scores for everyone; When the came to square accounts, They all had made quite fair amounts. Can you explain the paradox - if no one lost, how could all gain?
How did the hipster burn his hand?
What movie star do travel agents dream about?
How do you call an electrician?
I'm a word that's hardly there. Take away my start, and I'm an herbal flair. What am I?
What do you call numerals that don't feel anything?
New or fresh; add two letters and you get this adjective for an early inhabitant of Australia.
Why shouldn't you keep a library book on the ground overnight?
How do you hit slime?
What do you call a window in a palace?
What time of day is a Palindrome (the same spelled backward or forward)?
corresponding 'Same Time' puzzle @
What must you do before getting off a bus?
What one thing do Democrats and Republicans share in common?
What do you take to get into dental school?
Why is an empty purse always the same?
What begins with 'P', ends in 'E', and has thousands of letters?
I have a cone but no ice cream. What am I?
Late afternoons I often bathe. I'll soak in water piping hot. My essence goes through my see-through clothes. Used up am I - I've gone to pot. What am I?
Why is a lie like a wig?
How do you hang up an idea?
Who won the race of the laces?
If a gardener has a green thumb, who has a purple thumb?
What do computerized bears do in the winter?
What do farmers use to guard their prize pumpkins?
What do you call a monkey in a minefield?
What pillar is never used to hold up a building?
When do you charge a new battery?
A family has 5 kids. Half of them are boys. How is this possible?
Three large people try to crowd under one small umbrella, but nobody gets wet. How is this possible?
Plant the setting sun and what will come up?
What's the difference between a doctor and a minister?
What do you get if you cross a grizzly bear and a harp?
What do you call meteorites that don't hit the Earth?
What's a werewolf's motto?
Why does a chicken coop have two doors?
What happens when you get amnesia and deja vu at the same time?
What do you call an insane flower?
How can you tell the big waves from the little waves?
What's the worst tasting drink of the day?
Why is there always a Bible in a courtroom?
Did you hear about the boy who wanted to run away to the circus?
What is it that when you take away the whole, you still have some left over?
What did the politically correct yodeler say?
How can you get a bargain on a boat?
What is a computer's first sign of old age?
How do astronomers know that the universe isn't heavy?
How do you know if a soda is any good?
How do you describe a tired kangaroo?
What kind of cats are good at bowling?
Why are men with beards more honest?
What fruit never goes anywhere alone?
What is the best exercise for losing weight?
How do they say good-bye in Canada?
Why is it so hard for a bank to keep a secret?
What would a barefoot man get if he steps on an electric wire?
Which word in the English language becomes shorter when it is lengthened?
What's the difference between a dog with fleas and a person going on vacation?
What did the weatherman get when he stepped outside into a storm?
How fast does light travel?
What is appropriate material for an inventor to wear?
What do you get when you cross Cinderella with a rabbit?
If a man carried my burden he would break his back.
I am not big but leave silver in my tracks.
What am I?
What do you call someone who is always asking you for money?
What does a pine tree wear on an Alaskan cruise?
What did the meteorite say when asked to give a quote?
What country makes you shiver?
What's the highest building in New York?
What is a frog's favourite year?
What's the smartest American state?
What kind of pigeon sits down a lot?
What gets smaller the more you put in it?
Which flowers are the laziest?
Which hen lays the longest?
Which tree does everybody carry in their hand?
Why was the shopper unhappy with the Velcro shoe she bought?
Why has no-one ever heard a pterodactyl go to a bathroom?
What always goes swimming with you but never comes out wet?
Who earns a livelihood without working a single day?
Which nails are extremely painful to hammer in?
How can you cut Rome in two?
What is Forrest Gump's password?
Where did Noah keep his bees?
What has four legs but cannot walk?
What's round and mean?
What question cannot be answered with a yes?
What question cannot be answered with a yes?
What is the most popular fish in the ocean?
What do you call a Russian tree?
What do you call a caretaker of chickens?
When is the best time to buy a boat?
How do fish maintain their weight?
How much does a hipster weigh?
What happened when two artists got into a competition?
What rises when rain falls?
What do you call a fish with two knees?
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